Content Writers

Articles, Blogs, ebooks, promotional or marketing materials and much more..

Article Writing

Researching and writing compelling, share worthy content for businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals ranging from dental, health care, digital marketing, landscaping, ecommerce and many more industries.

Press Releases & newsletters

Deliver impactful information, with factual and future announcements for your readers. Efficient, targeted and noteworthy feeds that keep your audiences intrigued and also in sync with your future vision.

Blog Writing

Unique & SEO friendly content written around specific keywords as part of your SEO campaign. Writing content after thorough research & thought process. Fresh & engaging blogs that enables you and your brand to connect with your customers in more engaging and meaningful way and in sync with your marketing campaigns.

Copywriting & product descriptions

Produce marketing & promotional copies, marketing content for brochures, flyers and standees used in exhibitions. Summarizing and creating content for your services or products that best highlight the features for print or online media marketing materials. Writing product descriptions that are unique & highlight the features in the set character count parameters.

Summaries & Compilation

Researching studies and data on the internet to write summaries about articles related to industries like nutrition,health and fitness, engineering, tech and the likes.

Social media & email marketing content writing

Writing, designing and managing email marketing campaigns using MailChimp, Infusionsoft, Constant Contact or any other online tool. Writing, sharing interesting tweets, posts, that increase your web reputation and presence, scheduling posts using softwares like Hootsuite and others.

What Our Clients Say

Our Assistants from Tasks Everyday have been a great asset to us. They are always responsive, communicative and we are really satisfied with their work…

Simon Chan

Palo Alto, California, United States

We just recently used Tasks Everyday for some help with data base management. Our Virtual assistant was very helpful, very professional. Communicated her results well with us and we could not have been more happy…

Rob Downey

Charlottesville, Virginia, United States

I know of more people who have already signed up because of the success that I have had…

Joel Dwyer


When I started my business, I realized I needed to outsource so that I can focus on the big picture myself…

Christina Harris

Florida, United States

Writing new content with fresh perspective and new ideas!

TasksEveryday Advantage

  • Unique in-depth and quality content is an integral part of your SEO strategy. Content is the king when it comes to SEO and connecting with your audience through blogs, articles or feed that are well thought of is an added advantage that every brand must leverage.
  • Writing promotional content often comes with its own set of parameters, tone and character count. Tailoring words to get the required call to action from your audience can be time consuming. Our writers have the experience and background when it comes to writing promotional copies for ads and help you communicate your vision to the target audience.
  • You are working hard to create amazing products or services, but without effective communication on why, how and the story that you want your audience to know, it doesn’t translate to the sale numbers. Low price points and the first time sales don’t make the cut, you want committed brand advocates who keep on coming for more. Connecting with them, conveying your story is more important now than ever. And this connection of words happens at all the communicating interfaces, your ad copies, RSS feeds, social media messages, email marketing or posts, print materials, blogs and so on. Our millennial generation of writers understands the vision you want to sell and help you build this bond stronger with your audience through a well-knit string of words!

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