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Who we help

Contractors & engineers– residential & commercial

Cleaning companies

Architects & interior designers

Security & automation, keys & locksmiths

Professionals – painters, landscape companies, handyman & others

How we can help

Customer Service, Handling Appointments

Helping residential and commercial consumer base companies with the phone, email & chat support. Handling any service inquiry, documenting it, prepare invoices and coordinate with internal dispatch teams on status of work. 24-7 support, answering questions, updating calendar, scheduling, updating & dispatching staff to various jobs. Coordinating back and forth of all appointments with homeowners & property managers to ensure you & your staff are always on time & need not worry about anything else but the job at hand.

Estimates, Quotes,Preparing Invoices, feedback calls

Quotes & estimates are prepared on time, presented to the clients so that you never miss out on an opportunity again. People appreciate quick response and good work, we ensure all your documents are always up to date. After the job is done follow up feedback calls, invoices and other supporting documents are also prepared as needed.

Research & Admin Work, HR support

Finding supplies, manufacturers, handyman or additional labor as needed. Contacting them, negotiating, making phone calls, research & call facility managers, finding property managers bio etc & getting in touch. Research costing & comparisons. Managing the new staff, updating their calendar, jobs and hours. Shortlist any new employees, updating their resume on your database, helping new employees get started, updating & managing their calendar.

Social Media Management, Yelp, angie’s , Yellow pages, Houzz listings

We manage your online profiles, keep them up to date, answer any questions, reply to inquiries, respond to reviews, update images of before and after, update all your social media business pages, engaging with clients and more.

Marketing emails, banners

Making flyers, banners, sending out emails using email marketing tools like mail chimp, constant contact etc. design coupons of special offers, update them on the website and post them on social media. Prepare marketing materials & doing any data research you need help with.

CRM, database update

Updating all your data into your CRM, setting reminders, updating status, making calls, sending out follow up emails,  answering any questions, updating all sales value, invoices of each job onto the CRM, sending out month to month reports to you so you can understand your customer base, average ticket value size and more metrics.

Taking care of your office work while you take care of the Real Job at hand!

Our Advantage

  • We never let you miss out on an appointment, get late for one, or miss out on an opportunity as you could not call back your clients as you were busy with one. We understand the importance of supporting you and your clients all at the same time, improving your efficiency and not having you worry about making calls, sending quotes and so on.
  • Our staff is trained in Home service industry, having worked with professionals from home cleaning companies, architects, handyman, to large companies offering services to commercial spaces, our experience gives us an edge of knowing how this industry works. Our staff works dedicated for you and have excellent English communication skills.
  • You are already doing a tough job, there is a lot that you need to actually physically take care of and you shouldn’t be doing the work that you do after your long hard day out in the field. We take care of all the admin work for you and your team and keep you always prepared for the next job.
  • Whether you are a one man company or a large commercial contractor, you need help with all that office work, managing calls and the nitty gritty that comes with running a business. We help you stay ahead of the curve and focused on taking up more challenging jobs as you ain’t bogged down by the desk job anymore.

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