The Indian Virtual Personal Assistant – Part 2


Tasks Everyday is a secret tool for lifestyle entrepreneurs.  Our assistants have helped seasoned business owners and the likes of founders of some amazing start -ups. VA’s have helped the bottom line to the top chain managers working on tasks that free up time and churn more profit. The job of your personal assistant is to alleviate all those things that are coming in the way of living your life to the full.

Here is a little peak into the lives of some assistants who have helped business owners achieve work life balance.


Goan BeachesOur Excellence coach, she went from being an amazing Personal assistant to the team lead and then manager of excellence team to ensure standards and quality of work were met by the assistants. She is a “Goan”. Belongs to a small state on western coast of India not far from Mumbai. Goa was a Portugal colony until 1987, has diverse culture, exotic beaches and breathtaking churches.

She is an avid historian, thanks to her Portuguese roots and has passion for anything “new”. She has a sharp encyclopedic mind, every question you throw at her, and she has the answer.

A big reason why she is an excellent mentor is because she believes in teamwork. She is a wonderful coach and guides everyone on her team along his or her way to excellence. Having worked as a personal assistant for 4 years and helping business owners and busy professionals has given her a deep insight into the world of “virtual freedom” that comes with having your own dedicated assistance.


Follow Your PassionFrankly, any client that has ever worked with him doesn’t let go of him. He has worked as customer service rep back in the day when all the major companies were setting up call centers in India. He is a remnant of the era when all customer care reps were Indian. Having worked with banks, insurance companies, car dealerships, cable companies, he knows how each of them function inside out. If you have a bill complaint or unsettled accounts that need to be sorted with any of these giants, we have never really found out how he does it, but he gets it done for you.

He loves playing cricket over the weekends and is a captain of one of our in-house cricket team. He has a degree in mass communications and loves his 2 fishes. When he is not working, you will find him glued to the TV watching cricket series. Aptly enough when we had an international cricketer as our client, Anil was assigned to his account.  He strongly believes “Passion is something that brings the best out of us that we never knew was there to begin with”.


She has a degree in physical science and is a trained karate coach. Her coaching skills reflect on her work too. She mentors and advises new staff members in her free time. She works with a company in Philadelphia, which manufactures sleds. Year 2014 has been particularly more busy thanks to the crazy snowstorms. She takes care of any new orders that need to be entered into the database, handling any inquiries, coordinating with the shipping companies and ensuring the CRM is always up to date. She makes sure that the process from placing the order to the delivery is pain free, confidential and correct.Karate

Recently an amazing incident happened, where a “baby was born on a sled”, not sure if you read it on the local news if you are from around Philly, but it was an inspiring and a story straight out of the movies. The sled on which the baby was born is the same company the Priya works for. It was an inspiring story.

Having lived in Mumbai most of her life, she had never seen snow, until recently when her husband planned a surprise getaway to the northern parts of India which have abundance of snow. When she is not taking care of her family, she gives karate-teaching lessons to kids in her community over the weekends. She never sits free, she is a like a little powerhouse always filled with ideas and genuine desire to help people live better!

3 Personal – assistants. Different skills, experiences and passion, but have the same desire to help and make your life better. They take away the tasks that are repetitive, time consuming, mundane or any task that you loathe and make your life stress free. They are your life style savers and work behind the curtain; give you extra time and sanity to enjoy what is more important. LIFE itself!

Concentrating on your business and personal life becomes a challenge while you try to juggle many tasks at same time. This is where your personal assistants come into picture.

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