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Virtual assistants to the rescue – mission Size Zero – “Inbox”

Do you spend most of your mornings checking your emails the moment you wake up? Do you find yourself dreading the beast that your inbox has become? Guess what you are not alone!!

Easy access to Internet everywhere at all times has made it lot easier to stay connected. What it has also done is our patience to accept response from our fellow “emailers”. We assume everyone else with whom we are corresponding is also checking his/her emails regularly and has to respond back immediately like you would do.

Easy access to emails on the go via phone/ipad has made the 30 minute journey to work every morning not that enjoyable after all. And of course something is always urgent and needs immediate attention.

Reactionary email habits explained above eat away your creative time. Juggling multiple tasks at one time, replying to emails and following this routine each day every day, sets in the burnout. the struggle to get the inbox to size zero every evening is a struggle.

Why you need to stop:

“Checking your inbox constantly- eats away productive time”

Most creative and active time of the day is in the morning. Utilize this time to learn new things, work on projects that need some thought process. Enjoy your morning cup of coffee or tea and read some news. You need to wake up energized in the morning excited about the work that you will be doing that adds value to your business or career. Morning hours are the best time to focus on what’s creative rather than reactionary.

What you need to do to break away from the email chains.

  • Filter out your spam religiously
  • Unsubscribe from newsletters
  • Separate your work in neat and tidy folders based on the importance of action needed.
  • Social media updates that come to your inbox should be blocked. There are smarter options and some really cool apps that can keep your social media organized. You do not need it in your inbox.
  • Delegate your mundane, repetitive tasks to your virtual assistant.
  • At the end of each day you will have all your reports, spreadsheets updated, calendar organized and reminder that it’s your sister’s birthday next week and you need to pick a gift for her in your email from your assistant.
  • Do not check your inbox till noon each day. Reply all emails that are in your most urgent work folder.
  • Logout from your inbox again and work on other important tasks.
  • Login again before 4.00 p.m. and finish off emails that in your less important folders and finally before signing off from your inbox clear the most urgent work folder once again.
  • In the hours that you have assigned yourself to work on your inbox, you need to be super efficient. Utilize these hours to get more organized, answer the urgent email first, then comes the delegation folder – send these to your assistant, and then work on the less important emails.
  • Follow this process all 5 days a week.
  • This allows you to spend time on what’s important, work on tasks that require your full 100% attention, and you are always giving your best.

Personal Assistant, Virtual Assistant, Virtual Assistant India

3-4 hours of creative time that you have managed to carve out for yourself, will bring in huge change in your daily schedule. you can now focus more on creative projects that affect your business in the morning. Waking up excited to work on something that excites you while enjoying your favorite cuppa is a delight. By noon you would have drained your creative forebrain and are now ready to get back to inbox and tackle it. While you get creative, and break away from the email chains, your virtual assistant works on tasks that are repetitive (you had sent his way from the delegate folder) and gets them organized for your action. This limits the time that you spend each day on tasks that are not worth your time.

Break away from your counterproductive email habits and delegate your tasks in more smarter and efficient manner. There is a world outside your email inbox! We would love to hear about your daily schedule on how many hours a day do you spend in your inbox, and are you making any conscious efforts on being more productive and creative.

How your Personal Assistant can help you make a difference

During the past decade we have had the pleasure to work with hundreds of founders during the most exciting period of their lives. Starting up a business is like having a baby. It all starts with excitement and everyone around you is happy and is congratulating you, but the real job and responsibilities are on you as you embark on this wild ride.

As your business grows, ideas evolve and most often than not, you find yourself juggling a lot more than you can handle. As an entrepreneur multi –tasking is your job profile, but getting the job done efficiently is more important than just making it by. The reason is that start –ups and early stage businesses are usually short on cash. Without addressing other business issues – the core of any business is to make ends meet. Your margins are lower and competition is high as a new kid on the block. If you give it some thought, the cost of not hiring someone else to help is costing you more business and productive time lost on tasks that could easily be delegated to someone else. Imagine someone else scheduling your tasks, organizing your work, working on email templates, graphic and marketing materials, or scheduling your meetings and you being the one getting the money in the door by doing the tasks that are “Worth your Time”.

