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Are you keeping up with today’s on demand customer?

We live in a connected world, everything from renting an apartment, to getting a ride using your phone, or finding a date, we are just one tap or click away from the solutions we seek. Fast paced lives, coupled with the fastest network availability, believe it or not places the bar of expectations of every consumer very high. Consumers want answers and they want them fast, over a channel of their choice and time is no constraint.

Frantic pace of digital world!
Customer experience is everything when it comes to brand loyalists. What makes your consumer coming back for more is the journey they take with you each time and the connect they have with your brand. To make this journey interesting, and never failing the expectations is paramount to any company’s success.

Customer Support strategy that matches the pace of your customer and your company’s resources

  • Stand Out – strategy & voice
    It should not be overwhelming to have an impeccable team of customer support agents who live and breathe your brand. Create a strategy that focuses on the voice, brand value, and the vision that your company has and deliver the same to your consumer. Your customer support line is your first line of defence or support. The real time feedback, or information that your agents have access to and direct communication to the end user gives them deep insights. This data is invaluable and company’s have been using these customer and agent feedbacks to literally shape how the future of the product or service should look like. listening to your customer and acting on what they want gives you a competitive edge. Customer support is not about solving problems, it is about listening, communicating and offering support in all ways possible to make the journey of your consumer pleasant and personalised.
  • Address the challenges and create relationships
    Social media conversations, online chat rooms discussions, review forums, 24/7 customer support line covering email, chat, phone support these should not be looked at as challenges, but an opportunity to connect with your consumer. You are busy doing all the creativity, building next cool things, thinking outside the box and customer support line should not be ignored. It can not be kept to be answered within few hours of day. Millennials are interacting with you or your competitors 24/7. You need to connect and engage in real conversations, offer help and solutions in a more personable way, recommend products or services and personalise the customer experience to stand out from your competition and stop loosing out the consumer who was not reached at the right time.
  • Story
    Millennials connect to the story. Price comes secondary. Your brand needs to convey this story to your consumer from your bottom line to the top hierarchy. We value this so much that we encourage branding, traditions and follow the brand’s culture to create employee experiences that later translate to your consumer support line. When your customer is conveyed the story and culture of your brand at every engagement it makes them a part of your brand just as much as you.
  • Adapting to rising expectations isn’t easy, but when you integrate technology with the right customer support team it is possible.

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    Outsourcing as real as it gets!

    Even though outsourcing has been around for many years now, but almost everyone seems to have some preconceived notion about what they think about this billion dollar industry. We would like to throw some light on how outsourcing is changing lives, is far from what you “precieive” it to be. Here are 4 common myths debunked.

    • Myth 1: Outsourcing is not for everyone, it’s just the big guys who can outsource.
      Reality: The small companies with fewer resources benefit a lot more from outsourcing. When every penny counts and every little detail matters, outsourcing can prove to be your secret weapon of success. We have time and again proven and helped small businesses who were bootstrapped on one or all of the many important functions of their businesses and have seen them grow. By utilising a global partner to handle your imperial office functions can help you grow just like the larger corporations with lot of resources do, as you get access to same benefits, resources, talent and quality pool like the big guys do!
    • Myth 2: Outsourcing means losing control & low quality work
      Reality: If anything outsourcing enables you to get more in control and in charge of things. As now you have the time to look at the bigger picture and are not bogged down by anything and everything. With a team of specialists who have the right talent and access to the latest tech and training, you get higher quality work. Think of it this way, when a company’s main focus is your one department and their growth and success depends on that main primary function of your business you will get the best of work. By tapping into expertise of an outsourcing partner you will get timely reports, you will be able to strategize your future product and services based on customer feedbacks and get valuable insights that were initially getting lost in the rumble. Low quality is never an output when you work with a right partner.
    • Myth 3: Outsourcing means rows of workers with cramped up office spaces and hand me down headphones, or workers sitting in offices that are low on life and excitement.
      Reality: We can’t speak for everyone, but overall outsourcing industry has pretty high standards and so does its work force. It is a multi-billion dollar industry, with India and Philippines as the 2 major players. We have offices in both these locations and if you ask us, if you need the right talent to work for you they will not work for even a minute in blank workshop space. Outsourcing industry employees are minimum graduates in any field, why would they work in situations that are not people friendly especially when both these countries have countless other jobs to offer them? To work, retain and get the quality job done, companies have to bend over backwards to create offices, work environments, team building exercises, offer special holiday packages to top performers, offer incentives, other than salaries that are competitive and also allows these individuals to grow. Outsourcing industry is constantly evolving and to keep up with clients that have offices with fun work cultures, why should this industry be any different. When we work for most of the emerging companies based out of the valley, we need to offer their backoffice teams similar work culture, where coming to work is fun and something that you look forward to. And doing that has allowed us to retain and work with the top performers of this industry and retain them for a long time.
    • Myth 4: Outsourcing means getting the low end jobs done that fall at the bottom of the work chain.
      Reality: when any company wants to outsource they have their own reservations and apprehensions. During the first interaction they like to start small, with fewer tasks or jobs that are menial as they want to test the waters first. And we understand that. But once they realise and that usually happens during or after the first month, the whole new advantage that they were missing on and work that they could get done, at lower costs and at higher quality round the clock, they come back to us with a whole set of ideas, jobs and team functions where our teams collaborate with their core teams on important business functions. We grow with our clients and they often say to us “Why did we not do this any sooner”.

