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Delegate the work or do it yourself! Take your pick…

When it comes to have someone else take over the work that you do everyday and help you, most of us have insecurities. The biggest motivator of these insecurities is the reason that you believe no one can do it better than you do and you can’t trust anyone else with your work. Or they can stem from a protective nature of human beings and that is to stay in control. You don’t want to share and take pride in being the multi tasker you are even if it comes at a cost of your personal and creative work time.

Acceptance: You know the hours in a day cannot expand, and you need more hands to do what’s on your plate. The facts and your to –do list are constantly sending you signals that you need extra set hands to get your tasks done. To achieve the work-life balance, there needs to be effective delegation in place where you lie at the top of task pyramid taking care of tasks that are of utmost importance and yield more productivity. Having someone else to work for you doesn’t mean loosing control. It puts in charge and increases efficiency.

Evaluate your ROI: When you are burning the mid night oil doing the endless research you need for your marketing strategy, ask yourself if it would have been of any help if someone complied the research for you. It is time to unburden your tasks that are repetitive, time consuming to focus on the big picture. Having an assistant do your scheduling, filling reports, research tasks and other tasks that minimize your costs by giving you more time. Low end tasks and even the high value work such as making your business website can be delegated effectively. Tasks that are high in value need a specific skill, to develop and master a new skill that will need the accomplishment of this task takes far more time and money investment than having your assistant work on it while you call the shots.

Knowing what to delegate and to whom: There is a reason why Tasks Everyday offers virtual assistants by skill set. As an Admin assistant wouldn’t know about book keeping, your internet marketing assistant wouldn’t know to update your customer database as quickly as your admin va. There are no Super va’s who are master of all skills! Best practice is to hire an assistant with specific skill set. Make best of your assistant’s skills by delegating the tasks that fit his scope of work. Assign the low value tasks in the beginning; give time to your assistant to know you and your work style.  Streamline the process as you get know each other. Be as descriptive as possible and outline the steps that they need to follow. Be reasonable in your expectations and do not compare yourself with your assistant.

Why we emphasized on ROI is because you need to carefully evaluate what you should be focusing on and spending your energy on rather then being overwhelmed and stressed about tasks that can easily be delegated. In the end however the choice to overcome the fear of delegation and getting more done each day is yours!

Virtual Assistants: To help you work on your business, not for it.

We have seen small business right from their infancy when they are start-ups, go through different stages of development, iterations, grow and mature as a company beating their competitors. While nothing is constant in changing world of start-ups, there is one thing that never changed and that’s your VA.

One of the chief requirements of running a business is multi-tasking. And while you take care of most of the tasks, it is redundant to be doing the tasks that are not worthy of your time. As a CEO/ founder you need to be managing your time along with managing the resources at hand. What makes you and your business stay ahead is your thinking capacity and utilization of the resources available in the best possible manner. Over time you find yourself buried under a pile of tasks that are repetitive and painfully boring.

Why its time you start working on your business:

  • To stay ahead of competition: While you sulk under the pile of your to-do list, your competitors are preparing their new marketing strategy. Like a boxing match you can never let your defense down. You need to be ready to embrace the market challenges and take them head on.
  • Make the most of your existing clientele: Your data needs to be up –to- date always: how long has it been that you updated your database of your existing clients. Or even bad scenario can be that you don’t one set up as of now. Well it isn’t too late. Your Virtual assistant can have all your records, pervious sale history, customer contact details, updated on an online database. Next time you want to run a promotion of any product or service, you can do that easily by a click of a button.
  • Harness the power of social media: Connecting with your customer base on a personal level and understand their changing needs and expectations have never been easier. Communication on one on one level and asking for feedback and checking response in real time gives you direct customer insights.
  • Set up email campaigns to reach out: Setting up custom email campaigns, via icontact, constant contact or mail chimp, creating custom html templates to make you stand out, sending out emails, tracking replies and finally analyzing the response. if you had no time to do this yourself, your SEO assistant can set up a marketing email campaign to give your business the kick it needs!
  • Make updates on website: Keeping your website updated with new services or products that you have launched recently, running banners, specials or introducing best sellers on your website to let your clients know what’s new!