The difference with what you could do with some help and what you are doing right now is your – Opportunity Lost

Advantages of hiring someone virtually:

  • Decrease your administrative burden: Starting with the hiring process there is no burden on you. You do not have to post any job listings on craigslist or have an HR agency pay loads of money to line up the ideal candidates.
  • No overheads: You do are not paying any overhead costs that come with hiring an employee onboard who works physically from your office. No desk, stationary, Internet, electricity or heating costs.
  • No long-term contracts: The ease with which you can hire more or scale down your work with virtual workers is amazing. When you are hiring a Virtual personal assistant, you are not bound by any contract. As your workload increases you can have more people come on board only by sending one email. And when the work is less during holiday season, you can scale down on your work force.
  • Cost advantage: At $6.98/hr hiring a personal assistant with Tasks Everyday is very economical. To have someone do all your legwork without hurting your pocket is your key mantra as a founder.
  • You can do better and faster: Every morning you want to do more, accomplish more tasks, and gain new business more than you did yesterday. What you really end up doing is the repetitive mundane tasks that eat away your productivity and efficiency. We agree you will work on these individual tasks faster than anyone else, but do you really want to be doing these. More importantly are they “worth your time”.
  • Delegate like a pro: We have listed the key steps to easy and effective delegation in another post. It isn’t rocket science. As you go along and you build your rapport with your personal assistant, delegation will come naturally to you.

If hiring an assistant can make you a better entrepreneur, by giving you “your time back” that you would have lost doing all the tasks that you shouldn’t be doing at the first place, you have got your value for money right there. While you embark on your wild ride and learn each day, it will be nice to have someone who is always there, ready to take up the tasks that you assign them and at the same time giving you an honest opinion when you need it the most.

Hiring a personal assistant is like having your wingman with you all the time. To know more on our services and different tasks that we can help you with please call us. Our offices are open Monday to Friday all 24-hours/ day.

Get virtualized, get amazed!

The Indian Virtual Personal Assistant – Part 2

Tasks Everyday is a secret tool for lifestyle entrepreneurs.  Our assistants have helped seasoned business owners and the likes of founders of some amazing start -ups. VA’s have helped the bottom line to the top chain managers working on tasks that free up time and churn more profit. The job of your personal assistant is to alleviate all those things that are coming in the way of living your life to the full.

Here is a little peak into the lives of some assistants who have helped business owners achieve work life balance.


Goan BeachesOur Excellence coach, she went from being an amazing Personal assistant to the team lead and then manager of excellence team to ensure standards and quality of work were met by the assistants. She is a “Goan”. Belongs to a small state on western coast of India not far from Mumbai. Goa was a Portugal colony until 1987, has diverse culture, exotic beaches and breathtaking churches.

She is an avid historian, thanks to her Portuguese roots and has passion for anything “new”. She has a sharp encyclopedic mind, every question you throw at her, and she has the answer.

A big reason why she is an excellent mentor is because she believes in teamwork. She is a wonderful coach and guides everyone on her team along his or her way to excellence. Having worked as a personal assistant for 4 years and helping business owners and busy professionals has given her a deep insight into the world of “virtual freedom” that comes with having your own dedicated assistance.


Follow Your PassionFrankly, any client that has ever worked with him doesn’t let go of him. He has worked as customer service rep back in the day when all the major companies were setting up call centers in India. He is a remnant of the era when all customer care reps were Indian. Having worked with banks, insurance companies, car dealerships, cable companies, he knows how each of them function inside out. If you have a bill complaint or unsettled accounts that need to be sorted with any of these giants, we have never really found out how he does it, but he gets it done for you.