    Outsourcing is transforming every day, with new technology advancements, it is taking up new apps, tools and saas as its ally and enabling business utilise them to get the most of their customer retention & business development functions.
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    Home Services Virtual Assistant – why every company needs one!

    If you read yelp reviews one thing that customer’s appreciate the most is how responsive you are when they inquired about your services, and how quickly you sent out the estimates and got the job done! While you or your staff is out there on the field, scheduling appointments, answering questions from staff and customers, preparing invoices, estimates, logging in staff hours are the things that you need to take care of, but don’t have the time. While you try to juggle most of these tasks, your efficiency in staying up in your game, taking challenging projects, always being prepared somewhat takes a hit.

    Tasks Everyday admin support agents work with home services clients to handle, manage all their daily work.

    • Handling calls and appointments : so you and your staff are never late for a job again.
    • Preparing invoices and estimates: so your quote reaches out to clients before your competitor’s.
    • Increase your efficiency and help you stay focused:this is an added advantage that comes with the luxury of having a VA
    • Helping you with research tasks on property managers, their contact details and all other permissions etc to make sure you need not worry about anything else other than your project.
    • Research on supplies & materials: finding the best costs for the best materials. One of our clients a major contractor needed to find the most exquisite granite for counter tops for his client in santa monica, and his assistant helped him by gathering information on different types of granite’s and marble tops that were exclusive and when he showed the pictures with costing to his client, his client was more than impressed!
    • All your leg work of managing your staff, new hires, their log hours, data entry into quickbooks
    • Updating your social media pages, like facebook , houzz, pinterest with your latest work pictures! And so much more.

    The take away is that you need help and you know it, it is just matter of time as to when you take the plunge to help yourself in being more organised and having free time for your personal life as well. When you business tasks are all taken care off.

    Web design trends that are here to stay!

    When it comes to web design there is always something new and amazing getting introduced. However, there are few trends that are here to stay. Creating a new website or redesigning an existing one – responsive website design seems the need of the hour. It incorporates design with function. It has made businesses update and manage one single site instead of having and designing a separate mobile and desktop version. In addition to working on phones, responsive sites work seamless on all screen resolutions basically that is what responsive means. It responds to the device resolution you are viewing the site from and gives you the best possible user experience.
    Another trend on the rise is use of big, engaging and attractive images. They add beauty and give the website a human touch. Your website speaks of the products or services you offer in terms of images.

    Minimalistic design: while the concept of less is more has been doing rounds of design industry. It doesn’t always stay true for all business kinds. There are certain businesses that need their websites to be busy, have more ads, or do not want to have easy navigation for a reason. Majority of websites rely on minimal content with clear, crisp and easy to navigate pages. With reducing attention span of users it has become imperative that we need to grab their attention and have them act quickly. Like place an inquiry, shop something, click to call or whatever action we want them to take when they visit the site in those few seconds before they wander off to another link. Use of less but impact full content is on the rise. It is preferred to have fewer lines of content that speak what you do and how you do it and direct the user through use of icons and colors to initiate natural human action to click more and know more about you or your business rather then putting the information in their face!

    Icons: flat icons that explain the context and do not take away attention from your intended content and services keep the user engaged and make the web page interesting. Most icons are self-explanatory and are placed to have the user know immediately what you are offering before reading your text. One good example is Apple; they have revolutionized the use of flat icons and have set the bar high for all UI/UX designers worldwide.

    Vertical layouts with scroll: placing teaser of information of all your services or products on one single page is a great way to showcase everything at once without having the user to click anywhere. Single page or multi page websites both make use of this design based on how much you information needs to be displayed. Long scrolls are easy and more fun to navigate than going to separate pages.