You need to connect and stay updated to beat your competition. to do so you can hire assistants with specific skillset ranging from web designers, graphic designers, internet marketing experts to admin and personal assistants. They work on your tasks big or small and free up your valuable time to focus your energy on work that needs your attention. Virtual help makes it possible to hire dedicated resource with no long-term contracts at reasonable rates. Tasks Everyday helps you with tasks that are important and need to be done to make your business a success!

Relationships and Partnerships in a Virtual World

It was a lovely day yesterday, what makes some days more special than others is when we get to have one of our clients visit us. Before we talk about the visit and how immensely happy her Virtual assistant was to meet her in person, a little about Tina.

Being a mom and a successful entrepreneur had her wearing too many hats at all times. Meeting her prospective clients, preparing newer strategies, keeping with latest marketing trends, updating her social media accounts and checking emails. And then there is always something that is urgent and needs to be taken care of right away which throws your calendar and all your planning for a toss. She knew she had to do something about this. Her hectic schedule was taking toll on her health and personal relationships. She wanted to go on a vacation with her daughter but she just didn’t have the time.

Hiring a virtual assistant was a big step for her. Trusting someone, whom she never met with her everyday work, create reports, do research for her latest marketing strategy, and manage other business and personal tasks was a giant leap for her. It took time for her to realize that it was time to have someone else do the job while she can monitor the final report and not do it all herself. Delegating tasks initially needs planning and after a while you get used to the concept and that’s when you realize the true potential of virtual freedom.

Brijesh is her Personal assistant, having spoken too each other on countless occasions he knew her just like he knows his neighbors. From her favorite coffee Macchiato to her latest presentation, he is the know it all guy. When starbucks opened in Mumbai near our office, he was one of the first one’s to go get himself a taste of their macchiato!
What makes him a valuable asset is his teamwork. He co-ordinates with her in-house team and take care of all the tasks, of team members. He is a common denominator in the equation. Tasks Everyday doesn’t limit the use of a virtual assistant with one individual. Just like any family or a business set up, each and every member works in collaboration with each other, it stays the same in virtual set up as well.

Nurturing lasting relationships in this virtual world comes naturally to us human beings. When Tina had to travel to India from USA with her daughter, she knew she wouldn’t be alone in this journey. Brijesh took care of booking travel, giving her the insiders scoop, even talking to her cab driver in local language to make sure she gets best travel deals, places to visit and not to visit and plan her day, all was taken care of. They have a rapport with each other that comes with trust and time.

Tina and her daughter had fabulous time in India they visited Jaipur, Agra, Delhi , Kerala and on her way back she made a stop at Mumbai to meet Brijesh. When they met they discussed about work delegation, travel stories and how she found India so different and mystic that you have to see it to believe it. Discussions continued over Chinese food and how thrilled she was to finally have this time off away from her work and finally make this trip with her daughter. They had quality time with each other and more importantly Tina did not have to worry about on what was going on back home at work, as she knew it was taken care off!

Hiring the best virtual assistant – Checked!

Time is of essence and we are constantly reminded of that right from the beginning of school days to our professional careers. we constantly strive to increase our efficiency and getting more done each day than the last day. Time management tools, new CRMs, automated to do lists, utility apps, calendar updates, siri on our iphone are all geared towards time efficiency.
We constantly work towards this agenda to save our precious resource “ Time”.

Virtual assistants are your time saver ninja’s. They fill the gap that currently exists in your productivity graph. When it comes to working with one, it is of essence that you are matched with the right assistant who is empowered with the tools and skills needed to supercharge your productivity. To ensure this Tasks Everyday hires the best of best virtual assistants the industry has to offer. And what sets them apart from freelancers is that they are employees of Tasks Everyday. They have a job security that is not based on if client is sending them work or not or decides to go on a month vacation and wants to put the account on hold. It is important for us a company that all our employees are paid regardless of recession or Christmas holidays.

Collaborative Consumption: we had written a blog post explaining the concept of collaborative consumption that is fueling newer ideas and businesses. Concept is simple like car pool, it saves fuel, money, gives you special access to the car pool lane and more importantly interact with fellow human beings and make new friends. Our Va’s have access to the talent pool of assistants who come from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds. There is always something that we can learn from each other’s experiences. There are weekly meets and greet sessions targeted to keep the productivity flowing and more importantly learning from each other. Our basic human instinct is to help other. And what these meetings do is just facilitate the dialogue.