He loves playing cricket over the weekends and is a captain of one of our in-house cricket team. He has a degree in mass communications and loves his 2 fishes. When he is not working, you will find him glued to the TV watching cricket series. Aptly enough when we had an international cricketer as our client, Anil was assigned to his account.  He strongly believes “Passion is something that brings the best out of us that we never knew was there to begin with”.


She has a degree in physical science and is a trained karate coach. Her coaching skills reflect on her work too. She mentors and advises new staff members in her free time. She works with a company in Philadelphia, which manufactures sleds. Year 2014 has been particularly more busy thanks to the crazy snowstorms. She takes care of any new orders that need to be entered into the database, handling any inquiries, coordinating with the shipping companies and ensuring the CRM is always up to date. She makes sure that the process from placing the order to the delivery is pain free, confidential and correct.Karate

Recently an amazing incident happened, where a “baby was born on a sled”, not sure if you read it on the local news if you are from around Philly, but it was an inspiring and a story straight out of the movies. The sled on which the baby was born is the same company the Priya works for. It was an inspiring story.

Having lived in Mumbai most of her life, she had never seen snow, until recently when her husband planned a surprise getaway to the northern parts of India which have abundance of snow. When she is not taking care of her family, she gives karate-teaching lessons to kids in her community over the weekends. She never sits free, she is a like a little powerhouse always filled with ideas and genuine desire to help people live better!

3 Personal – assistants. Different skills, experiences and passion, but have the same desire to help and make your life better. They take away the tasks that are repetitive, time consuming, mundane or any task that you loathe and make your life stress free. They are your life style savers and work behind the curtain; give you extra time and sanity to enjoy what is more important. LIFE itself!

Concentrating on your business and personal life becomes a challenge while you try to juggle many tasks at same time. This is where your personal assistants come into picture.

Virtual Personal Assistant: Your personal lifestyle manager

We have been asked this question many times and there isn’t one single definition that can explain the beauty of their work. Personal assistant is someone who assists you with your everyday tasks. It does explain how we got the name of our company “Tasks Everyday”. When we first started out a decade ago we were purely into VPA’s offering remote personal assistants to busy professionals and business owners.

Why you need one

Personal assistants are your ticket to a better life. They can do a variety of tasks like research, finding budget hotels, planning your travel and all those tasks that are consuming your time. VPA’s do all your drudgework and at costs as low as $6.98/hr you can have a dedicated personal assistant. Why they are so inexpensive is because they are based out of Mumbai, India and there is a favorable dollar to rupee exchange rate.
XE Currency Converter
Earlier only the rich and famous could afford personal assistants, but globalization and technology has made it possible that your assistant can be miles away and still manage your everyday tasks. You can now afford a great personal assistant and save time to do what you love to do.

Some of the tasks that your Personal assistant can do

VPA’s are lifestyle managers. They make sure you are always keeping up with the pace of your life and never fall behind any meeting, presentation, date or social event. They are your fifth gear or your secret weapon to success.

  • Research on anything to everything
  • Creating power point presentations
  • Booking travel, finding hotels and flights
  • Managing your schedule
  • Can work on sheets, data, reports or anything that is on your computer by giving them remote desktop, go to my pc, team viewer access
  • Clean up your inbox
  • Answer calls on your behalf
  • Secretarial tasks or front desk managerial tasks
  • Updating your social media accounts
  • Uploading images on Flickr, Facebook, tagging your friends, sending invites
  • Find a perfect gift for your brother’s 16th birthday
  • Give you a wake up call
  • Finding restaurants and booking you a table
  • Work on excel, format sheets and data
  • Update your blog
  • Any business or personal tasks can be sent out to your VPA and can be taken care of effectively

Once you start using VPA you will never get back to not having one. They are your escape to a better life in which you have time to do what’s important. To find out more about our services and specials email us at or call us on our toll free numbers.

Top Five Reasons why every Business Owner needs an Online Personal Assistant

Your business might be just beginning to take off or has been passed on to you from your Family, every business owner has one thing in common: more work than they can handle. As business owners you need to be absolutely ruthless in your focus. And it is here that the online assistants play a key role.

