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How We Can Help

Admin Support

Being a lawyer requires you to be a multitasker, focused & dedicated to your clients to help them in times they need you the most. There is a lot riding on your shoulders and to make you more productive and focused we help you with the admin side of tasks such as co-ordinating with other staff, planning your day, scheduling your meetings etc.

Personal Tasks

Planning events, birthday or anniversary parties, sending out e-cards, e-invites, selecting gift, getting it delivered, planning your vacation from flights, hotels to the last minute day planning and activities. Making reservations, booking tickets to your favorite game, sending you reminders etc.


We schedule, plan, update, so that you are ready for your day to take on all your tasks effectively and efficiently. We do the back n forth of calls and emails, update you on any last minute rescheduling, take notes of meeting, set reminders and followups.

Va’s who care & are passionate about what you do!

Our Advantage

  • Navigating the legal landscape can be overwhelming to organize and manage all that comes with every legal interaction. We help you stay focussed on the most important matters by taking out the trivial admin side of tasks.
  • We do not do paralegal research but assist you and your staff with everything else that takes up their valuable time. We are a key component of your project team, as it takes more than one person to navigate the courts, interested parties, procedures, precedents and at same time work on generating & analysing legal documents. We boost your core teams productivity by assisting them with calls, emails, schedules, planning, meetings and so on.

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