Virtual assistants to the rescue – mission Size Zero – “Inbox”

Do you spend most of your mornings checking your emails the moment you wake up? Do you find yourself dreading the beast that your inbox has become? Guess what you are not alone!!

Easy access to Internet everywhere at all times has made it lot easier to stay connected. What it has also done is our patience to accept response from our fellow “emailers”. We assume everyone else with whom we are corresponding is also checking his/her emails regularly and has to respond back immediately like you would do.

Easy access to emails on the go via phone/ipad has made the 30 minute journey to work every morning not that enjoyable after all. And of course something is always urgent and needs immediate attention.

Reactionary email habits explained above eat away your creative time. Juggling multiple tasks at one time, replying to emails and following this routine each day every day, sets in the burnout. the struggle to get the inbox to size zero every evening is a struggle.

Why you need to stop:

“Checking your inbox constantly- eats away productive time”

Most creative and active time of the day is in the morning. Utilize this time to learn new things, work on projects that need some thought process. Enjoy your morning cup of coffee or tea and read some news. You need to wake up energized in the morning excited about the work that you will be doing that adds value to your business or career. Morning hours are the best time to focus on what’s creative rather than reactionary.

What you need to do to break away from the email chains.

  • Filter out your spam religiously
  • Unsubscribe from newsletters
  • Separate your work in neat and tidy folders based on the importance of action needed.
  • Social media updates that come to your inbox should be blocked. There are smarter options and some really cool apps that can keep your social media organized. You do not need it in your inbox.
  • Delegate your mundane, repetitive tasks to your virtual assistant.
  • At the end of each day you will have all your reports, spreadsheets updated, calendar organized and reminder that it’s your sister’s birthday next week and you need to pick a gift for her in your email from your assistant.
  • Do not check your inbox till noon each day. Reply all emails that are in your most urgent work folder.
  • Logout from your inbox again and work on other important tasks.
  • Login again before 4.00 p.m. and finish off emails that in your less important folders and finally before signing off from your inbox clear the most urgent work folder once again.
  • In the hours that you have assigned yourself to work on your inbox, you need to be super efficient. Utilize these hours to get more organized, answer the urgent email first, then comes the delegation folder – send these to your assistant, and then work on the less important emails.
  • Follow this process all 5 days a week.
  • This allows you to spend time on what’s important, work on tasks that require your full 100% attention, and you are always giving your best.

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3-4 hours of creative time that you have managed to carve out for yourself, will bring in huge change in your daily schedule. you can now focus more on creative projects that affect your business in the morning. Waking up excited to work on something that excites you while enjoying your favorite cuppa is a delight. By noon you would have drained your creative forebrain and are now ready to get back to inbox and tackle it. While you get creative, and break away from the email chains, your virtual assistant works on tasks that are repetitive (you had sent his way from the delegate folder) and gets them organized for your action. This limits the time that you spend each day on tasks that are not worth your time.

Break away from your counterproductive email habits and delegate your tasks in more smarter and efficient manner. There is a world outside your email inbox! We would love to hear about your daily schedule on how many hours a day do you spend in your inbox, and are you making any conscious efforts on being more productive and creative.

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