At Tasks Everyday, we have had the opportunity to work with business owners, young and old, from Silicon Valley to the out backs of Australia, working on exciting ideas and concepts. What we have learned from these passionate business owners are the key insights into how an online personal assistant can help you do what you love the most and keep you focused.


  1. Delegate TasksDelegation benefits for your ongoing business tasks: One of the fundamentals of being a business owner is to identify the tasks that need to be done and then getting those tasks done from the right talent. As businesses grow and evolve the tasks that you need to be done becomes more challenging. To take upon yourself to do all those tasks will result in little or no time left to focus on what’s important. Art of delegation is what each business owner should realize earlier on the course and then master it. Working with your Virtual personal assistant allows you to learn and hone the skill of delegation while reaping the benefits of getting your tasks done.
  2. Your time is worth more than you think, make the most of it: If you think about all the small mundane tasks that accumulate throughout the day and then day after day and the time they end up consuming and not to mention the additional stress of doing them, It will be much easier to have someone else do these for you. Online assistants are willing, trained workers ready to work on those pending tasks. If you have some specific tasks that need training, then the time you will spend to train your assistant will be minimal in comparison to the value you’re your assistant adds up to your business. Bottom line is saving your valuable precious time to focus on more meaningful tasks and having an online assistant does that for you.
  3. Research, you can never have enough of it: It is vital to our lives just like grabbing a cuppa in the morning. It is a ritual and we all need to follow it. You need to know what your competitors are doing, which newer products or services they are rolling out, newer technologies that can impact your business, research data, finding new markets and avenues of growth. To find out the newest bars in your area where you can catch up with your buddies over the weekend ball game, or to find that latest hot selling Kate Middleton’s dress for your girlfriend after all it’s the thought that counts. When you have an assistant who can do all that research and compile that information in the format you need, you will harness the true power of having a well researched subject before you begin to invest in it.
  4. Access the Talent pool of online assistance, when you need it: Doing a business is rewarding and crazy at the same time. You have to be prepared for the change, as nothing there is really a constant these days. For instance you need to roll out a new service to your clients and want to market it online, send out bulk emails, study the response, evolve the idea and work on it, all at the same time. To do so you need the right talent pool of assistants who are ready to start immediately and work. You don’t want to employee permanently and do not have the time or space to hire permanent employees. With online virtual assistants this isn’t a problem. You can pick and monetize the right resource for the job at hand. There isn’t one key fits all locks, to make your next idea into a success or to evolve your current services or products. You need to have access to the right talent and that’s exactly the leverage you get with online assistants.
  5. High value tasks outsource: As business owners you need to travel, book flights, make dinner reservations, all these are basic tasks  and your online personal assistant can do the research find the best deals online, and then email you that list. Smart business owners in addition to the above mentioned tasks have their assistants clear up their emails, work on reports, spreadsheets, research, power points, blog updates, email marketing, database updates and all those tasks which are mundane, repetitive or mere time consuming. With Tasks Everyday you can also hire an MBA online assistant for higher value tasks like competitve research, reports, market analysis writing business plans and all those tasks that you wish had another you, or a set of extra hands to work on. It isn’t humanly possible to increase the number of hours in a day, but what can be acheived is doubling your productivity in same work hours. Having worked with more than 10,000 businesses, we know one thing for sure leveraging your time and money is your biggest asset and your online assistant makes that do-able!

Pressed for time? Why you need a Virtual Assistant

When our phone rings, we treat it as your first step to freedom. We understand that you have decided to get help and first and foremost you do realize that you need help.

