Why do I need to go Virtual?


Exploring multiple passions while doing your everyday job is not an easy feat. When you are in college, you have the opportunity to explore your passions. If you like to plan parties, love reading and have awesome singing skills you can manage all three by joining different clubs and get to do what you love all at the same time.  Then eventually the corporate world catches up to us.

Everyday 9-5-work schedule and our busy lives do not leave us with much time to combine our passions into one career. And we think to ourselves only if I had more time!

Escape the 9-5 grind!

When we first started out with virtual assistant service back on 2003, we didn’t realize the impact that a va can have on the lives of our clients and the freedom that having one gives them in their daily lives. It is only after Tim Ferris wrote about it in New York Times bestseller “4-hour work week” that people realized the power of working with remote employees. You are no longer a slave to your traditional work hours or your office space. All you need is Internet connectivity and your laptop and you can practically manage your business from anywhere in the world and Tim not only writes about it but also practices what he preaches.

Freedom to choose your workers, their timings and skills

In a traditional set up you would have to interview individuals, go through their resumes, negotiate the salaries, offer benefits and workspace and all added extra costs. So if you had work that did not need someone full time, you were stuck with not so diligent or skilled workers or had to pay more to get your job done. This isn’t the scenario with virtual assistants. How does working with Virtual assistants give you freedom:

  • You are the Boss and have the flexibility to choose your assistant from a pool of talented individuals, work hours in terms of how much work you need to get done and pay for it without having to worry about the overheads.
  • You no longer are limited to do what you like to do by not having people with right skills to work for you. You can hire across various talent pools, irrespective of your physical location and get your work done.

Get Creative

With more time at your hands, new opportunities and a world of possibilities open up. With the freedom to choose your own location/workspace, be it the beach or a cafe, along with the flexibility to choose your team, a window to new creative solutions is created. Newer thoughts and rejuvenated thinking process stems to processes and solutions that are more cost effective and creative. Your mind is now free to explore the creative edge and passions that were hidden earlier.

If you are looking for a virtual assistant, who is talented, smart and loves to help clients by making them more time to do what they love to do, you can sign up now and experience the world of 4 hour work week!

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