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If we dig a little deeper into the entire concept of working with a virtual employee there are few pointers to take into consideration. Our clients have stressed the importance of these factors over the years and we thought of sharing those with all of you. To build a successful relationship that Tim Ferris explains in his “4-hour work week” New York Times bestseller book, he stressed on the relationship paradigm where you trust your assistant with your credit card details and other personal information. When you first start out, there are certain apprehensions as your assistant is half way across the world. To those of you who are not outsourcing pros! This concept can be quite overwhelming. We as humans need a sense of comfort, security and reliability when it comes to our personal or professional lives and why should it be any different when it comes to working with a virtual employee.

Tasks Everyday as a company has mastered the art of virtual assistant services. We want to make sure our clients can rely on us and at the same time all our assistants have a secure job. All our virtual assistants work from our own office facility at Mumbai, and here is why we choose to keep it that way.

Over the years we have seen a herd of Virtual assistant companies, freelance organizations, come and go who offer virtual assistant services. Almost all of them have one thing in common their virtual assistants are “virtual” – they are work from home employees. This among the other numerous reasons is what sets us apart from the “herd”. We make this virtual relationship work like a well-orchestrated song. There is lot going “on and behind the curtain” all the time to make this experience wonderful for all our clients.

  • College educated assistants: Indians are knows for their hard work and dedication. Even Big-Bang theory needed an Indian nerd-Raj. Our assistants come from different education backgrounds; some are engineers, graduates in visual communications, arts, computers and math’s being their personal favorite subjects. What better way to make sure the assistants that are selected are 100% up for the job when they are physically present in our office all the time. They go through rigorous selection process before joining, then starts the training and that happens months before anyone is assigned an actual client.

    Virtual Assistants in India

  • Job Security: Our assistants have a full time job, are employed by Tasks Everyday on a salary and works from our office facilty. They have Job security, getting paid every month regardless of clients they are assigned and the freedom to learn and grow each month. When other companies prefer to offer the job to the lowest bidder we keep it ethical.
  • Excellence meetings: We do have our most awaited monthly “excellence meetings” where assistants and managers discuss about challenges, a place where they can ask each other questions like, “What is the newest technique to_____?”,  “what was the coolest find of the week?”, “I learnt this___new technique.” , these meetings often end with a BBQ chicken wings and few beers!!
  • We ensure you that the time you are being billed for, they are actually working on your tasks and not doing their laundry. It is very hard to avoid the necessary distractions when you work from home. That is one major reason why we do not have freelancers working with our company. Dedicated assistant works ONLY with you in your time zone and his focus is to get your tasks done and nothing else.
  • Team leaders and quality control managers are present on the same floor at same time your assistant works for you. You get instant response all the time. They are the people in charge to ensure that your VA meets standards of excellence.
  • Dedicated phone line on each assistant’s desk. You can call your assistant in your time zone and if there is anything urgent all you need to do is dial.
  • Data protection: There are firewalls and necessary software’s in place at any office facility these days and it is mandatory to ensure your privacy is protected. Over the time you will share confidential information with your assistant. If your assistant is working from a café and using a shared net connection it is not that secure.
  • Assistants with skills: They love working with clients from all over the world. And they have chosen this as a profession and gone through long hours of training before being assigned to you. So they are in this for the long haul and not just a one- time gig. They are empowered with all the necessary skills to tackle your tasks with competence, clarity and confidence.

There is a lot that holds for the face value and in this virtual world we like to keep one thing real and that is the quality and reality of our Virtual assistants. They are uniquely qualified and have the desire to help their clients by taking over their tasks and to give those clients a gift of increased productivity and better life!

We have in our mind our clients best interests and our assistants taken care of well at same time. If you are ready for a virtual assistant in your busy hectic life, you can call us on 1-888-670-4882 toll free line for USA & Canada.

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