Our strict hiring and training process: if you want to work as a virtual assistant you need to have to have the fundamental quality of helping out others along with other nerd + communication skills. We follow a series of selection steps to weed out the candidates who are less suited for the job. Our staff often reminds us that our application, selection and training process is far stricter than the job itself. There is a reason we have it designed in a specific way. Each day at our training sessions is planned to hone one particular skill. Tests and exercises are framed based on our years of experience with our clients ranging from Sydney, Singapore, UK to the Americas. We improvise these learning exercises quite frequently to combine any latest tools or apps that have come along. Every client has a unique lifestyle and delegation style. Work requirement is different and to a super ninja VA, it needs skill, good communication and aptitude to learn and grow.

Have you watched the movie Internship? it is a story of google interns that reflects their hiring process in a lighter mood and why it isn’t the most skilled that are always the right fit for the job. Multitasking is not related to how many words you can type in one minute, and your communication isn’t based on your degree in English literature. We look at the whole picture that combines personality, humility, skills, and aptitude, communication that creates dialogue, responsiveness and above all the quality to help!

Are you looking to hire a personal assistant who works as your right hand? We have had the pleasure to work with thousands of clients and businesses that have benefitted by going virtual and taken the strings of their life in their own hands. if you have questions in how we can help you achieve the work life balance, call us from Monday’s to Fridays on 1-888-670-4882 ( US & Canada direct number) , 0808-120-3657 ( UK Direct number) , 1800- 447- 187 ) Australia Direct number)

Indian Assistants – Not so virtual after all

Virtual means something or someone not physically present in same time and space as you. When applied to assistants who are based overseas they started being called as Virtual secretaries or assistants. Dotcom boom opened a whole new world of possibilities where teams from all across the world could collaborate, share and work together on ideas. Technology has grown leaps and bounds ever since and it has made our world seem smaller than before. You can now connect on the go via your mobile phones, do video chats, conference meetings with team members joining in from all parts of world.

The word virtual assistant is loosing its “virtuality” so to speak. It is all so real, happens in the real time with real people working together as a team that the traditional office space defined by a cubicle is getting redefined.

History of how it all started: India has been on the front lines of outsourcing. It all started with big companies setting up their offshore call centers in India. Centers that offered customer support to answer calls or do outbound sales were booming.  Voice and accent trainers from overseas would charge huge sums of money to train the Indian staff to familiarize them with culture, baseball and other things “American” or foreign.

Why the big giants/companies chose India: The difference in labor rates was lucrative, staff they could hire and train was educated (minimum 4 year college degrees), good with computers (Indian have always been computer savvy), willing and hardworking nature was a part of their culture. All they lacked was the accent. With good training this was overcome well not 100% but it was acceptable. English has been the second language and most schools start English lessons from as early as pre-school. As the news reached out to the smaller businesses, they wanted to try their hands as well to take advantage of the cheaper work force, expand their operations and sales by hiring small teams that would call and do outbound sales mostly.

What has changed in outsourcing from then and now: The nature in which we work has changed drastically. Cloud computing has made it possible to store, share, collaborate anything to everything with the in-house teams working together. Technology along with newer and more sophisticated tools and software’s have shifted the seismic center from typical call center set up to more advanced and developed work spaces. IBM being the fore- runner in this race has set up offices in various parts of the world and is now a global company. From software programmer’s to back office processes are now being run in highly efficient and productive manner than they were a decade ago.

Globalization and how it has changed the skill set available: Skills as we define today are not measure in how many words you can type in a minute. Skill has a wider meaning – “ understanding the work that is required and being equipped with the technical and analytical knowledge to do it in best ways possible”. India produces about 1.2m STEM graduates each year. With Internet reaching out to the masses awareness has increased and so has the opportunities to go out and explore more talents. When it comes to hiring, employers are spoilt for choice. It is amazing to see how cable TV and Internet has made such a huge impact. You don’t have to train your work force anymore to understand how the cultures are different or explain why Yankees live in the soul of New Yorkers. They can see that first hand in the movies, videos, news, blogs and so forth. If their client mentions that he is busy watching a super bowl game they will know what he means by that.

How has Tasks Everyday tapped into the skilled market: While there is no shortage of skilled staff, there is always something that is missing. That little extra – a pinch of secret recipe, which makes fried chicken taste even better. All virtual assistants before being assigned any client go thorough training and skill enhancement program that gears them to be efficient and more successful in managing the tasks that will come their way. Assistants that are assigned to work with clients are full time employees of Tasks Everyday. They are not freelancers. This is an added advantage that client gets. The job of a virtual assistant is multitasking. And it can’t be defined in few pointers of what they can or cannot do.

