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5 Reasons we hired a Virtual Assistant

Over the years we have provided assistance to clients from all over the world with tasks requests ranging from personal, bookkeeping, SEO and web design. The reasons that we get from our clients repeatedly resonate strongly with the one’s mentioned below:

  1. I was juggling more tasks than I could handle: My son was moving to London and there was too much work that I needed taken care of each day. I was not getting enough time from my schedule to spend with him. I knew I had to do something about it and that’s when I decided to go virtual. It has been a great experience having someone manage your personal and work life. My assistant helped with my website updates, blogs, planning a party for charity that I am a member of and planning my travel to London. I finally get to travel without worrying about my work back home and also have my itinerary planned for each day which covers all the places I need to visit before I get back to windy city-Chicago!

  2. I needed to focus on the big picture, but I just didn’t have the time: When my business started growing I knew I needed help with tasks. I was busy all day handling most of the backend of the things that I wasn’t left with any productive time to think of newer strategies for customer retention and marketing. There is so much more that can be done in growing your business if your mind is not crowded with receipts, reports, endless research and so forth. I went virtual to get my creative time back, doing what I want to do!

  3. I needed someone to take care of repetitive work: As a CEO of technical recruiting company our database was our engine. It needed to be up to date all the time. It was repetitive but essential at the same time. I realized I needed someone who was fast, efficient and trustworthy. I hired a Virtual assistant to help me with our daily updates, make calls, schedule interviews for our staff. Now my in house team could focus their hours on productive work rather than worrying about updating the database that they didn’t enjoy to do in the first place. What’s more wonderful is that our staff has access to the same assistant and we all share his hours. He is our team member and not to mention a very important one, the one we cant do without!

  4. Me and my girlfriend wanted to travel to Italy, but had so much to do before we could leave that it seemed almost impossible to go: It was one of the things that we wanted to do together. Every year we would end up postponing it for one reason or another. She is phd student and this was her last semester. And what better way to celebrate than taking her to italy. I wanted it to a surprise, but when it comes to planning I would let her take charge. But this time it was all upto me. I knew I needed help to make sure all is planned and perfect. I hired a va who helped me plan my trip to the last detail.

  5. My business is growing and I need more hands: When I first started my business, I took care of all things new and ongoing tasks. With growth comes more responsibility and work. I had to get to more meetings, present more proposals, stay ahead of my competition, do more marketing and all this led to some very important tasks left on the backburner because I didn’t have enough time. I realized I needed help but didn’t want to commit to a full term employee. I hired a virtual assistant and since that day until now, I have never looked back. Hiring a virtual assistant has proven to be very efficient and also very cost effective solution to all my tasks. I am getting more done each day!

Hiring the best virtual assistant – Checked!

Time is of essence and we are constantly reminded of that right from the beginning of school days to our professional careers. we constantly strive to increase our efficiency and getting more done each day than the last day. Time management tools, new CRMs, automated to do lists, utility apps, calendar updates, siri on our iphone are all geared towards time efficiency.
We constantly work towards this agenda to save our precious resource “ Time”.

Virtual assistants are your time saver ninja’s. They fill the gap that currently exists in your productivity graph. When it comes to working with one, it is of essence that you are matched with the right assistant who is empowered with the tools and skills needed to supercharge your productivity. To ensure this Tasks Everyday hires the best of best virtual assistants the industry has to offer. And what sets them apart from freelancers is that they are employees of Tasks Everyday. They have a job security that is not based on if client is sending them work or not or decides to go on a month vacation and wants to put the account on hold. It is important for us a company that all our employees are paid regardless of recession or Christmas holidays.

Collaborative Consumption: we had written a blog post explaining the concept of collaborative consumption that is fueling newer ideas and businesses. Concept is simple like car pool, it saves fuel, money, gives you special access to the car pool lane and more importantly interact with fellow human beings and make new friends. Our Va’s have access to the talent pool of assistants who come from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds. There is always something that we can learn from each other’s experiences. There are weekly meets and greet sessions targeted to keep the productivity flowing and more importantly learning from each other. Our basic human instinct is to help other. And what these meetings do is just facilitate the dialogue.

