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Delegate the work or do it yourself! Take your pick…

When it comes to have someone else take over the work that you do everyday and help you, most of us have insecurities. The biggest motivator of these insecurities is the reason that you believe no one can do it better than you do and you can’t trust anyone else with your work. Or they can stem from a protective nature of human beings and that is to stay in control. You don’t want to share and take pride in being the multi tasker you are even if it comes at a cost of your personal and creative work time.

Acceptance: You know the hours in a day cannot expand, and you need more hands to do what’s on your plate. The facts and your to –do list are constantly sending you signals that you need extra set hands to get your tasks done. To achieve the work-life balance, there needs to be effective delegation in place where you lie at the top of task pyramid taking care of tasks that are of utmost importance and yield more productivity. Having someone else to work for you doesn’t mean loosing control. It puts in charge and increases efficiency.

Evaluate your ROI: When you are burning the mid night oil doing the endless research you need for your marketing strategy, ask yourself if it would have been of any help if someone complied the research for you. It is time to unburden your tasks that are repetitive, time consuming to focus on the big picture. Having an assistant do your scheduling, filling reports, research tasks and other tasks that minimize your costs by giving you more time. Low end tasks and even the high value work such as making your business website can be delegated effectively. Tasks that are high in value need a specific skill, to develop and master a new skill that will need the accomplishment of this task takes far more time and money investment than having your assistant work on it while you call the shots.

Knowing what to delegate and to whom: There is a reason why Tasks Everyday offers virtual assistants by skill set. As an Admin assistant wouldn’t know about book keeping, your internet marketing assistant wouldn’t know to update your customer database as quickly as your admin va. There are no Super va’s who are master of all skills! Best practice is to hire an assistant with specific skill set. Make best of your assistant’s skills by delegating the tasks that fit his scope of work. Assign the low value tasks in the beginning; give time to your assistant to know you and your work style.  Streamline the process as you get know each other. Be as descriptive as possible and outline the steps that they need to follow. Be reasonable in your expectations and do not compare yourself with your assistant.

Why we emphasized on ROI is because you need to carefully evaluate what you should be focusing on and spending your energy on rather then being overwhelmed and stressed about tasks that can easily be delegated. In the end however the choice to overcome the fear of delegation and getting more done each day is yours!

5 Reasons we hired a Virtual Assistant

Over the years we have provided assistance to clients from all over the world with tasks requests ranging from personal, bookkeeping, SEO and web design. The reasons that we get from our clients repeatedly resonate strongly with the one’s mentioned below:

  1. I was juggling more tasks than I could handle: My son was moving to London and there was too much work that I needed taken care of each day. I was not getting enough time from my schedule to spend with him. I knew I had to do something about it and that’s when I decided to go virtual. It has been a great experience having someone manage your personal and work life. My assistant helped with my website updates, blogs, planning a party for charity that I am a member of and planning my travel to London. I finally get to travel without worrying about my work back home and also have my itinerary planned for each day which covers all the places I need to visit before I get back to windy city-Chicago!

  2. I needed to focus on the big picture, but I just didn’t have the time: When my business started growing I knew I needed help with tasks. I was busy all day handling most of the backend of the things that I wasn’t left with any productive time to think of newer strategies for customer retention and marketing. There is so much more that can be done in growing your business if your mind is not crowded with receipts, reports, endless research and so forth. I went virtual to get my creative time back, doing what I want to do!

  3. I needed someone to take care of repetitive work: As a CEO of technical recruiting company our database was our engine. It needed to be up to date all the time. It was repetitive but essential at the same time. I realized I needed someone who was fast, efficient and trustworthy. I hired a Virtual assistant to help me with our daily updates, make calls, schedule interviews for our staff. Now my in house team could focus their hours on productive work rather than worrying about updating the database that they didn’t enjoy to do in the first place. What’s more wonderful is that our staff has access to the same assistant and we all share his hours. He is our team member and not to mention a very important one, the one we cant do without!

