Virtual Assistants and why they are your lifesavers

Few months ago, a busy mom of two contacted us and wanted to know how we can help her free her time and also with her new business – starting her own Kindergarten school. She had been a teacher for most of her life and wanted to start something of her own. Parents, kids and her local community loved what she did. She knew what she wanted to do and how she wanted to do it but did not have the time to do it all by herself.

Like most other start-ups, the resources were few and the work load was humongous. What set her apart from her competitors who were mostly franchise schools was her 3-step education program. Her idea was to have higher teacher to student ratio, teach Montessori to her students to give them an extra edge which none of her competitors did and give back to the community by working with kids with special needs. Vision, dedication and commitment to be the best kindergarten school in her district was her dream and there was nothing stopping her from that. It resonated with us so closely, because when we started Virtual assistant service company back in 2003, we knew we are going to be the best in virtual assistant service space. Period.
Montessori Beads
How hiring a virtual assistant helped this young entrepreneur

One great thing about hiring a virtual assistant is they help you become the best in your area of expertise. They not only free up your precious time, but also take away all the mundane, repetitive and boring tasks that can be done by ANYONE else.

It is very hard when you are on the front line to do everything, starting from organizing an open house, sending out invites, filling out the paper work, sorting out the resumes of so many brilliant teachers, ordering Montessori beads and blocks from manufacturers, getting them shipped, preparing catalogs, templates, school calendar and so many other tasks. That is exactly what her Virtual assistant did. And Tasks Everyday is a great resource of virtual assistants, because we pair you up with an assistant who has worked in similar area or has similar qualifications and most importantly shares your vision.

Now coming back to the story, her Virtual assistant enabled her set up, run and grow into one of the best preschool kindergarten in her district. With more time at her hands, she could concentrate on newer teaching skills, organizing fundraisers and meetings, Paint Easter eggs with the kids and most importantly do what she loved to do both at her workspace and her home.

This is just one of the stories of our clients who enjoy doing what they like by having their virtual assistant work on their daily tasks. If you have any questions about our virtual assistant services, get in touch with us on 1-888-670-4882

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