GTD: Get Your Tasks Done


Tasks Everyday and GTD go hands in with each other. GTD is Get your Tasks Done or Getting your Things Done! Whatever you may call it, it’s the stuff you need to do.

In our daily work life we come across a list of tasks we need to get to. In most of the situations we get to our tasks one by one. Do the most important one’s first and then move down the list based on priority. Priority is purely based on what’s due today. In most scenarios the bigger tasks that are not due this week, we don’t get around to doing those till the last day or two. Who is to blame, your boss! Well, we love to do that don’t we? Our hectic life schedule, social meetings, networking, long commutes and just life basically doesn’t leave us much time to get productive.

Our Mantra – follow these steps of effective if not perfect GTD

  • Prioritize based on time: Suppose you have a list of tasks you need to do. You start skimming through the list. Few of them need just few minutes to get done, do those right away. Others can wait and mark them waiting.
  • Determine: Who can do the tasks that you have marked on the waiting list. Broadly into 3 categories:
  • First list is of tasks that only you can do.
  • Second one being anyone can do those – this is where Tasks Everyday personal assistants come into picture.
  • Third you can have someone do the legwork, while you can do the final formatting, analyzing and reporting – exactly the kind of tasks your assistant at Tasks Everyday can help you with.
  • After you have finished scanning, send your tasks that you marked in your waiting list to your personal assistant.

Your Tasks

We have worked with business owners, busy individuals and have helped them in implementing GTD. Tasks Everyday motto is “get your tasks done”. And we stand by it and help you proactively. It is about time that you realized your true productive potential by freeing up your precious time.

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