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21st Century’s Barter system: Age of Collaborative Consumption

Last century was all about hyper-consumption. Economy no wonder corrected itself and forces us to look and reinvent our ways of consumption. It is our primate instinct to share; back to the old civilizations when you could exchange a bowl of rice for wheat, because you have excess of rice and would like to have some wheat, which another farmer had in excess and all this happened; without money exchanging hands was collaborative economy. It is called the Barter system. It is the oldest example of sharing resources, where the value of the commodity was not measured in money but in its usefulness.

21st century has re-invented this trend. Social networks and real time technology is enabling sharing and trust between strangers. Our pattern of consumption is changing and we can access resources from Couch surfing to sharing our ride within a matter of minutes with total strangers. The need of sharing is overpowering the need of owning “what’s mine”.

As a resource sharing company, we have embraced this phenomenon by sharing skills or expertise of your workforce. It is ridiculously easy to find the skill, share the resource amongst your peers and collaborate. We have seen a surge of digital sharing resources and companies that allow you to share files and videos online. What do you think about sharing skills and expertise in the same way?

We allow our clients to share their assistants with their peers. This is not purely for the economic advantage; over time it creates this amazing resource sharing pool. Scale, maturity and purpose of having a personal assistant are not about the ease and convenience. It is about becoming a part of this new age of collaboration. Instead of mere hand off’s and take off’s, hiring an assistant means collaboration, co-operation and sharing. It is changing our work dynamics and behavior of individual success to a much bigger message of working together and sharing our resources.

Pressed for time? Why you need a Virtual Assistant

When our phone rings, we treat it as your first step to freedom. We understand that you have decided to get help and first and foremost you do realize that you need help.

Before we stress on what your assistant can do, lets focus on what you’ve been missing out on:

  • Reading that book you always wanted to
  • Updating your social media profile, connecting with your readers more then you do right now
  • Taking a vacation with your family, and can not because “Hell will break loose in your absence”.
  • Starting up a new business, you have been planning for so long
  • Going fishing with your son or family
  • Take that hiking trip
  • Attending your daughter’s ballerina classes, or taking your son for swim lessons
  • Make it a special day for your partner on his/her birthday, but you had no time, or even worse you forgot it altogether!
  • Can’t be a part of that planned surprise birthday party for your friend as you still got unread emails that cant be ignored
  • Take a nap when you haven’t got the worry in the world and sleep like there’s no tomorrow

Well, this list is never ending, as these are simple joys of life that each one of us as individuals can connect with at some point in our lives. Our hectic schedule and fast paced lives, takes out more from us each day then giving back. we do need to support our families, pay for mortgage, insurance and our taxes. And in this juggle of multitasking, providing and managing deadlines, we miss out on simple joys of life.

Now, do you really want us to point out why you need a virtual assistant? If you still need some more convincing, here goes:

  • First and foremost: The reason is affordability: You can afford one, In Suze Orman’s terms “Approved”.
  • Your Personal assistant can do more than you can imagine, clean up your inbox, attend calls, manage your calendar, remind you of your spouse’s birthday and even send a gift or make a list of gifting ideas, make reservations and all those personal secretarial tasks.
  • If you need help with more executive tasks, then you can hire an executive assistant, who can manage your database, work on spreadsheets, research, presentations, docs and all other admin assistant related tasks.
  • If you are “Sheldon Cooper” kinds, you might need an assistant with higher skills. Assistant with more technical background. For all your programming needs, you can hire a programmer; he can do simple tasks like setting up your blog or creating an ecommerce store.

When you first start out with your virtual assistant, you will realize it is the most inexpensive, affordable and productive way to get your tasks done and free your life.

The other bonus is that with hiring virtual assistants, you don’t have to worry about overheads, like bonuses or insurance or benefits. So pop over to Tasks Everyday today and hire your virtual Assistant, and experience the freedom!

Virtual Assistants & staying ahead in today’s Economy

Running a business soon becomes all-consuming, and as your business grows, you often find it’s impossible to cope up with the extra work. And If you are the one of those “I can do it all” kinds; you will soon find yourself in a pile of work that could easily be done by someone else. You know you want help, but simple can’t afford it or the skills needed to do the job are simply not available locally.

Finding the right talent at the cost you can afford is a challenge that most business owners face. Productivity needs to be coupled with cost efficiency.

Even offline businesses these days need computers, manage excel sheets, data processing, and taking care of all sorts of tasks that can be done by someone using online software’s. Every business these days need online presence, a least minimum having a website, updating blog or your store based on if you are selling products or services online, and not all of us a business owners are technically savvy. We are good and fast learners, but do you really need to learn wordpress- or Photoshop or e-commerce store updates to do all your work yourself. or you rather be spending that time on something more productive, like thinking of  newer strategy , analyzing the analytical reports, customer surveys and behaviors.