Before we stress on what your assistant can do, lets focus on what you’ve been missing out on:

  • Reading that book you always wanted to
  • Updating your social media profile, connecting with your readers more then you do right now
  • Taking a vacation with your family, and can not because “Hell will break loose in your absence”.
  • Starting up a new business, you have been planning for so long
  • Going fishing with your son or family
  • Take that hiking trip
  • Attending your daughter’s ballerina classes, or taking your son for swim lessons
  • Make it a special day for your partner on his/her birthday, but you had no time, or even worse you forgot it altogether!
  • Can’t be a part of that planned surprise birthday party for your friend as you still got unread emails that cant be ignored
  • Take a nap when you haven’t got the worry in the world and sleep like there’s no tomorrow

Well, this list is never ending, as these are simple joys of life that each one of us as individuals can connect with at some point in our lives. Our hectic schedule and fast paced lives, takes out more from us each day then giving back. we do need to support our families, pay for mortgage, insurance and our taxes. And in this juggle of multitasking, providing and managing deadlines, we miss out on simple joys of life.

Now, do you really want us to point out why you need a virtual assistant? If you still need some more convincing, here goes:

  • First and foremost: The reason is affordability: You can afford one, In Suze Orman’s terms “Approved”.
  • Your Personal assistant can do more than you can imagine, clean up your inbox, attend calls, manage your calendar, remind you of your spouse’s birthday and even send a gift or make a list of gifting ideas, make reservations and all those personal secretarial tasks.
  • If you need help with more executive tasks, then you can hire an executive assistant, who can manage your database, work on spreadsheets, research, presentations, docs and all other admin assistant related tasks.
  • If you are “Sheldon Cooper” kinds, you might need an assistant with higher skills. Assistant with more technical background. For all your programming needs, you can hire a programmer; he can do simple tasks like setting up your blog or creating an ecommerce store.

When you first start out with your virtual assistant, you will realize it is the most inexpensive, affordable and productive way to get your tasks done and free your life.

The other bonus is that with hiring virtual assistants, you don’t have to worry about overheads, like bonuses or insurance or benefits. So pop over to Tasks Everyday today and hire your virtual Assistant, and experience the freedom!

History of Virtual Assistants and why do you need one!

Before we dwell into how it all started, what does Virtual Assistant mean. In simple terms, someone who does your work virtually over the phone, email, IM, that does not need him to be physically present. Different people define them differently. Some of those names are listed below:

  • Independent contractors,
  • General personal assistants,
  • Virtual personal assistants,
  • Personal assistants,
  • Personal secretary
  • And all sorts of different names. But they all mean the same thing.

Just like any other job in the world, where designation of a person is based on his skill set and job description, we believe the same norms apply to virtual assistants too.

We will cover this in detail in our next post of virtual assistant’s job description and responsibilities.

Brief history of virtual assistant

No one knows when or how did it start. Just like digitalization this concept evolved slowly from offshore labor work to highly skilled outsourcing that we see these days. Big companies started with call center outfits based out of India or Philippines for customer support. this slowly and eventually led to a concept of why not small business owners and individuals also take benefit of low costs and get their tasks done. When small business owners realized this there was no turning back.

Virtual Assistant for $6.98/hr, why do they cost so less?

2 Reasons:

  1. They cost less because they are based out of India. Where the cost of living, eating is far cheaper than US. Most people live in big family units, house is mostly paid, as they have been living in it for generations, almost all families have some cousins which are still into agriculture, their grains and rice which form staple diets are mostly free sourced from there family cousins and not to forget the government schemes where every family gets a monthly rice and grain supply for as low as 2rupees per pound. That’s as low as 0.03 dollar per pound.
  2. Currency Exchange rates. US dollar stands at a might conversion of 1USD=67 rupee exchange rate. This plays very favorable.

So before you make a run for the moral police, or imagine that your assistant is some poorly starved slave, you will be surprised to know that your assistants live far better than you think. Most of them will have nannies or cooks or maids who help them with household chores while they sit and work for your all night on their computers.

When CBC Canada, wanted to cover story on virtual assistant service in India, they covered all of it. By that I mean, where do they live, how they travel, their lifestyle and their day-to-day living, their thoughts about their job and other things. Why don’t you watch it for yourself, click here..