Our strict hiring and training process: if you want to work as a virtual assistant you need to have to have the fundamental quality of helping out others along with other nerd + communication skills. We follow a series of selection steps to weed out the candidates who are less suited for the job. Our staff often reminds us that our application, selection and training process is far stricter than the job itself. There is a reason we have it designed in a specific way. Each day at our training sessions is planned to hone one particular skill. Tests and exercises are framed based on our years of experience with our clients ranging from Sydney, Singapore, UK to the Americas. We improvise these learning exercises quite frequently to combine any latest tools or apps that have come along. Every client has a unique lifestyle and delegation style. Work requirement is different and to a super ninja VA, it needs skill, good communication and aptitude to learn and grow.

Have you watched the movie Internship? it is a story of google interns that reflects their hiring process in a lighter mood and why it isn’t the most skilled that are always the right fit for the job. Multitasking is not related to how many words you can type in one minute, and your communication isn’t based on your degree in English literature. We look at the whole picture that combines personality, humility, skills, and aptitude, communication that creates dialogue, responsiveness and above all the quality to help!

Are you looking to hire a personal assistant who works as your right hand? We have had the pleasure to work with thousands of clients and businesses that have benefitted by going virtual and taken the strings of their life in their own hands. if you have questions in how we can help you achieve the work life balance, call us from Monday’s to Fridays on 1-888-670-4882 ( US & Canada direct number) , 0808-120-3657 ( UK Direct number) , 1800- 447- 187 ) Australia Direct number)

Indian Assistants – Not so virtual after all

Virtual means something or someone not physically present in same time and space as you. When applied to assistants who are based overseas they started being called as Virtual secretaries or assistants. Dotcom boom opened a whole new world of possibilities where teams from all across the world could collaborate, share and work together on ideas. Technology has grown leaps and bounds ever since and it has made our world seem smaller than before. You can now connect on the go via your mobile phones, do video chats, conference meetings with team members joining in from all parts of world.

The word virtual assistant is loosing its “virtuality” so to speak. It is all so real, happens in the real time with real people working together as a team that the traditional office space defined by a cubicle is getting redefined.

History of how it all started: India has been on the front lines of outsourcing. It all started with big companies setting up their offshore call centers in India. Centers that offered customer support to answer calls or do outbound sales were booming.  Voice and accent trainers from overseas would charge huge sums of money to train the Indian staff to familiarize them with culture, baseball and other things “American” or foreign.

Why the big giants/companies chose India: The difference in labor rates was lucrative, staff they could hire and train was educated (minimum 4 year college degrees), good with computers (Indian have always been computer savvy), willing and hardworking nature was a part of their culture. All they lacked was the accent. With good training this was overcome well not 100% but it was acceptable. English has been the second language and most schools start English lessons from as early as pre-school. As the news reached out to the smaller businesses, they wanted to try their hands as well to take advantage of the cheaper work force, expand their operations and sales by hiring small teams that would call and do outbound sales mostly.

What has changed in outsourcing from then and now: The nature in which we work has changed drastically. Cloud computing has made it possible to store, share, collaborate anything to everything with the in-house teams working together. Technology along with newer and more sophisticated tools and software’s have shifted the seismic center from typical call center set up to more advanced and developed work spaces. IBM being the fore- runner in this race has set up offices in various parts of the world and is now a global company. From software programmer’s to back office processes are now being run in highly efficient and productive manner than they were a decade ago.

Globalization and how it has changed the skill set available: Skills as we define today are not measure in how many words you can type in a minute. Skill has a wider meaning – “ understanding the work that is required and being equipped with the technical and analytical knowledge to do it in best ways possible”. India produces about 1.2m STEM graduates each year. With Internet reaching out to the masses awareness has increased and so has the opportunities to go out and explore more talents. When it comes to hiring, employers are spoilt for choice. It is amazing to see how cable TV and Internet has made such a huge impact. You don’t have to train your work force anymore to understand how the cultures are different or explain why Yankees live in the soul of New Yorkers. They can see that first hand in the movies, videos, news, blogs and so forth. If their client mentions that he is busy watching a super bowl game they will know what he means by that.