    Parallax design: this goes in hand with the rest of design principles explained above. When most of your deign is clean, has less content, parallax adds character and makes the page more engaging. They not only look very attractive but also help in impressing your users. Moving images with content looks very intriguing to the human eye. This trend is definitely catching on. If your website is using parallax element in it ensure that you have important call to action or information displayed as human mind prefers images to text. And has higher chance of click through than plain textual information.

    Videos: we have noticed videos replacing the more traditional image sliders. They are easy to share and are more user centric than images. Quick video messages, which explain and can speak in more descriptive manner rather than written text gather more attention and are self-explanatory. These can be explanatory or explainer videos, your CEO talking about the company and it’s policies, or your customer speaking from a users perspective on how great your product is. They are replacing the main images that were traditionally used as they add human face to your online presence. Users can get the feel of your company or service and feel more comfortable sharing their email address or phone number on your inquiry forms when they hear someone like them talk about their experience.

    Every business is different and not one design can fit all needs and kinds of users. Understanding the goals, target market, users who are accessing the site and their behavior is essential before you jump on any one particular look or design. Marriage of design with function that is custom created for your business is your ultimate web design essential. And no matter what trends come or go this one is here to stay!!

    If you would like to speak more about your website design project, please fill the details or call us.

    Indian Assistants – Not so virtual after all

    Virtual means something or someone not physically present in same time and space as you. When applied to assistants who are based overseas they started being called as Virtual secretaries or assistants. Dotcom boom opened a whole new world of possibilities where teams from all across the world could collaborate, share and work together on ideas. Technology has grown leaps and bounds ever since and it has made our world seem smaller than before. You can now connect on the go via your mobile phones, do video chats, conference meetings with team members joining in from all parts of world.

    The word virtual assistant is loosing its “virtuality” so to speak. It is all so real, happens in the real time with real people working together as a team that the traditional office space defined by a cubicle is getting redefined.

    History of how it all started: India has been on the front lines of outsourcing. It all started with big companies setting up their offshore call centers in India. Centers that offered customer support to answer calls or do outbound sales were booming.  Voice and accent trainers from overseas would charge huge sums of money to train the Indian staff to familiarize them with culture, baseball and other things “American” or foreign.

    Why the big giants/companies chose India: The difference in labor rates was lucrative, staff they could hire and train was educated (minimum 4 year college degrees), good with computers (Indian have always been computer savvy), willing and hardworking nature was a part of their culture. All they lacked was the accent. With good training this was overcome well not 100% but it was acceptable. English has been the second language and most schools start English lessons from as early as pre-school. As the news reached out to the smaller businesses, they wanted to try their hands as well to take advantage of the cheaper work force, expand their operations and sales by hiring small teams that would call and do outbound sales mostly.

    What has changed in outsourcing from then and now: The nature in which we work has changed drastically. Cloud computing has made it possible to store, share, collaborate anything to everything with the in-house teams working together. Technology along with newer and more sophisticated tools and software’s have shifted the seismic center from typical call center set up to more advanced and developed work spaces. IBM being the fore- runner in this race has set up offices in various parts of the world and is now a global company. From software programmer’s to back office processes are now being run in highly efficient and productive manner than they were a decade ago.

    Globalization and how it has changed the skill set available: Skills as we define today are not measure in how many words you can type in a minute. Skill has a wider meaning – “ understanding the work that is required and being equipped with the technical and analytical knowledge to do it in best ways possible”. India produces about 1.2m STEM graduates each year. With Internet reaching out to the masses awareness has increased and so has the opportunities to go out and explore more talents. When it comes to hiring, employers are spoilt for choice. It is amazing to see how cable TV and Internet has made such a huge impact. You don’t have to train your work force anymore to understand how the cultures are different or explain why Yankees live in the soul of New Yorkers. They can see that first hand in the movies, videos, news, blogs and so forth. If their client mentions that he is busy watching a super bowl game they will know what he means by that.

    How has Tasks Everyday tapped into the skilled market: While there is no shortage of skilled staff, there is always something that is missing. That little extra – a pinch of secret recipe, which makes fried chicken taste even better. All virtual assistants before being assigned any client go thorough training and skill enhancement program that gears them to be efficient and more successful in managing the tasks that will come their way. Assistants that are assigned to work with clients are full time employees of Tasks Everyday. They are not freelancers. This is an added advantage that client gets. The job of a virtual assistant is multitasking. And it can’t be defined in few pointers of what they can or cannot do.

