The Indian Virtual Assistant – Part 1


When we talk to people, who are interested in hiring a virtual assistant, they always ask these two questions, “How good is their English.” and “Where do we get our Virtual assistants from.” Reasonable questions, as they will be working closely with their assistant for a long time.

Back in 2007 when Virtual assistant term was garnering excitement from media It was CNN who captured the true spirit of Indian virtual assistant and a typical day in the life of an assistant who works at Tasks Everyday. If you haven’t watched the clip you can click play and see it again below. There is a long list on what we do, and even longer list on what sets us apart from other VA companies but we can talk about that later in another post.


He is our go to guy. Having lived in Mumbai most of his life, he is very versatile and loves long walks on the beach. Prior to Tasks Everyday he had worked as a Design and marketing consultant. He is a team player, good with social media and abstract designs. He has masters in computer science (as an added advantage) but his passion is designing. He loves learning and helping others figure things out.

When we asked why “Tasks Everyday” He said, “well, as a designer I needed to find a company that will let me design and get creative. I like that they offered dedicated assistance to professionals from all walks of life. I could realize my true potential and work independently with ambitious Gen xers from New York to New Zealand!”

He is an avid wild life photographer. He has travelled to almost all national parks of India and is actively involved in Save the Tiger mission.


She is a south Indian from a small beach town called Mangalore. But there is nothing small when it comes to her aspirations and dreams. Having worked as an information management adviser prior to joining Tasks Everyday, she has great coding skills and has designed more than 100 wonderful looking websites.
Tasks Everyday was the perfect place for her to share her knowledge, skills and work with her happy clients from all around the world. You can hear our clients specifically talk about her in our success story videos. When she is not coding she likes to hear music and her playlist is most sought after at our in house parties.

When we asked her why “Tasks Everyday” the answer was “I like the idea of working with dedicated clients. In my past few months alone I had the opportunity to work with a Hollywood stuntman who plays the double of Justin Timberlake and also design a great website for an Aussie NGO! I love the versatility and experience my job has to offer!”


She is our hidden gem. She is a trained classical dancer and has a passion for cooking. She plays a wonderful host and her friends can vouch for her Prawn curry laksa!! She keeps a journal and runs her own food blog in her spare time. She is a planner by nature and pays attention to detail and her clients love her for that. She has worked as a social media analyst prior to working with us. What started as a hobby to promote her own blog online, turned to be her full time career, where she helps other business get social and engage with their clients.
She likes helping clients grow their business online and get the recognition.

According to her “Every client and every business is different, you need to analyze who their target market is and how to reach them best. Just like every dish, each business needs it own personal recipe (SEO strategy) to make it a hit!”

At Tasks Everyday, we don’t offer you a super VA! (Jack-of-all-trades) Because that’s a myth if you are trying to chase one, good luck with that! What we offer to our clients is a service, a lifestyle changing opportunity where based on your tasks, we assign you a dedicated assistance who has the right skill set to get them done. Our virtual assistants come from diverse backgrounds, cities, and cultures and have different skills, but all have one thing in common and that is the desire to help you live better and increase your productivity.

If you haven’t found your assistant yet, get in touch with us and let us know how we can help.

P.S you can thank us later!

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