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Virtual Assistants & staying ahead in today’s Economy

Running a business soon becomes all-consuming, and as your business grows, you often find it’s impossible to cope up with the extra…

History of Virtual Assistants and why do you need one!

Before we dwell into how it all started, what does Virtual Assistant mean. In simple terms, someone who does your work virtually…

Virtual Assistant and How to build real relationships in this virtual world

Time and again, tenured writers, business analysts, professors, leaders have talked about concepts and theories of maximizing benefits of work-life balance. They…

Why Outsourcing is a must: Barriers and Benefits of Outsourcing to India

We have developed a habit, to do things the way they’ve always been done. We don’t like change. We believe in doing…

Virtual Assistant: How to delegate tasks

Our clients most often ask us this question” what’s the best way to use virtual assistant services?” We have had clients work…
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