Are you ready for a Virtual Assistant!

Last year our CTO and Customer support manager got together to funnel the requests that we get from our clients to learn the pattern of tasks or needs. What started as a resource tool to gather insights into tasks delegation and performance analytics turned out to be much more than a database of archives. Very soon they realized that it was a very ambitious project and could give us far more insight into “Outsourcing and the world of virtual assistants”.

This post is too small to discuss it all. But we would like to discuss the most important aspect of it all and that is “Are you ready to go Virtual?”

Business owners, busy moms, professionals, entrepreneurs, doctors and parents all have come to Tasks Everyday looking for immediate assistance. Your secretary called in sick and your calendar is in a mess, 4th of July is 2 days away and you still haven’t booked or planned your vacation that you promised your wife and kids, you are a start-up and tight budget constraints make your share of work pile increase by the minute and you have reached your breaking point. In all these scenarios there is one thing that is common- they all need HELP!

We have identified 5 signs that scream, “You need to outsource.”

  • Being Busy is not enough, realization to get helped is a must before you take the plunge: We are all busy in our lives, so if you ask someone are you busy 9 out of 10 times the answer is going to be a big YES! It is important that you realize that you don’t have to do all the tasks you can do, rather you should be focusing on the tasks that you rather should do.
  • Are you a do-it-all-yourself person? And have realized that its time to delegate as you have simply more than you can handle on your plate: It is important that you have made a conscious decision that there is someone out there who can take care of the mundane, overbearing, time consuming tasks that you loathe or do not have the time to do yourself. This someone is not going to be as good as you are in getting these tasks done in the beginning and might need your support to understand your tasks and know you better. Don’t compare yourself to your virtual employee. You have been doing these tasks for years and are off course much better trained. Your virtual assistant is your helping hand to make your life easier and free up your time.
  • Technical tasks that need a new skill to be learnt: It is important as individuals that we grow ourselves, our technical and personal skills everyday. Technology is growing leaps and bounds everyday and once in a while you will come across the need to hire a technical assistant who can decipher it and do the work. Hiring technical help can be very tricky. Whether you are an excellent programmer and need someone to take care of those mundane scripts that need testing and validation checks for errors , or you are a busy doctor who just doesn’t have the time to make your website or appointment forms yourself so your patients can fill those up before they show up, we all need technical assistance once in a while.
  • Are you “upto-your –neck” and miss out on important family gatherings, meeting your friends and skip your yoga class on more occasions than one as an important assignment just came up: Having too much work to do is not a cool thing anymore. Maintaining a healthy work life balance is important, enjoying the simple things that life has to offer is equally important as your database updates, neglecting either of the two is not an option. Its about time that you delegate your repetitive tasks like updating your database, online research, filling reports, managing your social media posts, managing your calendar etc.

Hiring a Virtual assistant is a lifestyle choice, it allows you to maintain healthy work-life balance, delegate your tasks effectively, indulge in activities that add meaning to your life. We would love to hear your story about your “Help! Moment that prompted you to go Virtual.”

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