How your Personal Assistant can help you make a difference


During the past decade we have had the pleasure to work with hundreds of founders during the most exciting period of their lives. Starting up a business is like having a baby. It all starts with excitement and everyone around you is happy and is congratulating you, but the real job and responsibilities are on you as you embark on this wild ride.

As your business grows, ideas evolve and most often than not, you find yourself juggling a lot more than you can handle. As an entrepreneur multi –tasking is your job profile, but getting the job done efficiently is more important than just making it by. The reason is that start –ups and early stage businesses are usually short on cash. Without addressing other business issues – the core of any business is to make ends meet. Your margins are lower and competition is high as a new kid on the block. If you give it some thought, the cost of not hiring someone else to help is costing you more business and productive time lost on tasks that could easily be delegated to someone else. Imagine someone else scheduling your tasks, organizing your work, working on email templates, graphic and marketing materials, or scheduling your meetings and you being the one getting the money in the door by doing the tasks that are “Worth your Time”.

The difference with what you could do with some help and what you are doing right now is your – Opportunity Lost

Advantages of hiring someone virtually:

  • Decrease your administrative burden: Starting with the hiring process there is no burden on you. You do not have to post any job listings on craigslist or have an HR agency pay loads of money to line up the ideal candidates.
  • No overheads: You do are not paying any overhead costs that come with hiring an employee onboard who works physically from your office. No desk, stationary, Internet, electricity or heating costs.
  • No long-term contracts: The ease with which you can hire more or scale down your work with virtual workers is amazing. When you are hiring a Virtual personal assistant, you are not bound by any contract. As your workload increases you can have more people come on board only by sending one email. And when the work is less during holiday season, you can scale down on your work force.
  • Cost advantage: At $6.98/hr hiring a personal assistant with Tasks Everyday is very economical. To have someone do all your legwork without hurting your pocket is your key mantra as a founder.
  • You can do better and faster: Every morning you want to do more, accomplish more tasks, and gain new business more than you did yesterday. What you really end up doing is the repetitive mundane tasks that eat away your productivity and efficiency. We agree you will work on these individual tasks faster than anyone else, but do you really want to be doing these. More importantly are they “worth your time”.
  • Delegate like a pro: We have listed the key steps to easy and effective delegation in another post. It isn’t rocket science. As you go along and you build your rapport with your personal assistant, delegation will come naturally to you.

If hiring an assistant can make you a better entrepreneur, by giving you “your time back” that you would have lost doing all the tasks that you shouldn’t be doing at the first place, you have got your value for money right there. While you embark on your wild ride and learn each day, it will be nice to have someone who is always there, ready to take up the tasks that you assign them and at the same time giving you an honest opinion when you need it the most.

Hiring a personal assistant is like having your wingman with you all the time. To know more on our services and different tasks that we can help you with please call us. Our offices are open Monday to Friday all 24-hours/ day.

Get virtualized, get amazed!

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