21st Century’s Barter system: Age of Collaborative Consumption

Last century was all about hyper-consumption. Economy no wonder corrected itself and forces us to look and reinvent our ways of consumption. It is our primate instinct to share; back to the old civilizations when you could exchange a bowl of rice for wheat, because you have excess of rice and would like to have some wheat, which another farmer had in excess and all this happened; without money exchanging hands was collaborative economy. It is called the Barter system. It is the oldest example of sharing resources, where the value of the commodity was not measured in money but in its usefulness.

21st century has re-invented this trend. Social networks and real time technology is enabling sharing and trust between strangers. Our pattern of consumption is changing and we can access resources from Couch surfing to sharing our ride within a matter of minutes with total strangers. The need of sharing is overpowering the need of owning “what’s mine”.

As a resource sharing company, we have embraced this phenomenon by sharing skills or expertise of your workforce. It is ridiculously easy to find the skill, share the resource amongst your peers and collaborate. We have seen a surge of digital sharing resources and companies that allow you to share files and videos online. What do you think about sharing skills and expertise in the same way?

We allow our clients to share their assistants with their peers. This is not purely for the economic advantage; over time it creates this amazing resource sharing pool. Scale, maturity and purpose of having a personal assistant are not about the ease and convenience. It is about becoming a part of this new age of collaboration. Instead of mere hand off’s and take off’s, hiring an assistant means collaboration, co-operation and sharing. It is changing our work dynamics and behavior of individual success to a much bigger message of working together and sharing our resources.

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