    World is changing and so is the meaning of productivity. Globalization is changing our definition of work force and how a typical workspace should look like and team members it comprises of. Are you harnessing the advantage that this new era has to offer? Going virtual is not a choice it’s the demand of the hour…

    Hit us up if you would like to know how we can help you stream line your work process and add value and skill advantage that is more productive and cost effective for your business and personal growth.

    Personal branding – Tips to create powerful personal brand online!

    While surfing the web we come across successful bloggers, entrepreneurs, businesses who have taken the bull of social media by its horns and ride it like a Pro. Big companies have designated marketing teams and have big budgets to create campaigns. How can a small business or a start up founder who is already juggling more than he can handle, manage and run an effective marketing campaign?

    Personal branding is not an option anymore. Creative and passionate individuals who have used the power of social media to earn the big bucks by promoting themselves and their businesses are a tall example before us!

    How to build your online platform!

    1. Identify the right channel: Build your own website using WordPress or other content management systems (there are also many drag and drop website builder tools you could use yourself and make your own website or you could outsource the development of your website). Start a blog, again word press is a good blogging platform it is available in 2 versions, dot org and dot com. based on your requirements you can choose the right fit.
    2. Social media profiles: Accounts on Facebook, Twitter, linked in and also Pinterest and Instagram you have many options to pick from. Find the right medium that resonates with you.
    3. Do not wait for it to perfect –just start: The problem with blogging and writing articles is it takes time and so does building an online audience. And we all like to be perfectionists before we launch our product to the world. It doesn’t have to be the case in social media. You need to start connecting and sharing without waiting for your website/blog to be perfect.
    4. Authenticity: The key to engage and connect with your fellow readers, bloggers or consumers is to be authentic. the content that you write and want to promote needs to strike a cord and that is possible only if you are “Being Yourself”!
    5. Add value: Define your audience and identify what they are searching for. Writing content that will add value to their work or life will earn you their loyalty and appreciation.
    6. Build your email list: From day one you need to build your email list. Efficient email marketing, by sending them specials or updates based on your products, services, new e-book launch, tutorials or update on your new podcast. And you do not want to loose this opportunity. Include a form or place for your readers to drop in their email addresses on your blog or website. To send out bulk emails (if your list is huge), there are service providers like constant contact, mail chimp etc. You can also hire an internet marketing assistant to create a custom email template that define and relays your voice to your readers more effectively.
    7. Reach out to fellow bloggers who have authority on the domain of your interest. Participate in discussions; check out cool tips that these ”influencers” have to offer. Your potential customers are reading and recognizing your voice with each comment of yours. There is a lot more you can learn by engaging with the online community, the issues, and concerns, factors that influence their decisions. It is valuable insight into the mindset of your target audience, much like conducting surveys the beauty is it’s available for free for you to grasp and utilize.
    8. Info graphics: It is a cool term for graphic representation that says a thousand words. Why you need it is because all stats are in favor of people connecting with what you have to say when you represent it visually. if you do not have the skills of a graphic designer, you can hire one to create these for you. Everything that you want to represent needs to have class and continuity. It needs to reflect of your brand and resonate with your consumer without being pushy.
      In the info graphic below you will see steps to personal branding for your inference.
      infograpic 03

    Building an online brand needs time more than passion and creativity. And what usually happens is in the beginning we are very zealous (passionate) but over time the work pressure mounts up and writing a blog or working on social media takes place on the back burner. Do not let your work -load get the better of you. Online presence and media has the power to connect you directly to the decision makers. Hear out what they have to say and engage with them. Internet marketing assistants at Tasks Everyday work with you in accomplishing your goals. They examine and analyze the statistics to see what works and what doesn’t and help you stay ahead and stay connected!

    Energy Management Yields Better Outcomes than Managing your Time

    The problem

    The core problem with all of us today is that we are trying to manage our time. Even if you put in longer hours at work, it does not increase the total value. Longer work hours can leave you exhausted, having little or no personal life, having to explain to your wife and kids the reason of your constant absence from all family engagements. The later you come back from work; more exhausted you are in the morning after. You seldom exercise and give up healthy meals for fast food pickups. This lifestyle is a vicious circle and it never lets you out until you break it. Increasing demands at workplace takes a toll on you physically, mentally and emotionally.

