Fitness & Trainers – Support & Services

Admin | app support | call handling | calendar & appointment management | social media engagement & more

Who we help

Gyms & trainers

Nutritionists & dieticians

Martial arts & speciality schools

Beauty & spa’s, bootcamps

Dance studios & performing arts

How we can help

Appointment setting, Calendar & Class schedule updates

Handling calls, managing your calendar & appointments, scheduling training sessions & classes, email & phone follow ups to check if diet and exercise is being followed by clients, sending out meal plans, follow ups on regular classes and upgrades or any new programs or boot camp sessions.

Mindbody, Trainerize and other database updates

Managing your schedules, updating your databases and class schedules on mindbody, trainerize or other CRM’s. Client follow ups & reminders, updating your team’s calendar and schedules, coordinating group activities, managing your internal database, logging in hours of your team, therapists or trainers on your payroll software and more.

Social Media Management

Nothing speaks before and after as your social media profiles to attract more clients. We update & manage your pages with latest news in your industry, share interesting facts and figures, engage with people, manage your instagram, facebook, pinterest, twitter, linkedin profiles. Reply back to inquiries generated on social platforms, entering them in your generic database, connecting with your audience in more personalized and unique way and all those tasks that you never get the time to do yourself.

Admin support & Research, updating your webstore with new gear

Research on web for latest superfoods, trending exercises, diet plans, therapies and any other research task. Plan, co-ordinate with your clients for your latest boot camp signups, work on research for your book release, organize and plan any new classes that you are taking up or promoting. Updating your website with new gear, products, you are selling.

Customer support for distance vacay businesses

If you are into distance vacations with health benefits industry, we can help your business with bookings, customer support on chat, email, phone, web & social media explaining them all your packages & custom health plans and any upgrades or offers you have unique to the season. From answering FAQ’s, making reservations, taking care of special requests and signing up for activities, we help you take care of all your vacation rental requests for your clients. Along with this we can also work with you to create personalized sessions with you and your team and plan day to day activities for each client based on their health requirements, from morning yoga to spa’s to evening high burn out cardio sessions.

Invoicing, Followups, maintianing records, email marketing & HR support

Preparing invoices, maintaining health & progress charts or records of your clients, tracking their progress, making follow up calls, email marketing, referrals & feedback calls, signing up new clients, updating all records, shortlisting resumes, maintaining all staff records & logs.

Start running your business like a Pro!

Our Advantage

  • Being great at what you do, doesn’t necessarily bring in more clients, you need to be active online & also take care of admin side of things of your business while being active in the gym and doing all those amazing things you do with your clients. We get you that extra time and that extra kick that your business needs.
  • Our staff has been trained with most crucial and fitness industry related tasks and have the expereince of working with some of the most successful athletes, gym’s and high volume studios.
  • Not only our staff works with these amazing fitness cleints, they also have a personal interest in fitness industry and set their own fitness goals and use the cool apps to track their progress. This builds a great personal touch to what you do, care and delivering the best admin support that your business needs.
  • We help you get the much needed time, tools and assets that ensure you are 100% reaching your professional goals, growing your business, focussing in growing your business & taking the time to step back and look at the bigger picture.

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Take advantage of streaming videos, picture galleries, social media , booking calendar, book classes, integrate mindbody, tranierize and other fitness apps and more..