World is changing and so is the meaning of productivity. Globalization is changing our definition of work force and how a typical workspace should look like and team members it comprises of. Are you harnessing the advantage that this new era has to offer? Going virtual is not a choice it’s the demand of the hour…

Hit us up if you would like to know how we can help you stream line your work process and add value and skill advantage that is more productive and cost effective for your business and personal growth.

Virtual assistants to the rescue – mission Size Zero – “Inbox”

Do you spend most of your mornings checking your emails the moment you wake up? Do you find yourself dreading the beast that your inbox has become? Guess what you are not alone!!

Easy access to Internet everywhere at all times has made it lot easier to stay connected. What it has also done is our patience to accept response from our fellow “emailers”. We assume everyone else with whom we are corresponding is also checking his/her emails regularly and has to respond back immediately like you would do.

Easy access to emails on the go via phone/ipad has made the 30 minute journey to work every morning not that enjoyable after all. And of course something is always urgent and needs immediate attention.

Reactionary email habits explained above eat away your creative time. Juggling multiple tasks at one time, replying to emails and following this routine each day every day, sets in the burnout. the struggle to get the inbox to size zero every evening is a struggle.

Why you need to stop:

“Checking your inbox constantly- eats away productive time”

Most creative and active time of the day is in the morning. Utilize this time to learn new things, work on projects that need some thought process. Enjoy your morning cup of coffee or tea and read some news. You need to wake up energized in the morning excited about the work that you will be doing that adds value to your business or career. Morning hours are the best time to focus on what’s creative rather than reactionary.

What you need to do to break away from the email chains.

  • Filter out your spam religiously
  • Unsubscribe from newsletters
  • Separate your work in neat and tidy folders based on the importance of action needed.
  • Social media updates that come to your inbox should be blocked. There are smarter options and some really cool apps that can keep your social media organized. You do not need it in your inbox.
  • Delegate your mundane, repetitive tasks to your virtual assistant.
  • At the end of each day you will have all your reports, spreadsheets updated, calendar organized and reminder that it’s your sister’s birthday next week and you need to pick a gift for her in your email from your assistant.
  • Do not check your inbox till noon each day. Reply all emails that are in your most urgent work folder.
  • Logout from your inbox again and work on other important tasks.
  • Login again before 4.00 p.m. and finish off emails that in your less important folders and finally before signing off from your inbox clear the most urgent work folder once again.
  • In the hours that you have assigned yourself to work on your inbox, you need to be super efficient. Utilize these hours to get more organized, answer the urgent email first, then comes the delegation folder – send these to your assistant, and then work on the less important emails.
  • Follow this process all 5 days a week.
  • This allows you to spend time on what’s important, work on tasks that require your full 100% attention, and you are always giving your best.

Personal Assistant, Virtual Assistant, Virtual Assistant India

3-4 hours of creative time that you have managed to carve out for yourself, will bring in huge change in your daily schedule. you can now focus more on creative projects that affect your business in the morning. Waking up excited to work on something that excites you while enjoying your favorite cuppa is a delight. By noon you would have drained your creative forebrain and are now ready to get back to inbox and tackle it. While you get creative, and break away from the email chains, your virtual assistant works on tasks that are repetitive (you had sent his way from the delegate folder) and gets them organized for your action. This limits the time that you spend each day on tasks that are not worth your time.

Break away from your counterproductive email habits and delegate your tasks in more smarter and efficient manner. There is a world outside your email inbox! We would love to hear about your daily schedule on how many hours a day do you spend in your inbox, and are you making any conscious efforts on being more productive and creative.

The Indian Virtual Personal Assistant – Part 2

Tasks Everyday is a secret tool for lifestyle entrepreneurs.  Our assistants have helped seasoned business owners and the likes of founders of some amazing start -ups. VA’s have helped the bottom line to the top chain managers working on tasks that free up time and churn more profit. The job of your personal assistant is to alleviate all those things that are coming in the way of living your life to the full.

Here is a little peak into the lives of some assistants who have helped business owners achieve work life balance.