How has Tasks Everyday tapped into the skilled market: While there is no shortage of skilled staff, there is always something that is missing. That little extra – a pinch of secret recipe, which makes fried chicken taste even better. All virtual assistants before being assigned any client go thorough training and skill enhancement program that gears them to be efficient and more successful in managing the tasks that will come their way. Assistants that are assigned to work with clients are full time employees of Tasks Everyday. They are not freelancers. This is an added advantage that client gets. The job of a virtual assistant is multitasking. And it can’t be defined in few pointers of what they can or cannot do.

World is changing and so is the meaning of productivity. Globalization is changing our definition of work force and how a typical workspace should look like and team members it comprises of. Are you harnessing the advantage that this new era has to offer? Going virtual is not a choice it’s the demand of the hour…

Hit us up if you would like to know how we can help you stream line your work process and add value and skill advantage that is more productive and cost effective for your business and personal growth.

Virtual assistants to the rescue – mission Size Zero – “Inbox”

Do you spend most of your mornings checking your emails the moment you wake up? Do you find yourself dreading the beast that your inbox has become? Guess what you are not alone!!

Easy access to Internet everywhere at all times has made it lot easier to stay connected. What it has also done is our patience to accept response from our fellow “emailers”. We assume everyone else with whom we are corresponding is also checking his/her emails regularly and has to respond back immediately like you would do.

Easy access to emails on the go via phone/ipad has made the 30 minute journey to work every morning not that enjoyable after all. And of course something is always urgent and needs immediate attention.

Reactionary email habits explained above eat away your creative time. Juggling multiple tasks at one time, replying to emails and following this routine each day every day, sets in the burnout. the struggle to get the inbox to size zero every evening is a struggle.

Why you need to stop:

“Checking your inbox constantly- eats away productive time”

Most creative and active time of the day is in the morning. Utilize this time to learn new things, work on projects that need some thought process. Enjoy your morning cup of coffee or tea and read some news. You need to wake up energized in the morning excited about the work that you will be doing that adds value to your business or career. Morning hours are the best time to focus on what’s creative rather than reactionary.

What you need to do to break away from the email chains.

  • Filter out your spam religiously
  • Unsubscribe from newsletters
  • Separate your work in neat and tidy folders based on the importance of action needed.
  • Social media updates that come to your inbox should be blocked. There are smarter options and some really cool apps that can keep your social media organized. You do not need it in your inbox.
  • Delegate your mundane, repetitive tasks to your virtual assistant.
  • At the end of each day you will have all your reports, spreadsheets updated, calendar organized and reminder that it’s your sister’s birthday next week and you need to pick a gift for her in your email from your assistant.
  • Do not check your inbox till noon each day. Reply all emails that are in your most urgent work folder.
  • Logout from your inbox again and work on other important tasks.
  • Login again before 4.00 p.m. and finish off emails that in your less important folders and finally before signing off from your inbox clear the most urgent work folder once again.
  • In the hours that you have assigned yourself to work on your inbox, you need to be super efficient. Utilize these hours to get more organized, answer the urgent email first, then comes the delegation folder – send these to your assistant, and then work on the less important emails.
  • Follow this process all 5 days a week.
  • This allows you to spend time on what’s important, work on tasks that require your full 100% attention, and you are always giving your best.

Personal Assistant, Virtual Assistant, Virtual Assistant India

3-4 hours of creative time that you have managed to carve out for yourself, will bring in huge change in your daily schedule. you can now focus more on creative projects that affect your business in the morning. Waking up excited to work on something that excites you while enjoying your favorite cuppa is a delight. By noon you would have drained your creative forebrain and are now ready to get back to inbox and tackle it. While you get creative, and break away from the email chains, your virtual assistant works on tasks that are repetitive (you had sent his way from the delegate folder) and gets them organized for your action. This limits the time that you spend each day on tasks that are not worth your time.

Break away from your counterproductive email habits and delegate your tasks in more smarter and efficient manner. There is a world outside your email inbox! We would love to hear about your daily schedule on how many hours a day do you spend in your inbox, and are you making any conscious efforts on being more productive and creative.

Are you ready for a Virtual Assistant!

Last year our CTO and Customer support manager got together to funnel the requests that we get from our clients to learn the pattern of tasks or needs. What started as a resource tool to gather insights into tasks delegation and performance analytics turned out to be much more than a database of archives. Very soon they realized that it was a very ambitious project and could give us far more insight into “Outsourcing and the world of virtual assistants”.

