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Brands and User Engagement

The concept of brands did not exist in early 80’s. People interacted with businesses like they did with individuals. Vetting of products and services was an extension of community interactions. Small businesses flourished and word of mouth drove foot traffic to local shops.

Why were brands invented?
When the physical gap between buyer and purchaser grew, there was a need to build relationship. Consumers needed to relate or connect to their manufacturers and build a sense of familiarity and reliability. Brands were invented to bridge this gap. What a brand stood for “assured the consumer a certain degree of quality and service”.

How marketing reshaped traditions:
Brands grew leaps and bounds making use of marketing methods like televisions and print media. There was no vetting process involved. People bought what they saw and were told. Companies spent more and more to create branding voice and to resonate the same with their consumers. Print media, hoardings, prime time radio slots and television spots were up for grabs.

This was more like a one way train track with only the companies constantly trying to push their vision and chase the consumer. Consumers on the other hand left they were unheard, which isn’t the case in the web world. When the www revolution took place it restructured the entire buying scene and computer was the new it thing.

Need of review sites:
Many local review sites came into place that were reconnecting the individuals and having them heard. People could express their opinion, make recommendations and offer advice.

Companies embraced this new voice and also acted based on what their consumer thought. It offered the missing link that companies wanted to know. What their consumer had to say was paramount, as it replaced the old cold call surveys and other methods. This was quick, effective and all it needed was the Internet.

Social media:
We all have witnessed the rise and rise of social media. With tremendous opportunities that now exist, companies are getting innovative with newer marketing strategies that connect with their target market. Reviews, coupons, referrals, offers, specials, introducing new products or services. What social media can do is huge. Everyone in the world is connected, and all you need to do is CONNECT.

What is next:
Something more human than just a human name and a profile picture. Human interfaces with real time feedbacks. Google, Apple and other tech giants are constantly pushing boundaries. It will be exciting to see how the consumption and marketing evolves as we step each day into the future- a future that we envision will make us connect more like real next door neighbors.

Relationships and Partnerships in a Virtual World

It was a lovely day yesterday, what makes some days more special than others is when we get to have one of our clients visit us. Before we talk about the visit and how immensely happy her Virtual assistant was to meet her in person, a little about Tina.

Being a mom and a successful entrepreneur had her wearing too many hats at all times. Meeting her prospective clients, preparing newer strategies, keeping with latest marketing trends, updating her social media accounts and checking emails. And then there is always something that is urgent and needs to be taken care of right away which throws your calendar and all your planning for a toss. She knew she had to do something about this. Her hectic schedule was taking toll on her health and personal relationships. She wanted to go on a vacation with her daughter but she just didn’t have the time.

Hiring a virtual assistant was a big step for her. Trusting someone, whom she never met with her everyday work, create reports, do research for her latest marketing strategy, and manage other business and personal tasks was a giant leap for her. It took time for her to realize that it was time to have someone else do the job while she can monitor the final report and not do it all herself. Delegating tasks initially needs planning and after a while you get used to the concept and that’s when you realize the true potential of virtual freedom.

Brijesh is her Personal assistant, having spoken too each other on countless occasions he knew her just like he knows his neighbors. From her favorite coffee Macchiato to her latest presentation, he is the know it all guy. When starbucks opened in Mumbai near our office, he was one of the first one’s to go get himself a taste of their macchiato!
What makes him a valuable asset is his teamwork. He co-ordinates with her in-house team and take care of all the tasks, of team members. He is a common denominator in the equation. Tasks Everyday doesn’t limit the use of a virtual assistant with one individual. Just like any family or a business set up, each and every member works in collaboration with each other, it stays the same in virtual set up as well.

Nurturing lasting relationships in this virtual world comes naturally to us human beings. When Tina had to travel to India from USA with her daughter, she knew she wouldn’t be alone in this journey. Brijesh took care of booking travel, giving her the insiders scoop, even talking to her cab driver in local language to make sure she gets best travel deals, places to visit and not to visit and plan her day, all was taken care of. They have a rapport with each other that comes with trust and time.

Tina and her daughter had fabulous time in India they visited Jaipur, Agra, Delhi , Kerala and on her way back she made a stop at Mumbai to meet Brijesh. When they met they discussed about work delegation, travel stories and how she found India so different and mystic that you have to see it to believe it. Discussions continued over Chinese food and how thrilled she was to finally have this time off away from her work and finally make this trip with her daughter. They had quality time with each other and more importantly Tina did not have to worry about on what was going on back home at work, as she knew it was taken care off!

Start-ups: Hiring Virtual Employees and How it is of Advantage

At Tasks Everyday we have had the pleasure to work with hundreds of founders during the most exciting period of their lives, which in addition are also the most stressful. As a business founder there is a lot you can and have to do at the same time. Initial goals of all start-ups invariably are consistent growth while keeping the costs low, compete with competitors and survive.

The initial to-do list of Founder’s and how does a Virtual assistant add value during this most crucial stage of your business start up!

  • Scheduling Appointments and Meetings: Your partners and future employees, everyone is busy. And in the absence of an HR team or an HR agency that charges a bomb to organize the meetings and appointments, you are left to do all these calls and appointments yourself. Instead you can have your personal assistant do the pinging and calls and set these up for you. It leaves a good impression and helps to keep you organized.
  • Marketing Database set up: Like Janet emphasizes on having one as a start up. It saves you lot of time, that you could utilize working on the creative iterations of your possible marketing campaign. Something much more useful of your time than doing endless research and working on CRM. You can hear Janet discuss the challenges of growing a start up, and how her virtual assistant, Poonam, helped her with the database tasks.
  • Need a website or some version of it: You need at least some iteration of one and you asked a local agency and the cost is nowhere less than $5000. You can have your web designer at Tasks Everyday create a landing page to capture initial leads and work on the beta version till the new website is ready to be launched. So that no client or potential customer is lost in the transition.
  • Help with all sorts of tasks: As a start up you are in a wild child phase. There are so many things you need help with which can be both personal and professional. The beauty of hiring a virtual assistant is that you can get help with any tasks. Be it endless research, booking you a dinner reservation, keeping you informed about the upcoming events and keeping a tab on your competitors, act as your personal assistant and your HR person at the same time, design you a cool logo and business card, help you figure out anything that you don’t have the time for.

While your business model might change, your company name can change overnight, your products or services can be replaced, you might be travelling from London to New Zealand for a urgent conference, in all this crazy schedule and meetings, there is one thing that is constant, your virtual assistant, your secret weapon of success!!