Are you harnessing the power of social media to grow your business!

Over 500 million people are on Facebook alone, making it the biggest social media engine out there. And as a matter of fact, your potential customers, readers, competitors, everyone is on Facebook, Twitter or some other social media engine. As a business owner you are already wearing too many hats and do not have the time to focus on your social media strategy and be consistent with it. There are days when you will blog more, tweet more often and then there are those days of absolute silence.

What you are doing wrong or not doing at all:

  • Lack of a proper strategy: Not all social media platforms are worth your time. You need to evaluate your options and start implementing your plan based on your business model. If you are a photographer, and you don’t have an Instagram account, you are lacking in some serious audience engagement.
  • Commitment and engagement: As business owners, we are eager to see the results and social media needs patience and steady presence. Something that is hard for a business owner to do. Especially when it’s hard to see a quick ROI. Constant presence and engaging with your customers is a very time consuming affair. Your personal assistant can help you embrace the power of social media, instead of fighting it off.
  • Have quality likes: We have often come across clients, who want to see their Facebook pages have instant 10,000 + likes. And we strongly disagree with such advice. You need to ask yourself, what good is it going to do for your business, when you are NOT connecting with your real customers. Quality likes from your niche market matter the most. It isn’t about the number of likes you have on your Facebook page, it is about the QUALITY likes and share that will help you grow your target audience.
  • Do not have branded social media pages: We say branded, because it is very easy to get lost in this social jungle. It’s important that your business pages just like your website, your store, blog or your fashion merchandise; they need to be branded as well. Work with your Virtual Assistant-VA to create Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus professional looking pages that speak about your brand. Customized quality branded social media pages have higher ratings of getting liked and engagement than poorly designed pages.
  • Not taking advantage of social metrics:
    • Facebook Fan demographics: You can see the gender, age, countries, cities, and language of your fans. What this allows you to do is create posts that are most intriguing to your fan base. If your fans are in the age group of 40–50 it’s important to talk about posts that they can relate to, posts about someone they grew up watching with a message.
    • Post Metrics and page insights: Every post speaks to you about your customer base. You need to understand your audience and engage with them. If a certain quote image got you more response and shares than the other, there must be something that resonated with your audience.

Facebook Demorgraphy

With each passing day technology throws at us some new app to learn, some new ways of monetizing our product or service and amidst of all that is our target market audience. What you need is a virtual assistant, explain to him your insights and thought process and have him work on your strategy. Social media is a powerful tool and to reap the benefits, you need a partner who understands the latest gigs and help you reach your social media goals. Pop over to Tasks Everyday and give your social media strategy a quick face-lift.

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