Virtual Assistants: To help you work on your business, not for it.

We have seen small business right from their infancy when they are start-ups, go through different stages of development, iterations, grow and mature as a company beating their competitors. While nothing is constant in changing world of start-ups, there is one thing that never changed and that’s your VA.

One of the chief requirements of running a business is multi-tasking. And while you take care of most of the tasks, it is redundant to be doing the tasks that are not worthy of your time. As a CEO/ founder you need to be managing your time along with managing the resources at hand. What makes you and your business stay ahead is your thinking capacity and utilization of the resources available in the best possible manner. Over time you find yourself buried under a pile of tasks that are repetitive and painfully boring.

Why its time you start working on your business:

  • To stay ahead of competition: While you sulk under the pile of your to-do list, your competitors are preparing their new marketing strategy. Like a boxing match you can never let your defense down. You need to be ready to embrace the market challenges and take them head on.
  • Make the most of your existing clientele: Your data needs to be up –to- date always: how long has it been that you updated your database of your existing clients. Or even bad scenario can be that you don’t one set up as of now. Well it isn’t too late. Your Virtual assistant can have all your records, pervious sale history, customer contact details, updated on an online database. Next time you want to run a promotion of any product or service, you can do that easily by a click of a button.
  • Harness the power of social media: Connecting with your customer base on a personal level and understand their changing needs and expectations have never been easier. Communication on one on one level and asking for feedback and checking response in real time gives you direct customer insights.
  • Set up email campaigns to reach out: Setting up custom email campaigns, via icontact, constant contact or mail chimp, creating custom html templates to make you stand out, sending out emails, tracking replies and finally analyzing the response. if you had no time to do this yourself, your SEO assistant can set up a marketing email campaign to give your business the kick it needs!
  • Make updates on website: Keeping your website updated with new services or products that you have launched recently, running banners, specials or introducing best sellers on your website to let your clients know what’s new!

You need to connect and stay updated to beat your competition. to do so you can hire assistants with specific skillset ranging from web designers, graphic designers, internet marketing experts to admin and personal assistants. They work on your tasks big or small and free up your valuable time to focus your energy on work that needs your attention. Virtual help makes it possible to hire dedicated resource with no long-term contracts at reasonable rates. Tasks Everyday helps you with tasks that are important and need to be done to make your business a success!

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