Goal of every entrepreneur is: How to stay ahead in your business.

The answer is simple, be the best in your niche market, keep your costs low and always stay a step ahead of your competitors.

Virtual assistants play a vital role to help you realize your goals. How do they do that: Here are few pointers:

  • Cost Advantage: well you knew this one, your assistant comes at $6.98/hr and you can use his services for all the mundane or specialized tasks you need help with
  • Focus on staying ahead and best in your space: when you can delegate your tasks effectively to your team of assistants (we have talked about delegation in one of our earlier posts), you can now spend your precious time brainstorming new ideas, and stay on frontlines. As you no longer have 100’s of unchecked emails, or never ending to-do list on your calendar.
  • Commitment: your assistant asks you for tasks everyday, even if you don’t have something immediate to be taken care of, you start thinking of all those extra things and details that could help your business grow. Like designing marketing email to announce your specials for Labor Day weekend special. Its that little foam in your cup of coffee that keeps you coming back to the same cafeteria, so does your business have that special foam!

You will start delegating tasks that you never knew existed. Going that extra mile, thinking of newer ideas and ventures, while your assistant stays grounded and does all the leg work for you, you can give your business that extra lift it needs to fly and take over the newer skies of opportunities and growth!

History of Virtual Assistants and why do you need one!

Before we dwell into how it all started, what does Virtual Assistant mean. In simple terms, someone who does your work virtually over the phone, email, IM, that does not need him to be physically present. Different people define them differently. Some of those names are listed below:

  • Independent contractors,
  • General personal assistants,
  • Virtual personal assistants,
  • Personal assistants,
  • Personal secretary
  • And all sorts of different names. But they all mean the same thing.

Just like any other job in the world, where designation of a person is based on his skill set and job description, we believe the same norms apply to virtual assistants too.

We will cover this in detail in our next post of virtual assistant’s job description and responsibilities.

Brief history of virtual assistant

No one knows when or how did it start. Just like digitalization this concept evolved slowly from offshore labor work to highly skilled outsourcing that we see these days. Big companies started with call center outfits based out of India or Philippines for customer support. this slowly and eventually led to a concept of why not small business owners and individuals also take benefit of low costs and get their tasks done. When small business owners realized this there was no turning back.

Virtual Assistant for $6.98/hr, why do they cost so less?

2 Reasons:

  1. They cost less because they are based out of India. Where the cost of living, eating is far cheaper than US. Most people live in big family units, house is mostly paid, as they have been living in it for generations, almost all families have some cousins which are still into agriculture, their grains and rice which form staple diets are mostly free sourced from there family cousins and not to forget the government schemes where every family gets a monthly rice and grain supply for as low as 2rupees per pound. That’s as low as 0.03 dollar per pound.
  2. Currency Exchange rates. US dollar stands at a might conversion of 1USD=67 rupee exchange rate. This plays very favorable.

So before you make a run for the moral police, or imagine that your assistant is some poorly starved slave, you will be surprised to know that your assistants live far better than you think. Most of them will have nannies or cooks or maids who help them with household chores while they sit and work for your all night on their computers.

When CBC Canada, wanted to cover story on virtual assistant service in India, they covered all of it. By that I mean, where do they live, how they travel, their lifestyle and their day-to-day living, their thoughts about their job and other things. Why don’t you watch it for yourself, click here..

It’s not all about cheap labor

Hiring an assistant at $6.98/ hr is definitely one of the reasons why you are interested in hiring a virtual assistant. But that’s not all. Virtual assistant gives you leverage of Time. Most often underpriced, undervalued and overtly over planned activity or commodity that we need to take control and make the most of.Time to live

The advantages of hiring a virtual assistant are huge, apart from the business help you get are as listed below:

  • Immediate positive change in your life: you have more time to do what you love to do
  • No overheads, benefits, insurance, payroll taxes that need to be taken care of or paid
  • No long term contracts
  • No need of additional space or equipment
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility of hiring or firing someone is all just a click away.
  • Talent pool access

Virtual assistants, help you look at the bigger picture, with more time and money available at your disposal, you can think of new ways to expand your business and look into possibilities which you never knew existed earlier or didn’t have the time to focus on earlier.

If you are looking to hire a virtual assistant to help you with business or personal tasks, get in touch with Tasks Everyday. The most easy breezy way to hire the perfect virtual assistant!