This post is too small to discuss it all. But we would like to discuss the most important aspect of it all and that is “Are you ready to go Virtual?”

Business owners, busy moms, professionals, entrepreneurs, doctors and parents all have come to Tasks Everyday looking for immediate assistance. Your secretary called in sick and your calendar is in a mess, 4th of July is 2 days away and you still haven’t booked or planned your vacation that you promised your wife and kids, you are a start-up and tight budget constraints make your share of work pile increase by the minute and you have reached your breaking point. In all these scenarios there is one thing that is common- they all need HELP!

We have identified 5 signs that scream, “You need to outsource.”

  • Being Busy is not enough, realization to get helped is a must before you take the plunge: We are all busy in our lives, so if you ask someone are you busy 9 out of 10 times the answer is going to be a big YES! It is important that you realize that you don’t have to do all the tasks you can do, rather you should be focusing on the tasks that you rather should do.
  • Are you a do-it-all-yourself person? And have realized that its time to delegate as you have simply more than you can handle on your plate: It is important that you have made a conscious decision that there is someone out there who can take care of the mundane, overbearing, time consuming tasks that you loathe or do not have the time to do yourself. This someone is not going to be as good as you are in getting these tasks done in the beginning and might need your support to understand your tasks and know you better. Don’t compare yourself to your virtual employee. You have been doing these tasks for years and are off course much better trained. Your virtual assistant is your helping hand to make your life easier and free up your time.
  • Technical tasks that need a new skill to be learnt: It is important as individuals that we grow ourselves, our technical and personal skills everyday. Technology is growing leaps and bounds everyday and once in a while you will come across the need to hire a technical assistant who can decipher it and do the work. Hiring technical help can be very tricky. Whether you are an excellent programmer and need someone to take care of those mundane scripts that need testing and validation checks for errors , or you are a busy doctor who just doesn’t have the time to make your website or appointment forms yourself so your patients can fill those up before they show up, we all need technical assistance once in a while.
  • Are you “upto-your –neck” and miss out on important family gatherings, meeting your friends and skip your yoga class on more occasions than one as an important assignment just came up: Having too much work to do is not a cool thing anymore. Maintaining a healthy work life balance is important, enjoying the simple things that life has to offer is equally important as your database updates, neglecting either of the two is not an option. Its about time that you delegate your repetitive tasks like updating your database, online research, filling reports, managing your social media posts, managing your calendar etc.

Hiring a Virtual assistant is a lifestyle choice, it allows you to maintain healthy work-life balance, delegate your tasks effectively, indulge in activities that add meaning to your life. We would love to hear your story about your “Help! Moment that prompted you to go Virtual.”

Virtual Assistants and why they are your lifesavers

Few months ago, a busy mom of two contacted us and wanted to know how we can help her free her time and also with her new business – starting her own Kindergarten school. She had been a teacher for most of her life and wanted to start something of her own. Parents, kids and her local community loved what she did. She knew what she wanted to do and how she wanted to do it but did not have the time to do it all by herself.

Like most other start-ups, the resources were few and the work load was humongous. What set her apart from her competitors who were mostly franchise schools was her 3-step education program. Her idea was to have higher teacher to student ratio, teach Montessori to her students to give them an extra edge which none of her competitors did and give back to the community by working with kids with special needs. Vision, dedication and commitment to be the best kindergarten school in her district was her dream and there was nothing stopping her from that. It resonated with us so closely, because when we started Virtual assistant service company back in 2003, we knew we are going to be the best in virtual assistant service space. Period.
Montessori Beads
How hiring a virtual assistant helped this young entrepreneur

One great thing about hiring a virtual assistant is they help you become the best in your area of expertise. They not only free up your precious time, but also take away all the mundane, repetitive and boring tasks that can be done by ANYONE else.

It is very hard when you are on the front line to do everything, starting from organizing an open house, sending out invites, filling out the paper work, sorting out the resumes of so many brilliant teachers, ordering Montessori beads and blocks from manufacturers, getting them shipped, preparing catalogs, templates, school calendar and so many other tasks. That is exactly what her Virtual assistant did. And Tasks Everyday is a great resource of virtual assistants, because we pair you up with an assistant who has worked in similar area or has similar qualifications and most importantly shares your vision.

