Moving, Packing & Storage space franchises – Support & Services

Coordinating with clients and delivery schedules l preparing documentation l calls , email management & database updates

Who we help

Metal on concrete storage unit franchises

Packers & movers

Portable storage franchises

Smart / eco or green box packing & moving franchises

How we can help

Co-ordinating from the first call to the final move!

When homeowners are moving there is a lot on their mind. We help you coordinate with the homeowners, and follow the planned schedule by communicating over phone & email and effectively managing all the little details that need to be taken care of. We make sure all the items that need to be packed, moved, recycled, stored, any special storage instructions etc everything is noted down , planned in highly efficient manner. All the back n forth calls, emails, documentation & everything is prepared and ready to go!


Every franchise has its own set of documents, planning, rates & policies. We help homeowners with different questions they might have, assist them on call & email. If someone’s rent is up, or contract is finishing, the final co-ordination before auction is up, all nitty gritty of admin side of things is taken care of. We also help in maintaining and ordering supplies like locks, cleaning aids, moving equipment and other on site supplies that will be needed by your moving and packing crew.

Database updates, prepare invoices & estimates

Master franchises usually have a database that allows each franchise to update their client co-ordination, manage logistics and prepare invoices. Our tech savvy agents update, edit, manage, set reminders, etc on the crm you use. If you are in traditional franchise space and manage contracts manually using excels and microsoft office, we can assist you on all aspects of your business, adapt to your work style and deliver quality work.

Managing surveys, trainning, coordinating of new franchise owners etc

Calling clients to take feedbacks, surveys and enter the data into your program, co-ordinating between different locations if you have multiple franchises, taking out reports, organizing meetings, events, organizing training programs of any new franchise owners, preparing handbooks, helping new inquiries with faq’s etc

Customer service & social media management

Handling all calls, emails, chat, social media inquiries, Along with feedbacks, follow ups and reminders. Real time answers to questions, supporting clients with all the help they need before, during and after signup of contract with you. Helping them with any logistics questions, or any other question about your service or products or facility. Connecting with local community, posting,sharing & engaging with clients on social media channels.

HR support, helping new staff , preparing logs, schedule & calendar

Short listing resumes, updating the database, preparing handbooks, helping new staff with their role and initial startup, any on site and off site co-ordination between staff and homeowners, preparing their log, managing their calendar, helping them with co-ordinating with other moving & packing businesses if client is using 3rd party for any of the services.

Helping you, help clients pack, move & store at ease!

Our Advantage

  • You have invested heavily in this business, and to boost your productivity & efficiency you need to start working on your business rather than in your business.
  • Having admin, customer support, database and other time consuming tasks taken care of give you and your staff with much needed time to focus on strategies, growth and more important tasks that are being neglected in the daily churn.
  • One of the most important aspects of this business is to co-ordinate, prepare & organise everything with accuracy. It adds value to number of containers going out, space being saved, saving on logistics, saving time of your staff co-ordinating with each other and in the end makes the entire move hastle free.
  • Our staff has been trained to work with franchises just like yours and understand how this industry operates. They understand value of time, handle all client inquiries with care as the home owners are already tackling more than packing when they move to a different zip code.
  • Tech savvy staff, with years of customer service background along with your industry specific trainning to help your business stay ahead of your competition.

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