Hiring the best virtual assistant – Checked!

Time is of essence and we are constantly reminded of that right from the beginning of school days to our professional careers. we constantly strive to increase our efficiency and getting more done each day than the last day. Time management tools, new CRMs, automated to do lists, utility apps, calendar updates, siri on our iphone are all geared towards time efficiency.
We constantly work towards this agenda to save our precious resource “ Time”.

Virtual assistants are your time saver ninja’s. They fill the gap that currently exists in your productivity graph. When it comes to working with one, it is of essence that you are matched with the right assistant who is empowered with the tools and skills needed to supercharge your productivity. To ensure this Tasks Everyday hires the best of best virtual assistants the industry has to offer. And what sets them apart from freelancers is that they are employees of Tasks Everyday. They have a job security that is not based on if client is sending them work or not or decides to go on a month vacation and wants to put the account on hold. It is important for us a company that all our employees are paid regardless of recession or Christmas holidays.

Collaborative Consumption: we had written a blog post explaining the concept of collaborative consumption that is fueling newer ideas and businesses. Concept is simple like car pool, it saves fuel, money, gives you special access to the car pool lane and more importantly interact with fellow human beings and make new friends. Our Va’s have access to the talent pool of assistants who come from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds. There is always something that we can learn from each other’s experiences. There are weekly meets and greet sessions targeted to keep the productivity flowing and more importantly learning from each other. Our basic human instinct is to help other. And what these meetings do is just facilitate the dialogue.

Our strict hiring and training process: if you want to work as a virtual assistant you need to have to have the fundamental quality of helping out others along with other nerd + communication skills. We follow a series of selection steps to weed out the candidates who are less suited for the job. Our staff often reminds us that our application, selection and training process is far stricter than the job itself. There is a reason we have it designed in a specific way. Each day at our training sessions is planned to hone one particular skill. Tests and exercises are framed based on our years of experience with our clients ranging from Sydney, Singapore, UK to the Americas. We improvise these learning exercises quite frequently to combine any latest tools or apps that have come along. Every client has a unique lifestyle and delegation style. Work requirement is different and to a super ninja VA, it needs skill, good communication and aptitude to learn and grow.

Have you watched the movie Internship? it is a story of google interns that reflects their hiring process in a lighter mood and why it isn’t the most skilled that are always the right fit for the job. Multitasking is not related to how many words you can type in one minute, and your communication isn’t based on your degree in English literature. We look at the whole picture that combines personality, humility, skills, and aptitude, communication that creates dialogue, responsiveness and above all the quality to help!

Are you looking to hire a personal assistant who works as your right hand? We have had the pleasure to work with thousands of clients and businesses that have benefitted by going virtual and taken the strings of their life in their own hands. if you have questions in how we can help you achieve the work life balance, call us from Monday’s to Fridays on 1-888-670-4882 ( US & Canada direct number) , 0808-120-3657 ( UK Direct number) , 1800- 447- 187 ) Australia Direct number)

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