SEO know hows of 2015 – What links are Good Links for your Business and how to get them.

Google has made it easier for users to search and at the same time more competitive for the businesses to get or maintain good rankings. While it’s constantly changing its algorithm, Panda and Penguin updates were the most crucial updates that impacted business websites and made them disappear from top ranks in a fortnight. Many of those are still trying to obtain their ranks before these updates were effective.

Content: It is the king of on page marketing. Fresh, relevant, high quality content is loved by Google. And what it makes it even more appealing is if it is shareable. After you write down your unique piece of content read it, if you think its something you would not share, then don’t bother posting it. You don’t have to be an award-winning writer to write this unique Google lovable content. All you need is the know- how of the industry you are in. Share your insights, valuable thoughts and it doesn’t matter if you write it in simple words. All that matters is your content should add value to the huge sea of data already available. It should be interesting and offer another view to the process or products you want to talk about.

Quality content does need time investment. Sit down to pen down your article when you are at your creative best. Be it early morning or late evenings. If a cup of coffee is what you need, please go ahead and indulge as long as the Cuban beans get your grey matter thinking and come up with the unique, share worthy article that you and your readers will love to read and share.

Back links: Google prefers high quality back links pointing back to your website. Long gone are the days when number of low quality back links would get your website good rankings. Google penalizes the websites that use such link building practices. Websites that have good authority over the subject of discussion back linking to your website will boost your page rank. To get these quality links you will need a clear strategy.

Domain authority: Websites that have higher domain authority of 20 or more are the gold mines of back links. You would want these websites to mention you. Before you start reaching out to these businesses, make a list of high quality sites and list out your pitch to each of these businesses. If you approach these businesses with a nice article that will be valuable to their business, they are more likely to share it or list it on their website and give you a credit for it.

Editorial or Media links: These are the best ones. Who doesn’t love media coverage? Getting talked about in the media, or being featured on any online media channel is a great plus. Incoming links from these outlets are highly coveted and boost your websites page rank.

Link building: While we talk about quality links, it seems almost difficult to have these good websites link back to you. A good strategy is to start local. Lets say you are a new landscape contractor in town. You might want to ask your colleagues or friends in college to mention you to their friends like it happened in the old times, to spread the word of mouth. Why not do something similar now. PR or link building exercise is similar to that. You might want to ask architects, designers to showcase your work on their website and at the same time you can show your capability to add design elements on the housing or commercial projects they are working on. Collaboration and valuable input within the same community is what Google likes to see. How well your connections are placed in your community, makes Google assess that you are the go-to guy for that particular business, service or product. If your work is noteworthy a good architect of design magazine might mention you or talk about you on their social media channels. You need to reach out to these people in your community, offer them valuable insights or something they would like to share and contribute to their line of work.

Following these steps take lot of research, patience and continuous efforts. Results of your online work do not interpret into number 1 ranks on Google overnight. Careful strategy when executed keeping Google’s updates in place and following the white hat practices will get you results. Don’t delay your online efforts to get connected or stay at the top of your niche. Get out there, make an effort and if you are too busy to do it yourself, hire an SEO analyst who will take care of all these and many more SEO activities for your business to help you stay ahead of your competition.

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