Virtual Personal Assistant: Your personal lifestyle manager


We have been asked this question many times and there isn’t one single definition that can explain the beauty of their work. Personal assistant is someone who assists you with your everyday tasks. It does explain how we got the name of our company “Tasks Everyday”. When we first started out a decade ago we were purely into VPA’s offering remote personal assistants to busy professionals and business owners.

Why you need one

Personal assistants are your ticket to a better life. They can do a variety of tasks like research, finding budget hotels, planning your travel and all those tasks that are consuming your time. VPA’s do all your drudgework and at costs as low as $6.98/hr you can have a dedicated personal assistant. Why they are so inexpensive is because they are based out of Mumbai, India and there is a favorable dollar to rupee exchange rate.
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Earlier only the rich and famous could afford personal assistants, but globalization and technology has made it possible that your assistant can be miles away and still manage your everyday tasks. You can now afford a great personal assistant and save time to do what you love to do.

Some of the tasks that your Personal assistant can do

VPA’s are lifestyle managers. They make sure you are always keeping up with the pace of your life and never fall behind any meeting, presentation, date or social event. They are your fifth gear or your secret weapon to success.

  • Research on anything to everything
  • Creating power point presentations
  • Booking travel, finding hotels and flights
  • Managing your schedule
  • Can work on sheets, data, reports or anything that is on your computer by giving them remote desktop, go to my pc, team viewer access
  • Clean up your inbox
  • Answer calls on your behalf
  • Secretarial tasks or front desk managerial tasks
  • Updating your social media accounts
  • Uploading images on Flickr, Facebook, tagging your friends, sending invites
  • Find a perfect gift for your brother’s 16th birthday
  • Give you a wake up call
  • Finding restaurants and booking you a table
  • Work on excel, format sheets and data
  • Update your blog
  • Any business or personal tasks can be sent out to your VPA and can be taken care of effectively

Once you start using VPA you will never get back to not having one. They are your escape to a better life in which you have time to do what’s important. To find out more about our services and specials email us at or call us on our toll free numbers.

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