Home Services Virtual Assistant – why every company needs one!

If you read yelp reviews one thing that customer’s appreciate the most is how responsive you are when they inquired about your services, and how quickly you sent out the estimates and got the job done! While you or your staff is out there on the field, scheduling appointments, answering questions from staff and customers, preparing invoices, estimates, logging in staff hours are the things that you need to take care of, but don’t have the time. While you try to juggle most of these tasks, your efficiency in staying up in your game, taking challenging projects, always being prepared somewhat takes a hit.

Tasks Everyday admin support agents work with home services clients to handle, manage all their daily work.

  • Handling calls and appointments : so you and your staff are never late for a job again.
  • Preparing invoices and estimates: so your quote reaches out to clients before your competitor’s.
  • Increase your efficiency and help you stay focused:this is an added advantage that comes with the luxury of having a VA
  • Helping you with research tasks on property managers, their contact details and all other permissions etc to make sure you need not worry about anything else other than your project.
  • Research on supplies & materials: finding the best costs for the best materials. One of our clients a major contractor needed to find the most exquisite granite for counter tops for his client in santa monica, and his assistant helped him by gathering information on different types of granite’s and marble tops that were exclusive and when he showed the pictures with costing to his client, his client was more than impressed!
  • All your leg work of managing your staff, new hires, their log hours, data entry into quickbooks
  • Updating your social media pages, like facebook , houzz, pinterest with your latest work pictures! And so much more.

The take away is that you need help and you know it, it is just matter of time as to when you take the plunge to help yourself in being more organised and having free time for your personal life as well. When you business tasks are all taken care off.

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