Personal branding – Tips to create powerful personal brand online!

While surfing the web we come across successful bloggers, entrepreneurs, businesses who have taken the bull of social media by its horns and ride it like a Pro. Big companies have designated marketing teams and have big budgets to create campaigns. How can a small business or a start up founder who is already juggling more than he can handle, manage and run an effective marketing campaign?

Personal branding is not an option anymore. Creative and passionate individuals who have used the power of social media to earn the big bucks by promoting themselves and their businesses are a tall example before us!

How to build your online platform!

  1. Identify the right channel: Build your own website using WordPress or other content management systems (there are also many drag and drop website builder tools you could use yourself and make your own website or you could outsource the development of your website). Start a blog, again word press is a good blogging platform it is available in 2 versions, dot org and dot com. based on your requirements you can choose the right fit.
  2. Social media profiles: Accounts on Facebook, Twitter, linked in and also Pinterest and Instagram you have many options to pick from. Find the right medium that resonates with you.
  3. Do not wait for it to perfect –just start: The problem with blogging and writing articles is it takes time and so does building an online audience. And we all like to be perfectionists before we launch our product to the world. It doesn’t have to be the case in social media. You need to start connecting and sharing without waiting for your website/blog to be perfect.
  4. Authenticity: The key to engage and connect with your fellow readers, bloggers or consumers is to be authentic. the content that you write and want to promote needs to strike a cord and that is possible only if you are “Being Yourself”!
  5. Add value: Define your audience and identify what they are searching for. Writing content that will add value to their work or life will earn you their loyalty and appreciation.
  6. Build your email list: From day one you need to build your email list. Efficient email marketing, by sending them specials or updates based on your products, services, new e-book launch, tutorials or update on your new podcast. And you do not want to loose this opportunity. Include a form or place for your readers to drop in their email addresses on your blog or website. To send out bulk emails (if your list is huge), there are service providers like constant contact, mail chimp etc. You can also hire an internet marketing assistant to create a custom email template that define and relays your voice to your readers more effectively.
  7. Reach out to fellow bloggers who have authority on the domain of your interest. Participate in discussions; check out cool tips that these ”influencers” have to offer. Your potential customers are reading and recognizing your voice with each comment of yours. There is a lot more you can learn by engaging with the online community, the issues, and concerns, factors that influence their decisions. It is valuable insight into the mindset of your target audience, much like conducting surveys the beauty is it’s available for free for you to grasp and utilize.
  8. Info graphics: It is a cool term for graphic representation that says a thousand words. Why you need it is because all stats are in favor of people connecting with what you have to say when you represent it visually. if you do not have the skills of a graphic designer, you can hire one to create these for you. Everything that you want to represent needs to have class and continuity. It needs to reflect of your brand and resonate with your consumer without being pushy.
    In the info graphic below you will see steps to personal branding for your inference.
    infograpic 03

Building an online brand needs time more than passion and creativity. And what usually happens is in the beginning we are very zealous (passionate) but over time the work pressure mounts up and writing a blog or working on social media takes place on the back burner. Do not let your work -load get the better of you. Online presence and media has the power to connect you directly to the decision makers. Hear out what they have to say and engage with them. Internet marketing assistants at Tasks Everyday work with you in accomplishing your goals. They examine and analyze the statistics to see what works and what doesn’t and help you stay ahead and stay connected!

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