    The solution

    First comes the realization that “Time is a finite resource”. We can’t expand it. Energy is another story. Energy can be expanded, renewed, enthused by practicing certain behaviors and rituals. Over time these practices become a part of your daily unconscious life and get automated to fit in. The big multinationals are always organizing newer strategies and methods to keep their work force motivated. The goal is that each one of their employees bring “more of him each day at work”.

    Simple Practices:

    • Do not check your inbox first few hours (2-3) when you wake up: When you wake up, what is the first thing you do. Check your phone for emails, then start skimming through them without realizing that you spent the most productive time of your day in bed skimming emails.
    • Designate first few hours of your day for creative work: Pick the favorite spot in your office and think and work on creative work. Like writing a new lecture, sales pitch or your new marketing strategy. You are at your creative best in the morning and need to utilize it best
    • Go for your morning run, or your exercise routine everyday. It will keep your from gaining weight, make you feel good about yourself and full of energy all day long. After all your body and mind need to feel good about themselves too.
    • Increase your capacity without inflating your work hours: When you work energized, you are increasing your capacity to do the same amount of work manifold in less time. Keep away from the distractions at work and manage your energy rather than organizing your time.
    • Delegate: Even if you can do the lower value services more efficiently and in lesser time yourself than someone else doing it for you. You should learn to delegate these tasks. Your time is worth more than you think. Even if you are faster and more efficient in filling your reports having someone else do it saves you stress, money because it creates a window of opportunity of time that would have been lost on mundane tasks. That is where Tasks Everyday helps you create a window of opportunity by making you more time. Outsource your daily tasks to your personal assistant while you spend your energy on higher value tasks.
    • Create a routine and follow your principles: These come with your own encounters and experiences with reality. Learn, process, improve and deliver.  Stop spending long hours at your desk and part of the trick is being super efficient at what you are doing, when you are doing it. Give that one task that is super important all your energy and attention while you are at it, rather than trying to multitask and not giving your best. This can be done only if you follow a routine that you create for yourself and stick to it everyday.

    Spend time with your family, friends and once in while read that book you always wanted to: These are not out of the world activities and should not be neglected because your “life got busy”. Hiring someone to do your chores, organizing your inbox, meetings, research, filling reports can be easily done and managed by someone else and does not cost a bomb. Do not stop yourself from becoming a writer just because you have kids and you got busy dusting!

    “Take a Breather” in 2014

    After the euphoria of New Year celebrations with dazzling fireworks, edible confetti or crystal ball drop of NYC has passed, we return back to work with a list of New Year resolutions along with the things we failed to accomplish in 2013. Every year we try to cram all our tasks like-winning a lottery, starting a company, spending more time with our family, reading more books, taking piano lessons—into a year! Most of these tasks are not realistically achievable like becoming famous overnight, right! Besides being over ambitious the real problem why these tasks cannot be accomplished is because one year has only 365 days and there is only so much you can do along with your 9-5-work schedule.

    A new year is a brand new beginning; here is a list of things to help you prepare and set the tone for the year ahead.

    • Delegate your work: To have more time to do what you want to do, you need to free up what’s on your plate. Act like a manager of your own life, take the reigns and be in control. Effective delegation of your tasks can help you stay more organized and have more work done. We have talked about how delegating your repetitive tasks to your assistant can help you save time, money and more importantly sanity.Save Your Time
    • Complete outstanding projects: Clear off any nagging old projects that are chewing off your energy and time. Make a quick list of projects and set a deadline and have them done.
    • Set new goals: Note what worked for you in 2013 and what did not. Think about what you want in your career ahead and your goals should be in line with your aspirations. See what you would like to do differently. There is also a takeaway to be learnt from your accomplishments of 2013. Set higher goals for yourself each year. For lets face it, it does get more competitive each year! Your personal assistant acts as your reality check. Having someone do the legwork, filling reports, checking deadlines and giving you honest opinion when you need it the most sets the tone right for 2014!
    • Audit yourself: In this new digital Internet where everyone is online all the time are you doing enough! Every person is a brand and needs to keep oneself updated. Take a step back and reflect back on your brand. Are you doing enough?
    • Do things differently: Don’t repeat 2013 in 2014. Make a list of your priorities, get organized and tie up the loose ends.

    Make 2014 not only as year in which you accomplished your goals and came out as a winner, but also an year in which you had more time for yourself and your family. Ask us today how we can help take your load off!

    Is there too much to do: Online Virtual assistants to the rescue!

