I hired a Personal Assistant…Now What?


If you are an Entrepreneur you have been told or at least heard that you should delegate as much as possible. Or read a book called “4-hour work week” and wonder what it would be like to have your own personal assistant. Whatever the reason be, you looked at Tasks Everyday website, heard a few people just like you talk about their experiences and finally signed up for your very own dedicated Personal Assistant.

When it comes to working virtually it isn’t so much “virtual” as it literally means. Here’s why:

  1. Your assistant works your time zone. You could be working from Honolulu or Tampa in Florida; you have someone who is always there for you. So it really doesn’t matter where you are physically located.
  2. You have a local phone number, Skype, IM to reach your assistant. Just like any other work space where you usually do not meet all your co-workers on daily basis but the work still seems to get done in a very smooth manner, thanks to our technology. So why should be it any different here.
  3. Video calling: It’s a big hit with all our clients. Having a face to the name and the ability to discuss face-to-face is absolutely wonderful.
  4. Interacting and sharing with someone who is half way across the world, cares for your work, reminds you what’s next, keeps your schedule up to date, makes sure you don’t forget your girlfriend’s mom’s birthday  (help you win those extra brownie points!), keeps your organized, and more importantly saves you time that you never had to begin with and help you live better- is a very liberating and exciting journey!

Are you thinking as to how does this work, what will you tell your PA to do? Do you even have enough work to delegate to someone else? You don’t have to be a pro at delegation to get your tasks done. In the beginning you should send all the tasks that you don’t like doing at all. The one’s that you hate to do, because they are so time consuming or are simply boring! Send these over to your PA and have him work on these tasks, while you sip on your favorite macchiato! After a first few days as you get your tasks done and communicate with your VA, you will find it’s fairly simple to save time and have your workload off!

Are you still having second thoughts if hiring a VA is the right choice? Ask us how we can help! Having an assistant is so addictive that you will wonder how you managed your life when you did not have one!!

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