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Why Outsourcing is a must: Barriers and Benefits of Outsourcing to India

We have developed a habit, to do things the way they’ve always been done. We don’t like change. We believe in doing everything ourselves, and it is because of this belief that we hold back ourselves from experiencing the freedom of exploring the world and opportunities.

Why you need to outsource? The answer is simple: Freedom. As busy professionals, small business owners, or someone trying to juggle 2 jobs in a day, we have more to do in a day than number of hours. We are stuck in so many things that we need to take care of, that we most often than not, do not realize our true potential.  Imagine you had more time to think, it could be something basic like learning salsa, writing your blog, or designing a newer product strategy for your business, we need time to be creative and free to explore life.

How would you feel, if someone works for you, and clears up your schedule? Someone who is available to take care of all your tasks, so that you have more time to do what you love to do. This must have been a distant dream few decades ago, but Today is different.

Talent access and cost advantage with virtual assistants: There is an increasing mismatch between the skills the organizations and businesses need and those available on market. Not to mention the cost advantage. Especially if you are a small business owner, you need to keep your costs low. Why should only the bigger companies have this cost benefit. You can outsource too.  The more money you make, more taxes you pay and contribute to your local economy. It is a global economy and we as individuals and business owners need to learn, how to make the most of this one virtual world. Hiring a virtual assistant from a pool of talented skills is fairly easy and economical.

Benefits and tasks that you can outsource: There is nothing more valuable than your time and money. These are our 2 biggest assets. Outsourcing your tasks to a virtual assistant help you save both.

  • Think like a CEO, you need to have a vision and have the right team, expertise to turn that into a reality. In the most cost effective manner. You need to stay forward and keep innovating. Something you can’t do if your hands are already full.
  • You don’t have to learn how to design a website, all you need to do is find someone who does it for you.

Tasks that you can outsource: Are limited only by your imagination.

  • Research: Something we can never get enough off.
  • Accounting, bookkeeping
  • Database management
  • Personal tasks
  • Social media marketing
  • Website design
  • Administrative tasks

This is a small list of tasks that you can outsource.

You need to allow yourself to focus on your best talents. Outsource your mundane tasks, or tasks that need a specific skill set from a pool of talented people that are dying to help you. Outsourcing is unbelievably efficient and cost effective.  The goal is not to work harder, but to achieve more by investing less time and money. And who says a couple of virtual assistants based in Mumbai can’t help you out?

Virtual Assistant: How to delegate tasks

Our clients most often ask us this question “What’s the best way to use virtual assistant services?”

We have had clients work from their office space to coffee tables to their garage. With each client, differs their work style, what they do, their priorities, and most importantly the tasks that they need help with. They do have one thing in common “They all need help”.

Having an assistant work for you efficiently is a two way process just like any relationship. It’s a commitment on your side and from your assistant to have this relationship flourish and grow stronger, day-by-day to month by month. The one basic underlined factor that defines all these relationships is Delegation.

There are few principles, which we have outlined to help you delegate better and make the most of the virtual assistant service.

  1. The first step is acceptance of change: We are the restless kind, always in a hurry, know what we want and how to do it. But the key issue is, most often than not, we don’t think anyone can do what we do as efficiently as us. What you need to understand is you’ve been doing the things your way and now is the time, to have someone else do them for you, by delegating effectively and managing them, which will eventually save you time and energy. Now that’s the target that we need to achieve. Once you have identified that you need to reach this target, everything else comes easy.
  2. Patience: It isn’t called a virtue for no reason. You need to understand that your assistant is not good as you. He/ she will take more time to do what you can do in 10 minutes, that’s why he is your assistant and not the other way around. Give it a cooling off time. let your assistant know your work style and understand your priorities. Your target is not to save 10 minutes today, it is to save hours worth of time and energy in the long run.
  3. Definites: Make a list of tasks that you don’t like to do, and a list of tasks that are repetitive. If the process of repetitive tasks is outlined for your assistant to follow, and you assign him clear goals. It becomes very easy for your virtual assistant to follow and do those tasks as asked. With each task, set. Once you know, you have your assistant waiting for you to delegate tasks, it will make you more inclined to give off some of your work to him. Assigning tasks on a daily basis, frees up your time and let’s you live better.
  4. Set deadlines: Setting up time frame is very important to make the most out of your virtual assistant service. It is also easy to track progress with clear cuts and deadlines in place.
  5. Manage and feedback: In the initial phase you need to monitor and give feedback to your assistant. It’s like hand holding a child before he starts running on his own. Not overdoing it, but having him know you are watching his back
  6. Maintaining the commitment: Once you have gone through the first 5 steps, all you need to do is maintain this relationship. You will realize how easy it is to get your tasks done by a virtual assistant and manage them ongoing. Something you didn’t know was possible in he beginning you now see is achievable.

The key here is to make this relationship work for you, so that you can enjoy your life doing what you love to do. Going fishing with your son, catch up with your friends more often, take that holiday you always dreamed of, or introduce that new product or service into your business that you didn’t have time to develop earlier.

Whatever may be your goal, your virtual assistant’s aim is to help you achieve that!

Virtual assistants helping bootstrapping entrepreneurs grow their business

Darwin’s theory of evolution applies to the business world too “ Survival of the fittest”. Small businesses are in bootstrapping mode. Every little that they can save makes a huge difference. From a business stand point, you need to keep your costs low, to offer competitive rates, make more bang for your buck and in return make more profits and grow your business. Outsourcing is that secret weapon that has been used by mostly large companies to make huge profits in the past by keeping their costs low. Tasks everyday focuses on small businesses, by giving them an opportunity to hire virtual assistants from different skill sets.

Virtual assistants are individuals that can help you with a variety of tasks. They can help with IT related work, like setting up a web shop, updating your blog, market research, updating your client data base, set up meetings, writing proposals and all sorts of tasks that can give you that leverage over your competitors. Outsourcing is cost effective, as business owners we need to stay ahead, and hiring a virtual assistant can do just that.

You can outsource a part of your work or entire project to your virtual assistant. World is not flat and globalization with newer technology make us more connected than we were a decade ago. While economy is growing and changing trends, having a cost advantage is the rule of the thumb. And why not reap the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant who can offer you that edge.

While you focus on what’s more important, save time and money, your business grows. It is an economic revolution and there is nothing virtual about it. In the coming years it is only going to get more difficult to have the right access to talent at the right price. If either of them is done incorrectly it will hurt your business rather than helping one. If you are looking to leverage your time and money, and having high quality, inexpensive work then virtual assistants are the answer you’ve been looking for. Hire a virtual assistant, revolutionize the way you work and make way for future growth of your business.