Start-ups: Hiring Virtual Employees and How it is of Advantage

At Tasks Everyday we have had the pleasure to work with hundreds of founders during the most exciting period of their lives, which in addition are also the most stressful. As a business founder there is a lot you can and have to do at the same time. Initial goals of all start-ups invariably are consistent growth while keeping the costs low, compete with competitors and survive.

The initial to-do list of Founder’s and how does a Virtual assistant add value during this most crucial stage of your business start up!

  • Scheduling Appointments and Meetings: Your partners and future employees, everyone is busy. And in the absence of an HR team or an HR agency that charges a bomb to organize the meetings and appointments, you are left to do all these calls and appointments yourself. Instead you can have your personal assistant do the pinging and calls and set these up for you. It leaves a good impression and helps to keep you organized.
  • Marketing Database set up: Like Janet emphasizes on having one as a start up. It saves you lot of time, that you could utilize working on the creative iterations of your possible marketing campaign. Something much more useful of your time than doing endless research and working on CRM. You can hear Janet discuss the challenges of growing a start up, and how her virtual assistant, Poonam, helped her with the database tasks.
  • Need a website or some version of it: You need at least some iteration of one and you asked a local agency and the cost is nowhere less than $5000. You can have your web designer at Tasks Everyday create a landing page to capture initial leads and work on the beta version till the new website is ready to be launched. So that no client or potential customer is lost in the transition.
  • Help with all sorts of tasks: As a start up you are in a wild child phase. There are so many things you need help with which can be both personal and professional. The beauty of hiring a virtual assistant is that you can get help with any tasks. Be it endless research, booking you a dinner reservation, keeping you informed about the upcoming events and keeping a tab on your competitors, act as your personal assistant and your HR person at the same time, design you a cool logo and business card, help you figure out anything that you don’t have the time for.

While your business model might change, your company name can change overnight, your products or services can be replaced, you might be travelling from London to New Zealand for a urgent conference, in all this crazy schedule and meetings, there is one thing that is constant, your virtual assistant, your secret weapon of success!!

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