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Top Five Reasons why every Business Owner needs an Online Personal Assistant


Your business might be just beginning to take off or has been passed on to you from your Family, every business owner has one thing in common: more work than they can handle. As business owners you need to be absolutely ruthless in your focus. And it is here that the online assistants play a key role.

At Tasks Everyday, we have had the opportunity to work with business owners, young and old, from Silicon Valley to the out backs of Australia, working on exciting ideas and concepts. What we have learned from these passionate business owners are the key insights into how an online personal assistant can help you do what you love the most and keep you focused.


  1. Delegate TasksDelegation benefits for your ongoing business tasks: One of the fundamentals of being a business owner is to identify the tasks that need to be done and then getting those tasks done from the right talent. As businesses grow and evolve the tasks that you need to be done becomes more challenging. To take upon yourself to do all those tasks will result in little or no time left to focus on what’s important. Art of delegation is what each business owner should realize earlier on the course and then master it. Working with your Virtual personal assistant allows you to learn and hone the skill of delegation while reaping the benefits of getting your tasks done.
  2. Your time is worth more than you think, make the most of it: If you think about all the small mundane tasks that accumulate throughout the day and then day after day and the time they end up consuming and not to mention the additional stress of doing them, It will be much easier to have someone else do these for you. Online assistants are willing, trained workers ready to work on those pending tasks. If you have some specific tasks that need training, then the time you will spend to train your assistant will be minimal in comparison to the value you’re your assistant adds up to your business. Bottom line is saving your valuable precious time to focus on more meaningful tasks and having an online assistant does that for you.
  3. Research, you can never have enough of it: It is vital to our lives just like grabbing a cuppa in the morning. It is a ritual and we all need to follow it. You need to know what your competitors are doing, which newer products or services they are rolling out, newer technologies that can impact your business, research data, finding new markets and avenues of growth. To find out the newest bars in your area where you can catch up with your buddies over the weekend ball game, or to find that latest hot selling Kate Middleton’s dress for your girlfriend after all it’s the thought that counts. When you have an assistant who can do all that research and compile that information in the format you need, you will harness the true power of having a well researched subject before you begin to invest in it.
  4. Access the Talent pool of online assistance, when you need it: Doing a business is rewarding and crazy at the same time. You have to be prepared for the change, as nothing there is really a constant these days. For instance you need to roll out a new service to your clients and want to market it online, send out bulk emails, study the response, evolve the idea and work on it, all at the same time. To do so you need the right talent pool of assistants who are ready to start immediately and work. You don’t want to employee permanently and do not have the time or space to hire permanent employees. With online virtual assistants this isn’t a problem. You can pick and monetize the right resource for the job at hand. There isn’t one key fits all locks, to make your next idea into a success or to evolve your current services or products. You need to have access to the right talent and that’s exactly the leverage you get with online assistants.
  5. High value tasks outsource: As business owners you need to travel, book flights, make dinner reservations, all these are basic tasks  and your online personal assistant can do the research find the best deals online, and then email you that list. Smart business owners in addition to the above mentioned tasks have their assistants clear up their emails, work on reports, spreadsheets, research, power points, blog updates, email marketing, database updates and all those tasks which are mundane, repetitive or mere time consuming. With Tasks Everyday you can also hire an MBA online assistant for higher value tasks like competitve research, reports, market analysis writing business plans and all those tasks that you wish had another you, or a set of extra hands to work on. It isn’t humanly possible to increase the number of hours in a day, but what can be acheived is doubling your productivity in same work hours. Having worked with more than 10,000 businesses, we know one thing for sure leveraging your time and money is your biggest asset and your online assistant makes that do-able!
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