  4. Me and my girlfriend wanted to travel to Italy, but had so much to do before we could leave that it seemed almost impossible to go: It was one of the things that we wanted to do together. Every year we would end up postponing it for one reason or another. She is phd student and this was her last semester. And what better way to celebrate than taking her to italy. I wanted it to a surprise, but when it comes to planning I would let her take charge. But this time it was all upto me. I knew I needed help to make sure all is planned and perfect. I hired a va who helped me plan my trip to the last detail.

  5. My business is growing and I need more hands: When I first started my business, I took care of all things new and ongoing tasks. With growth comes more responsibility and work. I had to get to more meetings, present more proposals, stay ahead of my competition, do more marketing and all this led to some very important tasks left on the backburner because I didn’t have enough time. I realized I needed help but didn’t want to commit to a full term employee. I hired a virtual assistant and since that day until now, I have never looked back. Hiring a virtual assistant has proven to be very efficient and also very cost effective solution to all my tasks. I am getting more done each day!

Start-ups: Hiring Virtual Employees and How it is of Advantage

At Tasks Everyday we have had the pleasure to work with hundreds of founders during the most exciting period of their lives, which in addition are also the most stressful. As a business founder there is a lot you can and have to do at the same time. Initial goals of all start-ups invariably are consistent growth while keeping the costs low, compete with competitors and survive.

The initial to-do list of Founder’s and how does a Virtual assistant add value during this most crucial stage of your business start up!

  • Scheduling Appointments and Meetings: Your partners and future employees, everyone is busy. And in the absence of an HR team or an HR agency that charges a bomb to organize the meetings and appointments, you are left to do all these calls and appointments yourself. Instead you can have your personal assistant do the pinging and calls and set these up for you. It leaves a good impression and helps to keep you organized.
  • Marketing Database set up: Like Janet emphasizes on having one as a start up. It saves you lot of time, that you could utilize working on the creative iterations of your possible marketing campaign. Something much more useful of your time than doing endless research and working on CRM. You can hear Janet discuss the challenges of growing a start up, and how her virtual assistant, Poonam, helped her with the database tasks.
  • Need a website or some version of it: You need at least some iteration of one and you asked a local agency and the cost is nowhere less than $5000. You can have your web designer at Tasks Everyday create a landing page to capture initial leads and work on the beta version till the new website is ready to be launched. So that no client or potential customer is lost in the transition.
  • Help with all sorts of tasks: As a start up you are in a wild child phase. There are so many things you need help with which can be both personal and professional. The beauty of hiring a virtual assistant is that you can get help with any tasks. Be it endless research, booking you a dinner reservation, keeping you informed about the upcoming events and keeping a tab on your competitors, act as your personal assistant and your HR person at the same time, design you a cool logo and business card, help you figure out anything that you don’t have the time for.

While your business model might change, your company name can change overnight, your products or services can be replaced, you might be travelling from London to New Zealand for a urgent conference, in all this crazy schedule and meetings, there is one thing that is constant, your virtual assistant, your secret weapon of success!!

Virtual Assistants and why they are your lifesavers

Few months ago, a busy mom of two contacted us and wanted to know how we can help her free her time and also with her new business – starting her own Kindergarten school. She had been a teacher for most of her life and wanted to start something of her own. Parents, kids and her local community loved what she did. She knew what she wanted to do and how she wanted to do it but did not have the time to do it all by herself.

Like most other start-ups, the resources were few and the work load was humongous. What set her apart from her competitors who were mostly franchise schools was her 3-step education program. Her idea was to have higher teacher to student ratio, teach Montessori to her students to give them an extra edge which none of her competitors did and give back to the community by working with kids with special needs. Vision, dedication and commitment to be the best kindergarten school in her district was her dream and there was nothing stopping her from that. It resonated with us so closely, because when we started Virtual assistant service company back in 2003, we knew we are going to be the best in virtual assistant service space. Period.
Montessori Beads
How hiring a virtual assistant helped this young entrepreneur

One great thing about hiring a virtual assistant is they help you become the best in your area of expertise. They not only free up your precious time, but also take away all the mundane, repetitive and boring tasks that can be done by ANYONE else.

