Outsourcing as real as it gets!

Even though outsourcing has been around for many years now, but almost everyone seems to have some preconceived notion about what they think about this billion dollar industry. We would like to throw some light on how outsourcing is changing lives, is far from what you “precieive” it to be. Here are 4 common myths debunked.

  • Myth 1: Outsourcing is not for everyone, it’s just the big guys who can outsource.
    Reality: The small companies with fewer resources benefit a lot more from outsourcing. When every penny counts and every little detail matters, outsourcing can prove to be your secret weapon of success. We have time and again proven and helped small businesses who were bootstrapped on one or all of the many important functions of their businesses and have seen them grow. By utilising a global partner to handle your imperial office functions can help you grow just like the larger corporations with lot of resources do, as you get access to same benefits, resources, talent and quality pool like the big guys do!
  • Myth 2: Outsourcing means losing control & low quality work
    Reality: If anything outsourcing enables you to get more in control and in charge of things. As now you have the time to look at the bigger picture and are not bogged down by anything and everything. With a team of specialists who have the right talent and access to the latest tech and training, you get higher quality work. Think of it this way, when a company’s main focus is your one department and their growth and success depends on that main primary function of your business you will get the best of work. By tapping into expertise of an outsourcing partner you will get timely reports, you will be able to strategize your future product and services based on customer feedbacks and get valuable insights that were initially getting lost in the rumble. Low quality is never an output when you work with a right partner.
  • Myth 3: Outsourcing means rows of workers with cramped up office spaces and hand me down headphones, or workers sitting in offices that are low on life and excitement.
    Reality: We can’t speak for everyone, but overall outsourcing industry has pretty high standards and so does its work force. It is a multi-billion dollar industry, with India and Philippines as the 2 major players. We have offices in both these locations and if you ask us, if you need the right talent to work for you they will not work for even a minute in blank workshop space. Outsourcing industry employees are minimum graduates in any field, why would they work in situations that are not people friendly especially when both these countries have countless other jobs to offer them? To work, retain and get the quality job done, companies have to bend over backwards to create offices, work environments, team building exercises, offer special holiday packages to top performers, offer incentives, other than salaries that are competitive and also allows these individuals to grow. Outsourcing industry is constantly evolving and to keep up with clients that have offices with fun work cultures, why should this industry be any different. When we work for most of the emerging companies based out of the valley, we need to offer their backoffice teams similar work culture, where coming to work is fun and something that you look forward to. And doing that has allowed us to retain and work with the top performers of this industry and retain them for a long time.
  • Myth 4: Outsourcing means getting the low end jobs done that fall at the bottom of the work chain.
    Reality: when any company wants to outsource they have their own reservations and apprehensions. During the first interaction they like to start small, with fewer tasks or jobs that are menial as they want to test the waters first. And we understand that. But once they realise and that usually happens during or after the first month, the whole new advantage that they were missing on and work that they could get done, at lower costs and at higher quality round the clock, they come back to us with a whole set of ideas, jobs and team functions where our teams collaborate with their core teams on important business functions. We grow with our clients and they often say to us “Why did we not do this any sooner”.

Outsourcing is transforming every day, with new technology advancements, it is taking up new apps, tools and saas as its ally and enabling business utilise them to get the most of their customer retention & business development functions.
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