Boost your Productivity: Get Virtualized


Suppose your goal is to climb to the peak of a mountain and there is no trail to follow. General rule will be to start climbing towards the top until you come across an obstacle you can’t cross and then follow it around to the right until you are on your path again. But that would be the times of Galileo. We have technology, maps, GPS tracking devices and whatnot to make the trek as pleasant as possible. But even with all the gadgets in the world, there can arise a situation that you cannot predict or have a solution for. And this can or usually happens in our life on daily basis. Our situations or problems are not as big as climbing to the top of a peak but what’s important is how we overcome those and stay on our path while keeping our goals realistic.

Productivity defines us as who we are. It helps us getting our tasks done. Some of us are more productive than others. It is based on our efficiency. How do we manage our tasks and how efficient we are at arriving solutions defines our productivity. Here is a list of patterns in delegating tasks to your personal assistant to help increase your productivity.

  1. Set Daily goals: Identify the tasks that need to be done on a daily basis, which are repetitive in nature. Delegate them to your personal assistant and set timelines.
  2. Identify your worst fears: There is always that one task, that research report you have been delaying forever, or some database formatting that you hate to do and it always stays at the back of your head. Tackle it first. This should be the first task that you should assign to your assistant. You will be so glad that you took the bull from his horns. Once done you can now work at peace.
  3. Batching similar tasks: Group together tasks that are similar in nature or go hand in hand with each other. It will save your assistant a lot of time in grouping it together for you. Data mining and data entry should go together. Assign time your assistant should be spending on research and then compiling it all together before the end of shift same day.
  4. Reduce your stress: Relaxed body and mind are bliss. Free mind is a hub of creation. If you have a personal assistant who can save time from your busy schedule, you will find yourself in that cone of creation.
  5. Don’t succumb to distractions: Sticking with a plan is important. Set targets and clear focus to get your tasks done. Try sending detailed your instructions in the beginning of delegating your tasks, you will have less to worry and monitor if you had explained yourself clearly in the beginning.
  6. Set Deadlines and goals: Before you know it, your assistant will start holding you accountable for all the commitments and promises you made. You will be pushed to do more when you know someone is holding you accountable.
  7. Optimize your delegating definites: Each task and process is a learning process. Improvise your method of delegation if you think one set of rules work better than the second. All processes improve with time if optimized.
  8. Slice and Dice: Break bigger projects into smaller well-defined tasks. You will accomplish more by working on big tasks in parts then boring yourself and your assistant with one long never ending task.
  9. Maintain the rhythm: It is important to maintain the continuity. At end of each shift, remember to set tasks that your assistant should be tackling first thing in morning. Assign enough time to prepare for the task ahead of time.
  10. Rewards for achievement: Don’t forget to thank your assistant. Little appreciation goes a long way in boasting the morale of your virtual assistant.

Its time to realize that its better to let go of small and repetitive time consuming tasks and have someone else, capable someone, to work on those tasks for you, so that you can have a clear mind and focus on what’s really important. Be your productive best!

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