It is very hard when you are on the front line to do everything, starting from organizing an open house, sending out invites, filling out the paper work, sorting out the resumes of so many brilliant teachers, ordering Montessori beads and blocks from manufacturers, getting them shipped, preparing catalogs, templates, school calendar and so many other tasks. That is exactly what her Virtual assistant did. And Tasks Everyday is a great resource of virtual assistants, because we pair you up with an assistant who has worked in similar area or has similar qualifications and most importantly shares your vision.

Now coming back to the story, her Virtual assistant enabled her set up, run and grow into one of the best preschool kindergarten in her district. With more time at her hands, she could concentrate on newer teaching skills, organizing fundraisers and meetings, Paint Easter eggs with the kids and most importantly do what she loved to do both at her workspace and her home.

This is just one of the stories of our clients who enjoy doing what they like by having their virtual assistant work on their daily tasks. If you have any questions about our virtual assistant services, get in touch with us on 1-888-670-4882

Lessons for the gen Y Business owner

It is whole big world out there and no matter how unique your idea is there is someone else doing it, even if not exactly the same thing, a slight variation of that already exists. Should this stop you from experimenting and giving it a go ahead? Or is there something that you can learn, improve and better out than others.

The key is to find your ONE thing – Your signature. And why we need to do that, the reason is simple: Be the best at it.

How to do it exceptionally well!

  • Statement: What is that one thing that sets you aside from the herd? Find that something special and make it better. Tap into the untapped market with a familiar product or service that they are already using but much better than the existing providers. The idea is to do what you are doing exceptionally well.
  • Engage your customers: We have been providing virtual assistant service and if there is one thing that we have learnt, it is to keep your customers close. If your product or service is engaging and delivers what it says it does on the cover – you are in for gold! Customer engagement comes before the satisfaction and economic benefits. It’s all about the experience. Make them a part of your story.
  • Nurture relationships: Establish the trust and share your experiences with your clients. Re-energize the bond between you as a company and your customers. Tasks Everyday flourishes on relationships. We as humans have a basic instinct to co-operate and form relationships. All we need to do is to tap into this primate instinct.
  • Focus on your target market: Don’t try to do everything for everyone. Find your niche, cultivate it, nourish it, empower it, give it the right tools for growth and once that is done it is time to sit back and bask in the glory.
  • Improvise and learn: Don’t be stuck with your idea. Be open to the possibilities of change and improvise with them. Be open to constructive criticism and learn from your shortcomings. That is what Tasks Everyday has done over the years. Each client has made us better. We are not perfect and no one is. We have learnt from our mistakes and with each error there is a lesson learnt.

The hardest part is knowing what all needs to be done but not having the time or skilled people to help you achieve your goals. You need to get rid of the clutter and focus on your One Thing! All those things that are a part of the clutter need to be cut down. This doesn’t mean you stop filling your expense reports, because you hate to do the paper work and it is keeping you astray from focusing on your One thing! But have someone else do the data entry work. So that you get to keep your sanity and do what you love to do while your assistant works on the mundane sheets and tasks.

21st Century’s Barter system: Age of Collaborative Consumption

Last century was all about hyper-consumption. Economy no wonder corrected itself and forces us to look and reinvent our ways of consumption. It is our primate instinct to share; back to the old civilizations when you could exchange a bowl of rice for wheat, because you have excess of rice and would like to have some wheat, which another farmer had in excess and all this happened; without money exchanging hands was collaborative economy. It is called the Barter system. It is the oldest example of sharing resources, where the value of the commodity was not measured in money but in its usefulness.

21st century has re-invented this trend. Social networks and real time technology is enabling sharing and trust between strangers. Our pattern of consumption is changing and we can access resources from Couch surfing to sharing our ride within a matter of minutes with total strangers. The need of sharing is overpowering the need of owning “what’s mine”.

As a resource sharing company, we have embraced this phenomenon by sharing skills or expertise of your workforce. It is ridiculously easy to find the skill, share the resource amongst your peers and collaborate. We have seen a surge of digital sharing resources and companies that allow you to share files and videos online. What do you think about sharing skills and expertise in the same way?

