Virtualized: maintaining work & life balance as an Entrepreneur


Start up founders most often than not are struggling hard in finding the right balance in the lifestyle the one they dreamed of and the work hours. We all have the entrepreneur skills well; at least we claim to have them. Irrespective of the job we do or how high we are on the corporate ladder, we all have dreams. Dreams, to have our own business. Cake shop by the corner, start a NGO, web based service company of some sorts, have your own clothing line or own a car wash. We all have basic instinct to be our own boss. And more than the perks of being the one who calls the shots, it’s about the money.

Being your own boss allows you to make decisions, take a leave when you wish, travel and no questions asked. However, Profits seem to be a bigger driving force to start your own business than the lifestyle of being an entrepreneur. We often come across business owners who are over tired, over burdened with tasks, have more on their plate than they can chew, are far from the lifestyle they dreamt when they first started out. And no one else is to be blamed. We as business owners want cash more than we want our lifestyle, and by that I do not mean a fancy house or the car your drive. Entrepreneurial lifestyle is the perfect balance of free time and work time. Easier said than done but what are you doing to have one is the question we ask our clients.

Tasks Everyday helps business owners, big and small, to help achieve the right balance in their work and personal life. Having more free time doesn’t mean not to take care of your business, it means delegating the tasks that can be done by someone under minimum supervision and free up your time. Having more time means your enjoy your life more. Free time also allows you to get creative, think of newer solutions. When your mind is not clouded with all those pending tasks and pile of work you need to attend to. You will be amazed at how much more you can do to grow your business just by staying free.

It’s simple: Delegate your tasks to your virtual assistant and monitor the results. Remote set up allows you to work at ease. Assistants work your time zone and since you are the boss, you call the shots. Venturing into having a remote team at your fingertips comes at affordable rates and no long-term contracts. We understand that as a business owner your work needs fluctuate. Virtual assistants at Tasks Everyday have different skill sets. You can choose a web designer, programmer, Internet marketing assistant, admin assistant or personal assistant. We are here to help you get where you want to be. We’re supporting more free time and help you get back the lifestyle we all dream of.

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