It’s not all about cheap labor

Hiring an assistant at $6.98/ hr is definitely one of the reasons why you are interested in hiring a virtual assistant. But that’s not all. Virtual assistant gives you leverage of Time. Most often underpriced, undervalued and overtly over planned activity or commodity that we need to take control and make the most of.Time to live

The advantages of hiring a virtual assistant are huge, apart from the business help you get are as listed below:

  • Immediate positive change in your life: you have more time to do what you love to do
  • No overheads, benefits, insurance, payroll taxes that need to be taken care of or paid
  • No long term contracts
  • No need of additional space or equipment
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility of hiring or firing someone is all just a click away.
  • Talent pool access

Virtual assistants, help you look at the bigger picture, with more time and money available at your disposal, you can think of new ways to expand your business and look into possibilities which you never knew existed earlier or didn’t have the time to focus on earlier.

If you are looking to hire a virtual assistant to help you with business or personal tasks, get in touch with Tasks Everyday. The most easy breezy way to hire the perfect virtual assistant!

Tips on delegating tasks to your virtual assistant: PART I

Most people have gotten to where they are good at what they do. And have a fear that others might not match their abilities. In running a successful business, it is imperative that to continue the growing pattern we need to replace that fear with trust.

Delegation: As some might think it’s a fine balance that needs to be hung on to, it isn’t anything like walking a tight rope. It is more of habit that needs to be made a part of your everyday life. And as you do it more often you become good at it, just like picking the right shirt for your work everyday. it isn’t rocket science , it just needs a little thought and organization.

Why you need to delegate: You are so busy at work, watching everyone else’s back have you ever thought who is watching yours? So that one day that you want to take an off, the world doesn’t go to hell.

If you think you are working terribly long hours and feel totally indispensable to do anything else, it is one of the signs that is telling you to start delegating.

Your work style is your choice and habit. Most of the times, the more intelligent individuals often overestimate themselves and take up on more work than they can chew. One reason why they do that – is simple truth, they are good at what they do. Well, that isn’t a bad thing right! But what you need to understand is , while you are burdening yourself with more tasks , have you lost track of the broader goals that you wanted to achieve and getting buried in doing other stuff. The stuff that is repetitive and can be done by someone else. All you need to do is DELEGATE.

It allows time for today’s entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals to think on long-term business and development strategies for their personal and overall growth.

After you have realized that you need help, the second step is to identify tasks that you can delegate efficiently to your virtual assistant and then making delegation a habit.

You need to integrate delegation into what you already do. Make it your habit and let it grow.

What tasks can you Delegate: We as individuals, business owners, busy professionals know our everyday drill. What’s expected out of us and we know exactly how to deliver it.

  • Repetitive tasks: Making charts, sheets, reports, entering data. Administrative assistants at Tasks Everyday are trained and experienced in handling such tasks.
  • Research tasks: You need someone to go through tons of information available out there and make clear reports, organize it for you.
  • Tasks that need a specific skill: Yes, you are talented and can do this on your own if you had the time to learn it or master it, but why not have someone else do it, who is good at it and does it for a living. Like making a website, setting up your blog etc. why not have your web virtual assistant do this for you instead. While you concentrate on business development, increasing sales and working on newer strategies for your online business.
  • Mundane tasks: Why not has your personal assistant do those tasks for you. It might take longer than if you had to it yourself, but in the end, It did save you time and got your work done. Isn’t that we are trying to achieve – free up our valuable time and money. Personal assistants at Tasks Everyday are the right fit.

All those tasks that can be done by following a set of instructions, monitored by simple checkpoints, and saves you time can be delegated very efficiently. You do not need a magic wand for that to happen, many business and individuals like yourself are making the most of this by hiring the right virtual assistant from the pool of skill sets that tasks everyday has to offer.

Delegating is the efficient way of living, want to know more, keep reading…

We want our clients to find better ways to use the service (more on how to delegate and finding the right resource in future posts), and how to become a pro!