Goan BeachesOur Excellence coach, she went from being an amazing Personal assistant to the team lead and then manager of excellence team to ensure standards and quality of work were met by the assistants. She is a “Goan”. Belongs to a small state on western coast of India not far from Mumbai. Goa was a Portugal colony until 1987, has diverse culture, exotic beaches and breathtaking churches.

She is an avid historian, thanks to her Portuguese roots and has passion for anything “new”. She has a sharp encyclopedic mind, every question you throw at her, and she has the answer.

A big reason why she is an excellent mentor is because she believes in teamwork. She is a wonderful coach and guides everyone on her team along his or her way to excellence. Having worked as a personal assistant for 4 years and helping business owners and busy professionals has given her a deep insight into the world of “virtual freedom” that comes with having your own dedicated assistance.


Follow Your PassionFrankly, any client that has ever worked with him doesn’t let go of him. He has worked as customer service rep back in the day when all the major companies were setting up call centers in India. He is a remnant of the era when all customer care reps were Indian. Having worked with banks, insurance companies, car dealerships, cable companies, he knows how each of them function inside out. If you have a bill complaint or unsettled accounts that need to be sorted with any of these giants, we have never really found out how he does it, but he gets it done for you.

He loves playing cricket over the weekends and is a captain of one of our in-house cricket team. He has a degree in mass communications and loves his 2 fishes. When he is not working, you will find him glued to the TV watching cricket series. Aptly enough when we had an international cricketer as our client, Anil was assigned to his account.  He strongly believes “Passion is something that brings the best out of us that we never knew was there to begin with”.


She has a degree in physical science and is a trained karate coach. Her coaching skills reflect on her work too. She mentors and advises new staff members in her free time. She works with a company in Philadelphia, which manufactures sleds. Year 2014 has been particularly more busy thanks to the crazy snowstorms. She takes care of any new orders that need to be entered into the database, handling any inquiries, coordinating with the shipping companies and ensuring the CRM is always up to date. She makes sure that the process from placing the order to the delivery is pain free, confidential and correct.Karate

Recently an amazing incident happened, where a “baby was born on a sled”, not sure if you read it on the local news if you are from around Philly, but it was an inspiring and a story straight out of the movies. The sled on which the baby was born is the same company the Priya works for. It was an inspiring story.

Having lived in Mumbai most of her life, she had never seen snow, until recently when her husband planned a surprise getaway to the northern parts of India which have abundance of snow. When she is not taking care of her family, she gives karate-teaching lessons to kids in her community over the weekends. She never sits free, she is a like a little powerhouse always filled with ideas and genuine desire to help people live better!

3 Personal – assistants. Different skills, experiences and passion, but have the same desire to help and make your life better. They take away the tasks that are repetitive, time consuming, mundane or any task that you loathe and make your life stress free. They are your life style savers and work behind the curtain; give you extra time and sanity to enjoy what is more important. LIFE itself!

Concentrating on your business and personal life becomes a challenge while you try to juggle many tasks at same time. This is where your personal assistants come into picture.

The Tasks Everyday Advantage!

If we dig a little deeper into the entire concept of working with a virtual employee there are few pointers to take into consideration. Our clients have stressed the importance of these factors over the years and we thought of sharing those with all of you. To build a successful relationship that Tim Ferris explains in his “4-hour work week” New York Times bestseller book, he stressed on the relationship paradigm where you trust your assistant with your credit card details and other personal information. When you first start out, there are certain apprehensions as your assistant is half way across the world. To those of you who are not outsourcing pros! This concept can be quite overwhelming. We as humans need a sense of comfort, security and reliability when it comes to our personal or professional lives and why should it be any different when it comes to working with a virtual employee.

Tasks Everyday as a company has mastered the art of virtual assistant services. We want to make sure our clients can rely on us and at the same time all our assistants have a secure job. All our virtual assistants work from our own office facility at Mumbai, and here is why we choose to keep it that way.

Over the years we have seen a herd of Virtual assistant companies, freelance organizations, come and go who offer virtual assistant services. Almost all of them have one thing in common their virtual assistants are “virtual” – they are work from home employees. This among the other numerous reasons is what sets us apart from the “herd”. We make this virtual relationship work like a well-orchestrated song. There is lot going “on and behind the curtain” all the time to make this experience wonderful for all our clients.