We allow our clients to share their assistants with their peers. This is not purely for the economic advantage; over time it creates this amazing resource sharing pool. Scale, maturity and purpose of having a personal assistant are not about the ease and convenience. It is about becoming a part of this new age of collaboration. Instead of mere hand off’s and take off’s, hiring an assistant means collaboration, co-operation and sharing. It is changing our work dynamics and behavior of individual success to a much bigger message of working together and sharing our resources.

Virtual Assistants and their role in the today’s economy

Ever more than before, as business owners, solo entrepreneurs or bloggers, we need to optimize our business plans to get more for the buck. Every last dollar and cent counts. Squeezed budgets should not narrow down our vision or growth potential. Yes, we need to do more work, prove its worth in this cutthroat competitive world and take measures to stay ahead.

We knew running our own business wasn’t going to be easy. As the business grows the pile of work that needs to be done grows with it and our personal life gets buried under all that workload. It doesn’t have to be this way and that is where virtual assistants play a vital role.

Virtual assistants are individuals, who work remotely and come with no strings attached expenses. They take care of the scheduling, database management, book your travel, update your blog, and make dinner reservations. When you need more technical help, you can choose an assistant with IT background. He can help you with setting up a new website, social media integration, payment gateway set up with your e-commerce store and much more. Their role changes with the tasks. They can act as your secretary, your trusted PA, executive assistant or your technical soul mate.

Big advantage of going remote is the cost advantage. In today’s economy you want to stay ahead of your competitors and remote assistants at $6.98/hr are inexpensive and certainly give you leverage. No matter what industry or business you are in, to thrive in coming years you must adapt, change and accept the new way of working.

Tasks that can be outsourced are multitude and having helped more than 10,000 businesses, we know how to give you competitive edge and thrive in today’s economy. Are you a part of this new Virtual Revolution!

Pressed for time? Why you need a Virtual Assistant

When our phone rings, we treat it as your first step to freedom. We understand that you have decided to get help and first and foremost you do realize that you need help.

Before we stress on what your assistant can do, lets focus on what you’ve been missing out on:

  • Reading that book you always wanted to
  • Updating your social media profile, connecting with your readers more then you do right now
  • Taking a vacation with your family, and can not because “Hell will break loose in your absence”.
  • Starting up a new business, you have been planning for so long
  • Going fishing with your son or family
  • Take that hiking trip
  • Attending your daughter’s ballerina classes, or taking your son for swim lessons
  • Make it a special day for your partner on his/her birthday, but you had no time, or even worse you forgot it altogether!
  • Can’t be a part of that planned surprise birthday party for your friend as you still got unread emails that cant be ignored
  • Take a nap when you haven’t got the worry in the world and sleep like there’s no tomorrow

Well, this list is never ending, as these are simple joys of life that each one of us as individuals can connect with at some point in our lives. Our hectic schedule and fast paced lives, takes out more from us each day then giving back. we do need to support our families, pay for mortgage, insurance and our taxes. And in this juggle of multitasking, providing and managing deadlines, we miss out on simple joys of life.

Now, do you really want us to point out why you need a virtual assistant? If you still need some more convincing, here goes:

  • First and foremost: The reason is affordability: You can afford one, In Suze Orman’s terms “Approved”.
  • Your Personal assistant can do more than you can imagine, clean up your inbox, attend calls, manage your calendar, remind you of your spouse’s birthday and even send a gift or make a list of gifting ideas, make reservations and all those personal secretarial tasks.
  • If you need help with more executive tasks, then you can hire an executive assistant, who can manage your database, work on spreadsheets, research, presentations, docs and all other admin assistant related tasks.
  • If you are “Sheldon Cooper” kinds, you might need an assistant with higher skills. Assistant with more technical background. For all your programming needs, you can hire a programmer; he can do simple tasks like setting up your blog or creating an ecommerce store.

When you first start out with your virtual assistant, you will realize it is the most inexpensive, affordable and productive way to get your tasks done and free your life.

