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The Indian Virtual Assistant – Part 1

When we talk to people, who are interested in hiring a virtual assistant, they always ask these two questions, “How good is…

Cheat Sheet to “Delegate like a Pro to your Virtual Personal Assistant!”

Unlike getting your driving license from DMV, delegation is not a course you need to train and then get licensed for. Delegation…

Energy Management Yields Better Outcomes than Managing your Time

The core problem with all of us today is that we are trying to manage our time. Even if you put in…

“Take a Breather” in 2014

After the euphoria of New Year celebrations with dazzling fireworks, edible confetti or crystal ball drop of NYC has passed, we return…

Why do I need to go Virtual?

Exploring multiple passions while doing your everyday job is not an easy feat. When you are in college, you have the opportunity…
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