Delegate the work or do it yourself! Take your pick…

When it comes to have someone else take over the work that you do everyday and help you, most of us have insecurities. The biggest motivator of these insecurities is the reason that you believe no one can do it better than you do and you can’t trust anyone else with your work. Or they can stem from a protective nature of human beings and that is to stay in control. You don’t want to share and take pride in being the multi tasker you are even if it comes at a cost of your personal and creative work time.

Acceptance: You know the hours in a day cannot expand, and you need more hands to do what’s on your plate. The facts and your to –do list are constantly sending you signals that you need extra set hands to get your tasks done. To achieve the work-life balance, there needs to be effective delegation in place where you lie at the top of task pyramid taking care of tasks that are of utmost importance and yield more productivity. Having someone else to work for you doesn’t mean loosing control. It puts in charge and increases efficiency.

Evaluate your ROI: When you are burning the mid night oil doing the endless research you need for your marketing strategy, ask yourself if it would have been of any help if someone complied the research for you. It is time to unburden your tasks that are repetitive, time consuming to focus on the big picture. Having an assistant do your scheduling, filling reports, research tasks and other tasks that minimize your costs by giving you more time. Low end tasks and even the high value work such as making your business website can be delegated effectively. Tasks that are high in value need a specific skill, to develop and master a new skill that will need the accomplishment of this task takes far more time and money investment than having your assistant work on it while you call the shots.

Knowing what to delegate and to whom: There is a reason why Tasks Everyday offers virtual assistants by skill set. As an Admin assistant wouldn’t know about book keeping, your internet marketing assistant wouldn’t know to update your customer database as quickly as your admin va. There are no Super va’s who are master of all skills! Best practice is to hire an assistant with specific skill set. Make best of your assistant’s skills by delegating the tasks that fit his scope of work. Assign the low value tasks in the beginning; give time to your assistant to know you and your work style.  Streamline the process as you get know each other. Be as descriptive as possible and outline the steps that they need to follow. Be reasonable in your expectations and do not compare yourself with your assistant.

Why we emphasized on ROI is because you need to carefully evaluate what you should be focusing on and spending your energy on rather then being overwhelmed and stressed about tasks that can easily be delegated. In the end however the choice to overcome the fear of delegation and getting more done each day is yours!

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