Now coming back to the story, her Virtual assistant enabled her set up, run and grow into one of the best preschool kindergarten in her district. With more time at her hands, she could concentrate on newer teaching skills, organizing fundraisers and meetings, Paint Easter eggs with the kids and most importantly do what she loved to do both at her workspace and her home.

This is just one of the stories of our clients who enjoy doing what they like by having their virtual assistant work on their daily tasks. If you have any questions about our virtual assistant services, get in touch with us on 1-888-670-4882

Work ON – not – IN your business: Tips for the Virtual Entrepreneur

The other day I was reading this great article by Richard Branson on art of delegation. He made many good points but one point that stuck with me was “Work On–not–in your business”. It seemed to characterize the young entrepreneurs of today so well. When we look at all the successful entrepreneurs, we think of them as no less than super humans with capabilities of juggling 100 balls at one time. And then we think to ourselves, well they have a team of professionals helping them at each and every point and that’s why they can do that, but poor me-Pour me a drink!

What we need to realize is they were at one time in the past just like us – A START-Up. With limited resources, ambitious ideas, in love with what they did and had so much trust in what they believed in that it almost hurt. Tasks Everyday wants to help you tap into your niche market focus your precious time on tasks that matter the most.

3 great takeaway tips from these Entrepreneurs:

  • Work On-not–In your business: It seems impossible at first, but if you think about it as your business grows, it attracts more responsibilities and that means more work.  You need to find ways to get the work flow moving without loosing your key focus and that is Growth.
  • Keep your strategies alive: When you are first starting out , there are so many things that you want to do and you are limited by your resources, money and time. But after a while when the first 2 are not the limiting factors, more often than not, Time is what keeps you from not getting to those important key strategies that you wanted to focus on in the beginning. So what is that you are doing to make more time? Have you heard of delegation, it is the key to manage, keep track and achieve those goals that you have set for yourself and your business.
  • Don’t micromanage – Start delegating your tasks to your virtual assistant: We as humans have a basic instinct to be in control. We want to call the shots. We like you to focus on key policies or outcomes that help you with growing your company. But most of the time we want to control the outcomes and decide the policies for a) tasks that we don’t have the expertise for, b) are not that important anyways. Whatever may be the scenario, you need to learn to delegate and give the reigns to people who know what they are doing and let them be.

Virtual assistant is a widely under-rated service that can be used by young and seasoned entrepreneurs alike to save their precious time. What you need to do is start delegating and take a leap to be the next super hero entrepreneur. Want to know more how your executive assistant can help you live the good life! Get in touch with Tasks Everyday now.

Virtual Assistants and their role in the today’s economy

Ever more than before, as business owners, solo entrepreneurs or bloggers, we need to optimize our business plans to get more for the buck. Every last dollar and cent counts. Squeezed budgets should not narrow down our vision or growth potential. Yes, we need to do more work, prove its worth in this cutthroat competitive world and take measures to stay ahead.

We knew running our own business wasn’t going to be easy. As the business grows the pile of work that needs to be done grows with it and our personal life gets buried under all that workload. It doesn’t have to be this way and that is where virtual assistants play a vital role.

Virtual assistants are individuals, who work remotely and come with no strings attached expenses. They take care of the scheduling, database management, book your travel, update your blog, and make dinner reservations. When you need more technical help, you can choose an assistant with IT background. He can help you with setting up a new website, social media integration, payment gateway set up with your e-commerce store and much more. Their role changes with the tasks. They can act as your secretary, your trusted PA, executive assistant or your technical soul mate.

Big advantage of going remote is the cost advantage. In today’s economy you want to stay ahead of your competitors and remote assistants at $6.98/hr are inexpensive and certainly give you leverage. No matter what industry or business you are in, to thrive in coming years you must adapt, change and accept the new way of working.

Tasks that can be outsourced are multitude and having helped more than 10,000 businesses, we know how to give you competitive edge and thrive in today’s economy. Are you a part of this new Virtual Revolution!

