“Take a Breather” in 2014

After the euphoria of New Year celebrations with dazzling fireworks, edible confetti or crystal ball drop of NYC has passed, we return back to work with a list of New Year resolutions along with the things we failed to accomplish in 2013. Every year we try to cram all our tasks like-winning a lottery, starting a company, spending more time with our family, reading more books, taking piano lessons—into a year! Most of these tasks are not realistically achievable like becoming famous overnight, right! Besides being over ambitious the real problem why these tasks cannot be accomplished is because one year has only 365 days and there is only so much you can do along with your 9-5-work schedule.

A new year is a brand new beginning; here is a list of things to help you prepare and set the tone for the year ahead.

  • Delegate your work: To have more time to do what you want to do, you need to free up what’s on your plate. Act like a manager of your own life, take the reigns and be in control. Effective delegation of your tasks can help you stay more organized and have more work done. We have talked about how delegating your repetitive tasks to your assistant can help you save time, money and more importantly sanity.Save Your Time
  • Complete outstanding projects: Clear off any nagging old projects that are chewing off your energy and time. Make a quick list of projects and set a deadline and have them done.
  • Set new goals: Note what worked for you in 2013 and what did not. Think about what you want in your career ahead and your goals should be in line with your aspirations. See what you would like to do differently. There is also a takeaway to be learnt from your accomplishments of 2013. Set higher goals for yourself each year. For lets face it, it does get more competitive each year! Your personal assistant acts as your reality check. Having someone do the legwork, filling reports, checking deadlines and giving you honest opinion when you need it the most sets the tone right for 2014!
  • Audit yourself: In this new digital Internet where everyone is online all the time are you doing enough! Every person is a brand and needs to keep oneself updated. Take a step back and reflect back on your brand. Are you doing enough?
  • Do things differently: Don’t repeat 2013 in 2014. Make a list of your priorities, get organized and tie up the loose ends.

Make 2014 not only as year in which you accomplished your goals and came out as a winner, but also an year in which you had more time for yourself and your family. Ask us today how we can help take your load off!

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