  • College educated assistants: Indians are knows for their hard work and dedication. Even Big-Bang theory needed an Indian nerd-Raj. Our assistants come from different education backgrounds; some are engineers, graduates in visual communications, arts, computers and math’s being their personal favorite subjects. What better way to make sure the assistants that are selected are 100% up for the job when they are physically present in our office all the time. They go through rigorous selection process before joining, then starts the training and that happens months before anyone is assigned an actual client.

    Virtual Assistants in India

  • Job Security: Our assistants have a full time job, are employed by Tasks Everyday on a salary and works from our office facilty. They have Job security, getting paid every month regardless of clients they are assigned and the freedom to learn and grow each month. When other companies prefer to offer the job to the lowest bidder we keep it ethical.
  • Excellence meetings: We do have our most awaited monthly “excellence meetings” where assistants and managers discuss about challenges, a place where they can ask each other questions like, “What is the newest technique to_____?”,  “what was the coolest find of the week?”, “I learnt this___new technique.” , these meetings often end with a BBQ chicken wings and few beers!!
  • We ensure you that the time you are being billed for, they are actually working on your tasks and not doing their laundry. It is very hard to avoid the necessary distractions when you work from home. That is one major reason why we do not have freelancers working with our company. Dedicated assistant works ONLY with you in your time zone and his focus is to get your tasks done and nothing else.
  • Team leaders and quality control managers are present on the same floor at same time your assistant works for you. You get instant response all the time. They are the people in charge to ensure that your VA meets standards of excellence.
  • Dedicated phone line on each assistant’s desk. You can call your assistant in your time zone and if there is anything urgent all you need to do is dial.
  • Data protection: There are firewalls and necessary software’s in place at any office facility these days and it is mandatory to ensure your privacy is protected. Over the time you will share confidential information with your assistant. If your assistant is working from a café and using a shared net connection it is not that secure.
  • Assistants with skills: They love working with clients from all over the world. And they have chosen this as a profession and gone through long hours of training before being assigned to you. So they are in this for the long haul and not just a one- time gig. They are empowered with all the necessary skills to tackle your tasks with competence, clarity and confidence.

There is a lot that holds for the face value and in this virtual world we like to keep one thing real and that is the quality and reality of our Virtual assistants. They are uniquely qualified and have the desire to help their clients by taking over their tasks and to give those clients a gift of increased productivity and better life!

We have in our mind our clients best interests and our assistants taken care of well at same time. If you are ready for a virtual assistant in your busy hectic life, you can call us on 1-888-670-4882 toll free line for USA & Canada.

The Indian Virtual Assistant – Part 1

When we talk to people, who are interested in hiring a virtual assistant, they always ask these two questions, “How good is their English.” and “Where do we get our Virtual assistants from.” Reasonable questions, as they will be working closely with their assistant for a long time.

Back in 2007 when Virtual assistant term was garnering excitement from media It was CNN who captured the true spirit of Indian virtual assistant and a typical day in the life of an assistant who works at Tasks Everyday. If you haven’t watched the clip you can click play and see it again below. There is a long list on what we do, and even longer list on what sets us apart from other VA companies but we can talk about that later in another post.


He is our go to guy. Having lived in Mumbai most of his life, he is very versatile and loves long walks on the beach. Prior to Tasks Everyday he had worked as a Design and marketing consultant. He is a team player, good with social media and abstract designs. He has masters in computer science (as an added advantage) but his passion is designing. He loves learning and helping others figure things out.

When we asked why “Tasks Everyday” He said, “well, as a designer I needed to find a company that will let me design and get creative. I like that they offered dedicated assistance to professionals from all walks of life. I could realize my true potential and work independently with ambitious Gen xers from New York to New Zealand!”

He is an avid wild life photographer. He has travelled to almost all national parks of India and is actively involved in Save the Tiger mission.


She is a south Indian from a small beach town called Mangalore. But there is nothing small when it comes to her aspirations and dreams. Having worked as an information management adviser prior to joining Tasks Everyday, she has great coding skills and has designed more than 100 wonderful looking websites.
Tasks Everyday was the perfect place for her to share her knowledge, skills and work with her happy clients from all around the world. You can hear our clients specifically talk about her in our success story videos. When she is not coding she likes to hear music and her playlist is most sought after at our in house parties.

When we asked her why “Tasks Everyday” the answer was “I like the idea of working with dedicated clients. In my past few months alone I had the opportunity to work with a Hollywood stuntman who plays the double of Justin Timberlake and also design a great website for an Aussie NGO! I love the versatility and experience my job has to offer!”