Virtualized: maintaining work & life balance as an Entrepreneur

Start up founders most often than not are struggling hard in finding the right balance in the lifestyle the one they dreamed of and the work hours. We all have the entrepreneur skills well; at least we claim to have them. Irrespective of the job we do or how high we are on the corporate ladder, we all have dreams. Dreams, to have our own business. Cake shop by the corner, start a NGO, web based service company of some sorts, have your own clothing line or own a car wash. We all have basic instinct to be our own boss. And more than the perks of being the one who calls the shots, it’s about the money.

Being your own boss allows you to make decisions, take a leave when you wish, travel and no questions asked. However, Profits seem to be a bigger driving force to start your own business than the lifestyle of being an entrepreneur. We often come across business owners who are over tired, over burdened with tasks, have more on their plate than they can chew, are far from the lifestyle they dreamt when they first started out. And no one else is to be blamed. We as business owners want cash more than we want our lifestyle, and by that I do not mean a fancy house or the car your drive. Entrepreneurial lifestyle is the perfect balance of free time and work time. Easier said than done but what are you doing to have one is the question we ask our clients.

Tasks Everyday helps business owners, big and small, to help achieve the right balance in their work and personal life. Having more free time doesn’t mean not to take care of your business, it means delegating the tasks that can be done by someone under minimum supervision and free up your time. Having more time means your enjoy your life more. Free time also allows you to get creative, think of newer solutions. When your mind is not clouded with all those pending tasks and pile of work you need to attend to. You will be amazed at how much more you can do to grow your business just by staying free.

It’s simple: Delegate your tasks to your virtual assistant and monitor the results. Remote set up allows you to work at ease. Assistants work your time zone and since you are the boss, you call the shots. Venturing into having a remote team at your fingertips comes at affordable rates and no long-term contracts. We understand that as a business owner your work needs fluctuate. Virtual assistants at Tasks Everyday have different skill sets. You can choose a web designer, programmer, Internet marketing assistant, admin assistant or personal assistant. We are here to help you get where you want to be. We’re supporting more free time and help you get back the lifestyle we all dream of.

Virtual Assistants & staying ahead in today’s Economy

Running a business soon becomes all-consuming, and as your business grows, you often find it’s impossible to cope up with the extra work. And If you are the one of those “I can do it all” kinds; you will soon find yourself in a pile of work that could easily be done by someone else. You know you want help, but simple can’t afford it or the skills needed to do the job are simply not available locally.

Finding the right talent at the cost you can afford is a challenge that most business owners face. Productivity needs to be coupled with cost efficiency.

Even offline businesses these days need computers, manage excel sheets, data processing, and taking care of all sorts of tasks that can be done by someone using online software’s. Every business these days need online presence, a least minimum having a website, updating blog or your store based on if you are selling products or services online, and not all of us a business owners are technically savvy. We are good and fast learners, but do you really need to learn wordpress- or Photoshop or e-commerce store updates to do all your work yourself. or you rather be spending that time on something more productive, like thinking of  newer strategy , analyzing the analytical reports, customer surveys and behaviors.

Goal of every entrepreneur is: How to stay ahead in your business.

The answer is simple, be the best in your niche market, keep your costs low and always stay a step ahead of your competitors.

Virtual assistants play a vital role to help you realize your goals. How do they do that: Here are few pointers:

  • Cost Advantage: well you knew this one, your assistant comes at $6.98/hr and you can use his services for all the mundane or specialized tasks you need help with
  • Focus on staying ahead and best in your space: when you can delegate your tasks effectively to your team of assistants (we have talked about delegation in one of our earlier posts), you can now spend your precious time brainstorming new ideas, and stay on frontlines. As you no longer have 100’s of unchecked emails, or never ending to-do list on your calendar.
  • Commitment: your assistant asks you for tasks everyday, even if you don’t have something immediate to be taken care of, you start thinking of all those extra things and details that could help your business grow. Like designing marketing email to announce your specials for Labor Day weekend special. Its that little foam in your cup of coffee that keeps you coming back to the same cafeteria, so does your business have that special foam!

You will start delegating tasks that you never knew existed. Going that extra mile, thinking of newer ideas and ventures, while your assistant stays grounded and does all the leg work for you, you can give your business that extra lift it needs to fly and take over the newer skies of opportunities and growth!

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