The other bonus is that with hiring virtual assistants, you don’t have to worry about overheads, like bonuses or insurance or benefits. So pop over to Tasks Everyday today and hire your virtual Assistant, and experience the freedom!

Is there too much to do: Online Virtual assistants to the rescue!

How many of you watched the Mad Men show lately? It makes us look at what was good enough in 70’s is not enough any more. With growing technology our marketing avenues have changed drastically. Our lifestyle more than anything has taken a sharp turn. A single worker can no longer support a family of 4 ideally, take 2 holiday’s a year, afford a car with insurance rates for his 16 year old and not to mention the mortgage. We as individuals irrespective of our education or work type; spend more hours working than we used to back in the 70’s.

Where did this extra work come from?

With changing times, our technology and needs have changed. Now we have Facebook updates to do, send out e-invites for our next upcoming party, share and manage more than one social media blogs or platforms. Technology in more ways than one have increased work, and made it faster and time bound. With faster computers and Internet access, we are now “online” 24-7. What this means is, lack of time for yourself.

Deliverables and how to cope with it

To keep up with our day-to-day schedule and the to-do’s, we need help. It is just not possible to do it all by yourself and that have a life (and if you can, well, congratulations!). We have what we call virtual assistants in today’s world, something not possible back in the day. They are your technology soul mates. They are eager to help you, share the burden, give you relief from all that extra work, finish that report before deadline, they are your knight in shining armor, coming to your rescue. They are someone who always has your back. What they do is tremendous. We can’t increase the number of hours in each day, but what we can definitely do is have more hands to work for you.Online Virtual Assistants

So, how does Tasks Everyday help you with your busy schedule and never ending tasks?

You have more work and we have assistants ready to work for you. It is a match made in heaven. You decide on what tasks you need help with and we match you up with an assistant most suitable for the job at hand. Based on the skills or tasks you need help with, Tasks Everyday assigns you an administrative assistant, Bookkeeper, SEO assistant or a web designer. Your assistant may be physically half way across the world, but what was mere a dream in 70s is now a reality. Communications technology has changed the landscape and our lifestyle, and why shouldn’t we use it to our benefit. Delegating tasks and checking on your deliverables is easy now, you don’t have to send a fax or telegram to get an update. Just pick a phone, send a message on IM, call on Skype, video chat with your assistant and Viola! You are connected.

If you haven’t started working with your assistant or hired one, get in touch with Tasks Everyday now! Revolutionize the way you work today!

Virtual assistants helping bootstrapping entrepreneurs grow their business

Darwin’s theory of evolution applies to the business world too “ Survival of the fittest”. Small businesses are in bootstrapping mode. Every little that they can save makes a huge difference. From a business stand point, you need to keep your costs low, to offer competitive rates, make more bang for your buck and in return make more profits and grow your business. Outsourcing is that secret weapon that has been used by mostly large companies to make huge profits in the past by keeping their costs low. Tasks everyday focuses on small businesses, by giving them an opportunity to hire virtual assistants from different skill sets.

Virtual assistants are individuals that can help you with a variety of tasks. They can help with IT related work, like setting up a web shop, updating your blog, market research, updating your client data base, set up meetings, writing proposals and all sorts of tasks that can give you that leverage over your competitors. Outsourcing is cost effective, as business owners we need to stay ahead, and hiring a virtual assistant can do just that.

You can outsource a part of your work or entire project to your virtual assistant. World is not flat and globalization with newer technology make us more connected than we were a decade ago. While economy is growing and changing trends, having a cost advantage is the rule of the thumb. And why not reap the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant who can offer you that edge.

While you focus on what’s more important, save time and money, your business grows. It is an economic revolution and there is nothing virtual about it. In the coming years it is only going to get more difficult to have the right access to talent at the right price. If either of them is done incorrectly it will hurt your business rather than helping one. If you are looking to leverage your time and money, and having high quality, inexpensive work then virtual assistants are the answer you’ve been looking for. Hire a virtual assistant, revolutionize the way you work and make way for future growth of your business.