    How many of you watched the Mad Men show lately? It makes us look at what was good enough in 70’s is not enough any more. With growing technology our marketing avenues have changed drastically. Our lifestyle more than anything has taken a sharp turn. A single worker can no longer support a family of 4 ideally, take 2 holiday’s a year, afford a car with insurance rates for his 16 year old and not to mention the mortgage. We as individuals irrespective of our education or work type; spend more hours working than we used to back in the 70’s.

    Where did this extra work come from?

    With changing times, our technology and needs have changed. Now we have Facebook updates to do, send out e-invites for our next upcoming party, share and manage more than one social media blogs or platforms. Technology in more ways than one have increased work, and made it faster and time bound. With faster computers and Internet access, we are now “online” 24-7. What this means is, lack of time for yourself.

    Deliverables and how to cope with it

    To keep up with our day-to-day schedule and the to-do’s, we need help. It is just not possible to do it all by yourself and that have a life (and if you can, well, congratulations!). We have what we call virtual assistants in today’s world, something not possible back in the day. They are your technology soul mates. They are eager to help you, share the burden, give you relief from all that extra work, finish that report before deadline, they are your knight in shining armor, coming to your rescue. They are someone who always has your back. What they do is tremendous. We can’t increase the number of hours in each day, but what we can definitely do is have more hands to work for you.Online Virtual Assistants

    So, how does Tasks Everyday help you with your busy schedule and never ending tasks?

    You have more work and we have assistants ready to work for you. It is a match made in heaven. You decide on what tasks you need help with and we match you up with an assistant most suitable for the job at hand. Based on the skills or tasks you need help with, Tasks Everyday assigns you an administrative assistant, Bookkeeper, SEO assistant or a web designer. Your assistant may be physically half way across the world, but what was mere a dream in 70s is now a reality. Communications technology has changed the landscape and our lifestyle, and why shouldn’t we use it to our benefit. Delegating tasks and checking on your deliverables is easy now, you don’t have to send a fax or telegram to get an update. Just pick a phone, send a message on IM, call on Skype, video chat with your assistant and Viola! You are connected.

    If you haven’t started working with your assistant or hired one, get in touch with Tasks Everyday now! Revolutionize the way you work today!

    Why Outsourcing is a must: Barriers and Benefits of Outsourcing to India

    We have developed a habit, to do things the way they’ve always been done. We don’t like change. We believe in doing everything ourselves, and it is because of this belief that we hold back ourselves from experiencing the freedom of exploring the world and opportunities.

    Why you need to outsource? The answer is simple: Freedom. As busy professionals, small business owners, or someone trying to juggle 2 jobs in a day, we have more to do in a day than number of hours. We are stuck in so many things that we need to take care of, that we most often than not, do not realize our true potential.  Imagine you had more time to think, it could be something basic like learning salsa, writing your blog, or designing a newer product strategy for your business, we need time to be creative and free to explore life.

    How would you feel, if someone works for you, and clears up your schedule? Someone who is available to take care of all your tasks, so that you have more time to do what you love to do. This must have been a distant dream few decades ago, but Today is different.

    Talent access and cost advantage with virtual assistants: There is an increasing mismatch between the skills the organizations and businesses need and those available on market. Not to mention the cost advantage. Especially if you are a small business owner, you need to keep your costs low. Why should only the bigger companies have this cost benefit. You can outsource too.  The more money you make, more taxes you pay and contribute to your local economy. It is a global economy and we as individuals and business owners need to learn, how to make the most of this one virtual world. Hiring a virtual assistant from a pool of talented skills is fairly easy and economical.

    Benefits and tasks that you can outsource: There is nothing more valuable than your time and money. These are our 2 biggest assets. Outsourcing your tasks to a virtual assistant help you save both.

    • Think like a CEO, you need to have a vision and have the right team, expertise to turn that into a reality. In the most cost effective manner. You need to stay forward and keep innovating. Something you can’t do if your hands are already full.
    • You don’t have to learn how to design a website, all you need to do is find someone who does it for you.

    Tasks that you can outsource: Are limited only by your imagination.

    • Research: Something we can never get enough off.
    • Accounting, bookkeeping
    • Database management
    • Personal tasks
    • Social media marketing
    • Website design
    • Administrative tasks

    This is a small list of tasks that you can outsource.

    You need to allow yourself to focus on your best talents. Outsource your mundane tasks, or tasks that need a specific skill set from a pool of talented people that are dying to help you. Outsourcing is unbelievably efficient and cost effective.  The goal is not to work harder, but to achieve more by investing less time and money. And who says a couple of virtual assistants based in Mumbai can’t help you out?

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