Energy Management Yields Better Outcomes than Managing your Time

The problem

The core problem with all of us today is that we are trying to manage our time. Even if you put in longer hours at work, it does not increase the total value. Longer work hours can leave you exhausted, having little or no personal life, having to explain to your wife and kids the reason of your constant absence from all family engagements. The later you come back from work; more exhausted you are in the morning after. You seldom exercise and give up healthy meals for fast food pickups. This lifestyle is a vicious circle and it never lets you out until you break it. Increasing demands at workplace takes a toll on you physically, mentally and emotionally.

The solution

First comes the realization that “Time is a finite resource”. We can’t expand it. Energy is another story. Energy can be expanded, renewed, enthused by practicing certain behaviors and rituals. Over time these practices become a part of your daily unconscious life and get automated to fit in. The big multinationals are always organizing newer strategies and methods to keep their work force motivated. The goal is that each one of their employees bring “more of him each day at work”.

Simple Practices:

  • Do not check your inbox first few hours (2-3) when you wake up: When you wake up, what is the first thing you do. Check your phone for emails, then start skimming through them without realizing that you spent the most productive time of your day in bed skimming emails.
  • Designate first few hours of your day for creative work: Pick the favorite spot in your office and think and work on creative work. Like writing a new lecture, sales pitch or your new marketing strategy. You are at your creative best in the morning and need to utilize it best
  • Go for your morning run, or your exercise routine everyday. It will keep your from gaining weight, make you feel good about yourself and full of energy all day long. After all your body and mind need to feel good about themselves too.
  • Increase your capacity without inflating your work hours: When you work energized, you are increasing your capacity to do the same amount of work manifold in less time. Keep away from the distractions at work and manage your energy rather than organizing your time.
  • Delegate: Even if you can do the lower value services more efficiently and in lesser time yourself than someone else doing it for you. You should learn to delegate these tasks. Your time is worth more than you think. Even if you are faster and more efficient in filling your reports having someone else do it saves you stress, money because it creates a window of opportunity of time that would have been lost on mundane tasks. That is where Tasks Everyday helps you create a window of opportunity by making you more time. Outsource your daily tasks to your personal assistant while you spend your energy on higher value tasks.
  • Create a routine and follow your principles: These come with your own encounters and experiences with reality. Learn, process, improve and deliver.  Stop spending long hours at your desk and part of the trick is being super efficient at what you are doing, when you are doing it. Give that one task that is super important all your energy and attention while you are at it, rather than trying to multitask and not giving your best. This can be done only if you follow a routine that you create for yourself and stick to it everyday.

Spend time with your family, friends and once in while read that book you always wanted to: These are not out of the world activities and should not be neglected because your “life got busy”. Hiring someone to do your chores, organizing your inbox, meetings, research, filling reports can be easily done and managed by someone else and does not cost a bomb. Do not stop yourself from becoming a writer just because you have kids and you got busy dusting!

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