She is our hidden gem. She is a trained classical dancer and has a passion for cooking. She plays a wonderful host and her friends can vouch for her Prawn curry laksa!! She keeps a journal and runs her own food blog in her spare time. She is a planner by nature and pays attention to detail and her clients love her for that. She has worked as a social media analyst prior to working with us. What started as a hobby to promote her own blog online, turned to be her full time career, where she helps other business get social and engage with their clients.
She likes helping clients grow their business online and get the recognition.

According to her “Every client and every business is different, you need to analyze who their target market is and how to reach them best. Just like every dish, each business needs it own personal recipe (SEO strategy) to make it a hit!”

At Tasks Everyday, we don’t offer you a super VA! (Jack-of-all-trades) Because that’s a myth if you are trying to chase one, good luck with that! What we offer to our clients is a service, a lifestyle changing opportunity where based on your tasks, we assign you a dedicated assistance who has the right skill set to get them done. Our virtual assistants come from diverse backgrounds, cities, and cultures and have different skills, but all have one thing in common and that is the desire to help you live better and increase your productivity.

If you haven’t found your assistant yet, get in touch with us and let us know how we can help.

P.S you can thank us later!

Cheat Sheet to “Delegate like a Pro to your Virtual Personal Assistant!”

Unlike getting your driving license from DMV, delegation is not a course you need to train and then get licensed for. Delegation comes naturally to us thanks to our teachers, managers at work and wife! We are good with taking instructions, knowing what needs to be done and the easiest way to get those tasks done.

The only problem is that we think we are better than everyone else and no one other than you can do those tasks as efficiently and quickly. If you delegate half of the tasks that are due this week, and even if they are done in double the amount of time you might take, it still creates a huge leverage in terms of time and money that you saved and can be used to do something more productive and worth your time.

Quick Guide to Delegation in 4 steps to your Virtual Personal Assistant:

  • Write everything down you have to do this week: Yes, lets make a full to-do list. This list should include everything like doing laundry, cleaning, research you need to do for your next project, filling reports, making reservations, finding the best deals on snow blowers (we are not seeing the end of snow storms this year any time soon and you are done shoveling!), all personal and professional tasks need to go on that list and the time you might devote to do each one of them. This list will be an eye opener as you will see how many hours a day are truly being utilized to do something fun or productive.
  • Organize these tasks into 3: Tasks that only you can do (go in the Me pile), Tasks that are repetitive and mundane (go in the Delegate pile), Tasks that can be done more efficiently if someone else did the leg work (go in the delegate pile): When delegating the best practice is to start with repetitive and mundane tasks. Your assistant knows the clear objective and after doing them for a day or two, your assistant completely understands the requirement and these tasks can be delegated and get done like a well oiled machine. After you have established a clear bond with your assistant you can start asking him to work on tasks that are higher in value and an extra pair of hands at work will be of advantage. All research, reports, database etc come into this category. Once your assistant becomes the master of your work schedule you can send tasks and forget about them.
  • Empower your personal assistant with all the tools: Sharing and communicating ideas, files and meetings has never been easier. Let your assistant know the tools you like to use and they can sign up if they don’t already have accounts on them and start sharing instantly. Some of the common file sharing tools are: Google drive, Dropbox, box it. you can share your calendar if your assistant is going to be managing it for you. if there is any specific database or CRM that you use, like Salesforce, Zoho etc, you can create account and set privileges for your assistant. Preparation of login information and notifying your assistant in advance the names or accounts on all the tools ensures less effort on your part when you assistant is working on the task and will need the login information anyways.
Google DriveDropbox
  • Send clear instructions and set deadlines: This holds true for both parties in play. Be as descriptive as possible on what the objective and expectation of the task is. You do not have to explain to your assistant how to do the task. However, clear instructions on what the report or work at hand should accomplish must be specified. If you have one sample report that you worked on before send it to your assistant it will be of much help. Accountability is very important. Your assistant should know how much time needs to be spent on any particular task. Encourage your assistant to ask you questions and make yourself available to answer those. in the long term your results will be great!

Delegation when done effectively can save you from the stress that your to-do list was creating. You will stop working on things that you can easily send off and save you MORE time and money to do the things you love doing. If you do not have a virtual assistant yet and want to know more, call us how we can help you. This is your ticket to freedom!

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