Tech Company’s & Startups – Support & Services

App, email, phone, web, helpdesk, admin, backoffice, niche role support & more..

Innovative & emerging companies – why you need support

You are growing; continuously improvising, working on your next big product or service and you are always stretched thin when it comes to your core teams trying to wear multiple hats. We help you monetize your core team’s talent and time by helping you streamline your workflows by delegating your customer support and admin side of work. We help you reap benefits of outsourcing by offering you quality & support that is available to the big players in your space.

How we can help

Customer Support – web, chat, phone, app, email, ticketing, helpdesk support

All businesses need quality customer support team to retain the clients that they have worked hard to get. We go to lengths in product and service training to ensure your brand vision and values are communicated to your customers at all lines of engagement.

Role / Niche Industry support

Your idea, product and service is unique, it could be matching consumers with products or vendors, solving problems or making use of collaborative consumption, or purely in tech space relating to human intelligence, machine learning software’s or help desk. Your support team also needs to be unique to match up with your brand and its offerings. We offer you support for the role you need help with. Along with that we train the best agents in that field to support your core teams.

Data entry, Research, CRM management

It is all about the data. We help you save precious man hour’s by doing the research, data entry, validation and updating your CRM’s. Research online using multiple layers of data validation, social media research on linkedin or any other web research, we can help you with that.

Content Moderation

Your customer’s are interacting with your brand 24-7, with today’s millennial generation looking for instant answers, you can utilize this space to have engaging conversions with your consumer, gain insights and also convert them into brand loyalists.  We help you monetize all online chatter, specific and non-specific mentions into engaging experiences for your customers.

Using & working with cloud based tools & apps

If your business has all  or some of its business process in the cloud, and your support agents need to work on a part of  or an entire process they can do that effectively & efficiently. One of our main advantages is the tech savvy agents that we carefully hire, train and retain. We train our staff in latest cool apps n tools, and have ability to multitask, gather information and work on the process just like your core teams do.

Tailored, Scalable & Flexible solutions

24/7, 365 solutions tailored to match your peaks and valleys. Have a major product launch? Need immediate assistance with your chat or ticketing tool? Or have a new feedback program rollout? Whatever your business needs and goals, we have you covered.

Our Advantage

  • Expereinced employees who have the skills, knowledge and are backed with training modules designed specifcally to enable them to work in fast paced work environment.
  • Tech skills and excellent English communication. As we have offices based out of philippines and India we bring best talent to the table that matches your needs and brings quality work.
  • Scalability, flexibility are 2 most important assets that can give you competitive edge over your competitors. Need 24/7 coverage or work over the weekends! We have you covered.
  • We are ourselves 100% bootstrapped and we understand how startups need to make every penny count, and make the most of the talent at hand. Instead of having your core teams wear multiple hats, let them do what they do best and have the rest taken care of by us!