Quick actions you can do today to get more productive


Have you ever asked these questions to yourself? – “How does your neighbor find the time to exercise daily?” or “How does your college find the time to get more done everyday?” or simply how does someone else who in your eyes is productive “Find the Time?” I say in your eyes, because we all have people in our lives we admire for being more productive than us and would like to be productive like them.

Before I start outlining steps or actions that you can follow, first we need to determine what do you think being productive really means? We all have our own definition of productivity based on our personal and professional goals.  Goals are the predecessors that trigger our sense about how productive we really are. If there were no goals for us to achieve, productivity would cease to exist.

What makes you think you are NOT Productive? When you think about this – a list of goals pop up that you missed. As we link our goals as a measure of how productive we are. I want you to strike off the goals that are based on what your peers are doing and you think you should be doing too. Just because your colleague gets promoted, doesn’t mean promotion is your next immediate goal too.

Cross-off all the parameters that are holding you back, cut out all the “what ifs”. Stop waiting for the ideal situation to write your next creative.  Stop finding time; rather start making time for tasks that lead you to the road of productive and better life. This will eliminate all the scenarios that you have decided should be ideal for you to work on your goals. What you will be left with on your list; a set of goals that are realistic, genuine and can be achieved if you work on them. A decided person is more productive.

What are the three things that the leaders of productivity have?

  1. Clear Direction
  2. Passion
  3. Consistent hard work to “work” towards that goal

Your action plan based on above attributes

Clarity of Direction: If you don’t know where you are going, you will never reach there. You spend most of your time figuring out your goals and planning. Planning is important but that shouldn’t be the only thing you are doing. Don’t overdo, overthink and plan all day. Get down to work. There needs to be visible evidence at the end of each day for the time that you actually spent on working on your business or project.  Instead of thinking, procrastinating and planning, you need to create, work and produce. You will notice a shift in your actions and at the end of the month you will be closer to the goal you have set for yourself.

Passion coupled with desire: When you are passionate about something, you will go that extra mile to work on it. Ditch your favorite show, skip that extra hour of prolonged sleep you stretch every morning. Desire to achieve and passion are interlinked. We all face “passionless days” when the desire to work is not fired up. But we need to push ourselves and get through those days or hours. Passion will propel you to actively seek and work towards your direction. The mantra is not to give up, keep doing what you are doing and set your eyes on the goal.

Consistency: How do you feel when you go to your daily Starbucks corner and not find your favorite drink up to your usual standards? If you drink the same drink each day, you can tell when the proportions are not right. Consistency is the hardest to achieve. Normally we are all excited at the start of a new venture and as time passes by, we overlook the path and start procrastinating about the goals that we need to achieve and stop working on the direction or path that we had set. Its good to keep an eye on the finish line, but what’s important is not to loose the track. If you follow your direction and work consistently, you will be prepared to take the bull of productivity by its horns.

Direction + Passion + Consistency = Productivity

I would like to hear your story on what changes you made to your lifestyle to turn the clock and make yourself more and more productive each day.

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