Work ON – not – IN your business: Tips for the Virtual Entrepreneur

The other day I was reading this great article by Richard Branson on art of delegation. He made many good points but one point that stuck with me was “Work On–not–in your business”. It seemed to characterize the young entrepreneurs of today so well. When we look at all the successful entrepreneurs, we think of them as no less than super humans with capabilities of juggling 100 balls at one time. And then we think to ourselves, well they have a team of professionals helping them at each and every point and that’s why they can do that, but poor me-Pour me a drink!

What we need to realize is they were at one time in the past just like us – A START-Up. With limited resources, ambitious ideas, in love with what they did and had so much trust in what they believed in that it almost hurt. Tasks Everyday wants to help you tap into your niche market focus your precious time on tasks that matter the most.

3 great takeaway tips from these Entrepreneurs:

  • Work On-not–In your business: It seems impossible at first, but if you think about it as your business grows, it attracts more responsibilities and that means more work.  You need to find ways to get the work flow moving without loosing your key focus and that is Growth.
  • Keep your strategies alive: When you are first starting out , there are so many things that you want to do and you are limited by your resources, money and time. But after a while when the first 2 are not the limiting factors, more often than not, Time is what keeps you from not getting to those important key strategies that you wanted to focus on in the beginning. So what is that you are doing to make more time? Have you heard of delegation, it is the key to manage, keep track and achieve those goals that you have set for yourself and your business.
  • Don’t micromanage – Start delegating your tasks to your virtual assistant: We as humans have a basic instinct to be in control. We want to call the shots. We like you to focus on key policies or outcomes that help you with growing your company. But most of the time we want to control the outcomes and decide the policies for a) tasks that we don’t have the expertise for, b) are not that important anyways. Whatever may be the scenario, you need to learn to delegate and give the reigns to people who know what they are doing and let them be.

Virtual assistant is a widely under-rated service that can be used by young and seasoned entrepreneurs alike to save their precious time. What you need to do is start delegating and take a leap to be the next super hero entrepreneur. Want to know more how your executive assistant can help you live the good life! Get in touch with Tasks Everyday now.

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